Ateshgah and fire mountain

The Ateshgah fire temple is located 30 kilometers from the center of Baku, on the south-eastern outskirts of the Surakhani settlement of Absheron peninsula. The present Ateshgyah was built in the XVII-XVIII centuries on the site of "eternal", unquenchable fires - burning natural gas exits. It was built by the Hindu community that lived in Baku, most of whose members came from Northern India and belonged to the Sikh caste. From very remote times, Baku was noted in the sources as a place where unquenchable lights were burning. In Surahani was the sanctuary of Zoroastrians, fire worshipers, who came here to worship the sacred fire. The worship of fire in Surakhani resumed after the XV century in view of the development of economic and cultural ties with India. In the XVII century, sources note pilgrims of the Hindus who arrived in Baku to worship fire. In the beginning of the XIX century the temple already had the kind in which it came down to us. Built in local architectural traditions, Ateshgyah combines the features of ancient fire altars. Ateshgah, as a place of worship, existed until 1883, when the last Indian, left alone, left for India. In 1964 Ateshgyah was declared a historical monument.



Fire mountain 


Azerbaijan has been known since time immemorial as the Land of Lights, and this is not for the sake of blithe words. At the whim of nature, the land of this Caucasian country, located on the picturesque coast of the Caspian Sea, abounds in underground sources of oil and gas, which are being tried to break out. There is so much natural gas in the depths of Azerbaijan that it continually seeps to the surface. In a number of places, accidentally or intentionally thrown a match, a torch - any spark, can lead to the ignition of gas, which does not go out until it exhausts itself to the end. In older times, Azerbaijan was a country of fire worshipers, followers of Zoroastrian cults. One of the most famous and popular among tourists places of "eternal flame" in Azerbaijan is Mount Yanardag. However, it is rather a hill than a mountain, on the slope of which since ancient times natural gas is burning.

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