The Great Southern Xinjiang Adventure

Dear guests of Xinjiang province of China! 

Let me guide you through our beautiful region and assist you with yourt travels. here's a longer itinerary for a group travel I can organize for you in popular destination of Southern XJ.

This itinerary can always be tailored for your personal needs, as well as booked directly as described! 


*Private exclusive tour programme*


Travel days :        7
Destination :        Southern Xinjiang 

Group size:          4-8 PAX (for smaller number of guests, ask us for a quote)

Price includes:     all transportation costs, accommodation fees and all meals (B,L,D)


Recommended time to take a tour: summer/September-October

Send me a message here on IG before booking a trip. Wether it is a custom itinerary or a programme tour, we will need to create a schedule and see if we have available host/guide. Cheers!



7-days long in-depth exploration of Southern Xinjiang, just enough for every exotic experiences chaser! Active rest, spiritual trip, eco-tourism – all in one!

During this adventure you will experience fantastic accommodation mixed with local ethnic hospitality and traditions. It also includes the experience of memorable DESERT CAMPING.

Tailor-made route design made by our curators, skilled in travelling with comfort but with a good degree of originality and novelty! Accompanied by professional racing team drivers and local guides with exotic local cuisine offered every day. Enjoy private scenic spots!


Day 1: Starting a tour in unforgettable city of Kashgar. Your experiences will include new & old city crawl, visiting handicraft street merchants and local stores, taking photographs with signature architectural wonders - mosques and mausoleums. Tasting famous handmade Uighur ice-cream and other kinds of most authentic ethnic cuisine dishes during an evening food market stroll.   

Day 2: Depart to the countryside southern Xinjiang! Karakoram Highway, Muztagh-Ata Peak, Akto county and Tashkurgan Tajik county tour. Only here, you will see proud heavenly peak Of Muztagh-Ata, the most picturesque site of northen Tibetan Plateau. We will make sure you can witness it from Kala Kule lake’s shore, probably the best view possible in the area!

Day 3: Travel to Bachu county to take a look at the Tuokuzisalai ruins and 50,000 hectares of unique Populous Euphratica forests. Moreover, we will pass by West Bay Water Reserve scenic area, full of wildlife and natural beauty. Best opportunities for photography! 

Day 4: Colorful Aksu county tour: Wensu Grand Canyon hopping, Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves ancient grottoes and Tarim River to add to the amazing day in the county. This day will leave you speechless no less than previous one, as it offers different but no less awesome landscape views. Fiery canyons and deep blue skies, shiny glaciers and clear rivers… just gotta see it yourself.

Day 5: This day is reserved for crossing Taklamakan desert via picturesque highway

with professional, skilled drivers. It will offer another change of landscape and a rest for your soul and mind, while travelling among primordial dunes by perfect desert highway. Endless photo opportunities! 

Day 6: Next stop: Hotan city. Hotan Bazaar will surprise you, as it is more local and even more deeply exotic than Kashgar’s markets. We will definitely visit one of the most vibrant livestock markets in the world! Truly authentic experience of countryside Xinjiang, topped with Yulong Kashi river banks tour. It is a tradition to pick stones for memories from that river. You might find a jade J  

Day 7:  Tour of Zepu county and back to Kashgar! Zepu county is memorable as a place of many ethnic groups. We will visit National Forest Park and see some curious architecture and sights.

Finally, end our rich tour with exploring one of its kind high-rise architecture of Kashgar and with shopping at famous Kashgar Bazaar, where you can buy souvenirs or unique goods like silk (Silk Road experience!). End the day with a cup of tea in a century-old teahouse! 

Special arrangements for comfortable accommodation are waiting for our guests in this tour!


∣        Tianyuan Hotel (5 stars)

∣        Huyang International hotel (4 stars)

∣        Tajik ethnic minority’s local stylized lodging

∣        Comfortable desert camping


Authentic ethnic local food for your special taste:

Kashgar Pilav! Unique Central Asian dish that is made to be especially delicious in Xinjiang - perfected in Kashgar! Also: baked stuffed buns, roasted mutton, mutton stew, kebab…

Come in the summer and you will be lucky to try fresh and ripe fruits, escpecially pomegranate and watermelon – guaranteed “the best from the west”! Black grapes, mulberry, apricot and many other gifts of Xinjiang that melt in mouth and leave pleasant aftertaste that will make you want to come back again and again!

Best and safe transportation provided by us:

In Xinjiang, the most beautiful scenery is on the road and as for the long distance travels you do not need to worry - our drivers are all over 10 years of desert driving experience and we will provide most comfortable vehicle. It’s up to you to choose a minibus, a van, a small coach bus – depending on the size of your group, we will advice transport and make sure it is safe to travel and consider your wishes.

Aside from all that is mentioned, don’t forget that in Southern Xinjiang you will be fully submerged in a mystical world of exotic ethnic minorities populating Xinjiang! Uyghur old buildings, the original marketing hustle and bustle of the Bazaars, drinking tea in old tea house with locals, Alpine people’s living style and traditions, Tajik ethnic minority’s peculiar culture, remaining old handcrafts skills and so on! Combine it with adventurous Karakoram highway riding, mountain views and changing mystical landscapes, legendary Tian Shan and the biggest desert in China – you get the picture, it is a unique tour accompanied by friendly energetic guides which will leave you very impressed!

Number of days: 7
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: Flights to/from Xinjiang
What to bring: A camera! Hat if hot summer
Transport: Bus/Minibus
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