Majestic Gobi with Central Mongolia 8 days / All inclusive

1st Day/Terelj National Park

We leave the UB city early in the morning after breakfast and drive towards Terelj national park. On the way we will visit the famous statue (Tsonjin Boldog) of conqueror and revolutionary Chinggis Khan. In Terelj national park we will admire turtles rock, Aryapala monastery and the unique structure of nature.

2nd Day/Tsagaan Suvraga (White Stupa)

Early in the morning we will drive to Tsagaan suvraga (White Stupa). The name is given by local people to the impressive and legendary cliff which is eroded by natural phenomenon. It is located junction of middle gobi and south gobi provinces. Having 10 million years history, the cliff indicates different times by its colored layers. Tsagaan Suvraga (White Stupa) is interesting to see the sheer slope, facing east, which from a distance seems to be the ruins of the ancient city. Mongolia people found fossilized con shells print of sea plans from here.

3rd Day/Yoliin Am

Hiking in the Yoliin Am or Bearded Vulture’s canyon. Regarding the snowfall and shade in the canyon, oftentimes there formed a high layer of ice cover which sometimes will stay till mid July. During our walk, we may either walk on top or bottom, or just see parts of this ice. The canyon is surrounded with steep Rocky Mountains creating some shade which is pleasant to hike thru during hot days of Gobi desert. During the hike, you may notice some rodents such as pica and ground squirrel along with colorful wild flowers and plants. Although mountains are the home for wildlife like ibex, mountain goat and argali, the wild sheep, spotting these animals will purely depend on fortune.

4th Day/Khongor sand dune

When you are in Gobi, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get on the Bactrian Camels. It’s obviously is one of the remarkable experiences to trek on the camels along the dunes, on the green lush down the foot of the dunes. Our camel riding will last until we reach a small oasis where there are some Gobi bushes and shrubs. Camels are great lovers of Saxaul shrubs and it’s considered as the most precious wood in the desert for its outstanding survival and growth on desert soil. You will surely enjoy the pristine nature and high mountains during the ride.

5th Day/Ongi Monastery

Transitional trip between two ecosystems. We leave Gobi to head towards the green mountains of Khangai. We arrived in the sum of Saikhan Ovoo. Some mountains located along the Ongii River are the perfect place to rest between the northwest of Mongolia and the Gobi Desert. In the curves of the river, we can see the ruins of two monasteries, the Barlim Monastery on the north bank, the Khutagt Monastery on the south bank

6th Day/Orkhon Waterfall

About 5 o'clock we will arrive in Orkhon waterfall. We explore the beautiful landscape with the horses. After the ride over the beautiful landscape we eat the famous Mongolian barbeque at dinner.

7th Day/Tsenkher hot spring

We will leave early morning after breakfast Orkhon waterfall direction Tsenkher hot spring water spa. In Tsenkher hot spring water spa we will stay in a health resort and will rest.

8th Day/UB city

We will leave Tsenkher hot spring and drive to Ulaanbaatar.
Arriving in Ulaanbaatar, we do a shopping tour and fulfill your wishes, whatever you want.

The final price depends on the number of people. Please contact me for a quote.

Number of days: 8
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Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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