Horse-Riding to Song-Kul in 5 Days, Authentic Yurt

Mostly travellers when they hear about Kyrgyzstan in their mind can be "horse-riding" or "yurt".

It's ok that if you never gone on a horse or never tried, I'm going to teach you for sure!

Our horses shy and calm. But strong for vertically sides of mountains, even not as tall as arabian or horses from Turkmenistan (Ahaltekin).

If you interested in to experience in a yurt do not hesitate to ask any questions I'm always available to reply.

This tour is every year getting popular in each people, who interested in to experience in a yurt and for "horse-riding lovers"!

I combined these two things in 5 days, so this adventure time for you;


1 Day; Kyzart-Tulpar Tash 

Transfer from Bishkek or Kochkor to Kyzart village. Start to go horse-riding for 4,5 hours to Tulpar Tash pasture. Lunch as a picnic near Uzbek Ashuu pass (3300 m above sea level). On the way to jailoo you can see edelweiss flower as a symbol of pretty mountains. Meet local nomads and discuss with them about history and kyrgyz culture. Especially local guys organise some interesting ball games and horse games such as: "kok-boru", "er-enish" and "oodarysh". Dinner after sunset with nice kyrgyz family in the kyrgyz traditional yurt.

At night shepherds and owners of the yurt camp burn a fire in a stove to get warm up and they give enough blankets for sure! (Weather in Song-Kul lake usually at night is +3, +4 degrees). Sleeping.

2 Day; Tulpar Tash-Tulga Tash 

Breakfast at 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning with sunshine view. Start to go horse-riding for 4 hours to Tulga Tash pasture by south coast of Song-Kul lake (3016 m above sea level). On the horizontally ground we can try cantering or galloping. Our horses like to gallop and prefer to follow each other. Lunch in Tulga Tash pasture in Baiysh's or Jolaman's Yurt Camp. Owners also like to organise fun kyrgyz events such as: "tyiyn enmei", "arkan tartysh". Place is perfect for cultural trip as well. Dinner. Sleeping.

3 Day; Tulga Tash-Kumduu Suu 

Breakfast. Starting to go horse-riding for 4,5 hours to Kumduu Suu pasture. On the way we will visit to petroglyphs by horse, which pictured on the stone. That places are more beautiful than other places of Song-Kul lake with pretty landscape, tall pain trees, high rocky mountains and huge rivers, which flow out from Song-Kul lake. Lunch as a picnic middle of our way. Dinner in a yurt. Sleeping.

4 Day; Kumduu Suu-Tuz Ashuu 

Tasty breakfast with nice family. They explain how to set up yurt. How many hours will it take? You can also ask interested questions. Later explanation we will go horse-riding to Tuz Ashuu pasture for 5,5 hours. On the way you can see foxes, marmots, camels (it depends on season to see them), yaks etc. Lunch in Batai-Aral pasture (the pasture , where set up so many yurt camps by the lake, it's exactly yurt village of nomads).

From Batai-Aral to Tuz Ashuu time takes 2 hours. It's ok that if you want to walk by feet when it's longtime duration horse-riding by holding your horse's bridle's reins). Dinner in Tuz Ashuu pasture. In the yurt we can organise some photo session or selfie pictureing with kyrgyz traditional clothes such as: "ton", "shökülö", "ak kalpak", "ichik" and "komuz" ( kyrgyz traditional music instrument). Sleeping.

5 Day; Tuz Ashuu-Kyzart 

Breakfast with Sabyrkül Apa. Starting to go horse-riding to Kyzart village for 4 hours. From base camp to Tuz Ashuu pass ( 3400 m, highest pass in this tour) time takes 1 hour. Then slow down to Kyzart village (2100 m). Lunch in guest house. Drive back to Kochkor or Bishkek.

Note: 'Tour can be shortened/prolonged upon to your ideas!' 


Normal cost for this tour;

1 person 345 $ 

2 people 260 $ per person

3 people 215 $ per person

4 people 195 $ per person

More than 5 people 190 $ per person



⚫Yurt Camp

⚫ Guest house/Hostel 




⚫Picnic products/meals




⚫ Helmets



⚫Tax of bank

⚫Air Tickets

⚫Alcohol Drinks

Take it easy.

Have a nice trip!


Number of days: 5
Covered regions:
Bishkek City
Osh City
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Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: Domestic flight tickets
What to bring: Jackets, Hiking Trousers, Cap, Sleeping bag, Sunscreen, Sun glasses, Luggages, Trekking shoes etc.
Transport: Horse/Camel
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