Khuvsgul lake and Hot Spring Tour, 9 Days

Day 1. Drivign to Amart monastery
Our guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel. Then we’ll start driving Amart monastery,one of the three largest Buddhist centers in Mongolia, is located near the Selenge River in the Iven Valley at the foot of Buren Khan Mountain. It was built between 1727-1736, without using any nails or metal things for building the roof.
We’ll stay overnight at the ger camp here.

Day 2: Driving to Uran togoo Mountain
After having breakfast, we’ll start driving to Uran Togoo and Tulga mountains which is a national protected area in the Bulgan Province of Mongolia. It is located about 60 km directly west of Bulgan city around the extinct volcanoes Uran Togoo, Tulga, Togoo, and Jalavch Uul.
All four mountain names allude to their volcanic past with designations borrowed from around the fireplace. The Uran Togoo and Togoo mountains are named for their bowl shape, the Tulga mountain for its three mounds reminding of the traditional iron tripod kettle support. Jalavch ist a term for a small pot. Uran crater  is 500-600 meters wide and 50 meters deep. Hiking to the craters. Overnight in a tent

Day 3-4: The Lake Khuvsgul
After breakfast time we’ll continue our journey to Lake Khuvsgul which is 136km long and 36km wide at 1645 m above sea level. It is second largest lake in Mongolia as well as the deepest. It is known as the Blue pearl of Mongolia, because of its crystal clear water lake. It flows into the Eg river. Also we’ll see the reindeer people who are the smallest ethnic group of Mongolia and Shaman tent. Stay overnight at ger camp
Second day of staying at the lake we will visit  a true nomadic family. The purpose of the stay at a local family is to experience the true culture of Mongolian nomads. You will see how they herd animals, make dairy products, and traditional clothes. You are welcome to play traditional games, have Mongolian supper and interact with the nomads and ask any question you have.  Overnight with nomad family.

Day 5: Shine-Ider village
After breakfast time, we will drive to Shine Ider sub-province (170 km). On the way, we will see picturesque and high Mountain Pass. We will wander around wild nature.

Day 6: Terkhiin tsagaan nuur-White Lake
Next day we’ll drive to the White lake which is about 20km long, was formed when volcanic lava dammed the suman River, cutting a large gorge through the basalt. In the middle of lake Terkhiin Tsagaan is a small island called the "Head of lake", which rises about 30km above the surface of the water. This is favorite spot for bird watching in summer. Staying overnight at ger camp.

Day 7: Hot spring (Hot spa)
After breakfast, we’ll drive to the sulphur springs of Tsenkher which emerge from the ground at 86C. The hot spring is especially good for skin allergy.We will relax in Hot spa for the whole day. It is a good treatment after a long horse-riding trip. Overnight in a tourist camp.

Day 8: Erdenezuu monastery and ancient capital city Kharakhorum.
After having breakfast, we will drive to Karakorum (82 km). Karakorum, the capital of Great Mongolian State where today there is a small local township. In the history, the city of Karakorum was founded in 1220 in Orkhon River Valley by order of Genghis Khan and after collapsing of Yuan dynasty of Khuvilai Khan Min state’s invaders sacked the city and massacred its inhabitants in 1388 and ruined it. After 200 years, Erdene Zuu, built in 1586, is the first Buddhist monastery to have been built in Mongolia and by various construction materials were taken from the ruins of Karakorum. At its peak in the late 18th century the complex of ornate gardens and 62 temples was home to over 1000 lamas. But in 1937, by communist purges the whole monastery completely destroyed. Overnight there.

Day 9: Drive to UB
After having a breakfast at the camp, we’ll start driving to Ulaanbaatar city, on the way to the city we’ll stop at the sand dunes called “Elsen tasarkhai” which means semi desert. When we arrived at the city our driver and guide will drop you at your hotel or guest house.



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