Naadam Festival + Central Mongolia


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The Naadam Festival is the time of year in Mongolia when everyone gets together to show off their skills and compete in different events: wrestling, horse racing, archery and ankle-bone shooting.

This festival is like Christmas to the Mongolian people. It’s the time of the year that they most look forward to. Every village and town has a Naadam Festival of some sort and everyone dresses in their finest Mongolian attire, prepares lots of food and arak (fermented mare’s milk) and spends the days out in the sun with friends and family. During the Naadam fesrival you can get relaxing tours


Duration:                            9 day

Accommodation:                 Family ger camp, Town ger hostel, Camping possible

Number of people:              2-6 people / 6+

Transportation:                   Russian van or jeep




09/July - Day1 - Gorkhi - Terelj National Park

What we will see: GORKHI-TERELJ National Park is considered one of the most beautiful worth visiting places for travelers who wanted to rest in surroundings near UB. If you like adventure activities such as hiking, rafting, horse or camel riding and visiting nomad family and stay overnight in traditional Ger dwelling within short period, this is the real place to fulfill your wishes. 

1.       Terelj National Park Natural landscape – is colorful and with magnificent alpine scenery. The National Park area is very impressive, with massive rock formations set among scenic valleys and hills with a winding river and groves of trees. Travelers can take leisurely strolls on meadows carpeted with variety of wildflowers, view fascinating rock formations against a backdrop of pine-covered mountains and wander along the wooded banks of a mountain stream.  


2.      Turtle Rock – The symbol of Terelj National Park is 24-meter-high, giant rock formation like a lying turtle. You will take a photo of rock and relaxing for a while in the shade of this giant turtle before to start for hiking towards Ariyabal meditation temple.   

3.      Aryiabal Meditation Temple was built in 1-2004, because of its “Natural Energy”. It is located on a steep hill. The shape of temple is an elephant’s head and the set of 108 stairs leading up to the temple symbolizes the elephant’s elongated trunk. Due to reach there you will cross the “Bridge of Heaven” and 108 stone stairs will lead you to the main temple and see 108 small stupas and 108 prayer wheels were placed around the temple.  

Stay overnight: Kazak Nomadic Family (L, D)


10/July-Day2 - Genghis Khan Statue Complex

Morning we will have the Breakfast with Nomadic Family and Drive to the Genghis Khan Statue Complex is home to the largest equestrian statue in the world and covered in 250 tons of steel. The iconic figure pays homage to the nation’s most famous ruler and is surrounded by 36 impressive columns that represent each of the Khans who once called Mongolia home.

Travelers who venture to this must-see destination can take an elevator to the top of the back of the horse, stroll along a pathway that leads to the horse’s head and marvel at some of the most impressive views outside the city limits.

Some 200 gers—the traditional circular houses nomadic people live in— the statue complex. Visitors can learn about local lifestyles, traditions and culture as they wander through the homes.

Stay in Hotel ot Guesthouse.

11,12/July – Day3,4 - Naadam Festival

Naadam Festival is the only one of its kind; it is a sophisticated and eloquent expression of nomadic culture, it is the honored celebration of a national independence, and it is an outstanding combination of arts and sports.

Even, the core of the festival – three manly sports – the wrestling, horseracing and archery, embrace many elements of arts, such as singing, dancing and performing.

Nomadic Mongolians have known when to throw the parties. Naadam Festival is held in the most enjoyable month of the most pleasant season in the country.

The opening ceremony will be 11/July actual closing ceremony will be 12/July so, other small festivals sill going on the countryside as we will continue our tours.

 Stay in Hotel ot Guesthouse.


13/July – Day5 - Semi Gobi

Elsen tasarkhai is a part of the Mongol Els sand dunes, which stretch from the Tuv, Uvurkhangai, and Bulgan provinces all the way west to become part of the Khugnu Khan mountain range. The sand dunes are 80 km long total. Dividing the southern part of the sand dunes with the so-called northern Mongolian sand, Khugnu Tarna is a main road. River Tarnat flows in the western part of the sand dunes, it is soddening under its surfaces, so shrubberies such as willow, elm, dogwood, shrubbery grow there.

In the north there is the rocky and woody mountain “Khugnu khaan”. in the south lies Ikh Mongol which defines the central point of Mongolia and is surrounded by the Elsen tasarkhai.  The widest section of the sand located the Ikh Mongol mountain area and covers an area of 9-10 km2. Half of the Ikh Mongol sand is covered by plants, so it’s mostly not loose sand.

Stay overnight: Nomadic Family (B+L+D) special camel riding


14,15/July - Day 6,7 –Ulaan Tsutgalan/ Orkhon valley

The basin of the Orkhon River has many historical vestiges, because many successive nomads had been living in the valley since the prehistoric period. This area is often considered as the cradle of the nomadic civilization of the steppes and was a real forum of civilizations during the last millennium because its bound East to West in the middle of the large Eurasian continent. In the course of the centuries, many nomadic tribes lived in Orkhon Valley. The first proof of living was found on the sites of Moiltiin Am and Orkhon-7 and allow us to think that the valley was inhabited 60.000 years ago. Afterwards, the valley was still inhabited during the prehistoric period and the Bronze Age, then was successively inhabited by the Huns, the Turkish-speaking people, the Uyghurs, the Kidans and at last by the Mongolian people.

After heavy rain this magnificent seasonal waterfall, also called Ulaan Tsutgalan, is one of the best sights in central Mongolia. About 25m downstream from the waterfall you can climb down to the bottom of the gorge. It’s 22m deep and ted with pine trees.

Stay overnight: Nomadic Family (B+L+D) special horse riding


16/July – Day8 - The old Capital City

Now you will know about our culture and history. Erdene Zuu is the Oldest Buddhist Monastery in Mongolia. The History os Erdene Zuu is a mix of invasions, religious purges, political shifts, and outright murder. Damaged and dismantled in 1688 during conflict between Dzungars (a confederation of Mongolian tribes) and Khalkh Mongols what remained of the monastery was reassembled in the 18th century.

Again in 1939, the order suffered a blow at the hands of Khorloogiin balsan, the Communist leader of Mongolia, who ordered the destruction of scores of temples and slaughter who thousands of monks throughout the country. All that remained of Erdene Zuu were three temples and small order, with nearly not hundred structure destroyed and an estimated one thousand members either murdered or imprisoned.


17/July – Day9- Ulaanbaatar

Today your trip ends in Ulaanbaatar after unforgettable days in the Mongolia.


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