Dinosaur Land Tour Mongolia, 12 Days

We offer you 13 day amazing travel in Gobi Desert to see remains of a Dinosaur bones and eggs.                         \12 days – 1825km\


Day 1. On your arrival at Chingis Khaan International airport in UB, you will be met our guide and driver and transferred to the hotel. In the afternoon you will be guided for city tour to visit Gandan Monastery, National History Museum and Cashmere Store.   Overnight stay in hotel \B, L, D\.

Day 2. – 275 km. Travel to Baga Gazriin Chuluu (Earth stone) little mountain of Middle Gobi. Excursion to Earth stone, a sacred rocky mountain, 1,760 m above sea level, and is famous for its unique rock formation and beautiful natural environment. Overnight in a ger camp. (B, L, D)

Day 3. – 291 km. Algui Red Crack \Cliff\ is one of the richest dinosaur fossil sites in Gobi Desert. First day, Ride two-humped Bactrian Camel and  travel to Dinosaur Fossils natural site.

Day 4. – Algui Red Crack – On second day, visit and stay with a nomadic family and experience with nomadic life. \B, L, D\.

Day 5.1 -195 km.  Drive to Dalanzadgad province that is the closest city to the Flaming Cliffs, where dinosaurs were first discovered in Mongolia. In the Dinosaur theme park, there are almost 20  types of  dinosaurs in moving and audio statues.

Day 5.2 – 50km. Eagle Valley,Yolyn Am ( Lammergeier Valley) is a deep and narrow gorge in the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains southern Mongolia.  Yolyn Am is notable for a deep ice fielsd. The ice field reaches several meters thick by the end of winter, and is several kilometers long. In past years it remained year round, but the modern ice field tends to disappear by September. The mountains surrounding the valley also provide habitat for Argali wild sheep (one of the last wild great horned sheep) and ibex, which may be spotted in the early morning as they walk along the mountain ridges. Overnight in a ger camp.\B, L, D\.

Day 6.1 – 80 km. Flaming Cliffs more commonly known as the legendary “Flaming Cliffs”. Bayanzag is a red rock creation, formed 60-70 million years ago, made famous by an American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews’s discovery there of complete dinosaur skeletons and eggs in 1920s. Overnight in a ger camp. (B, L, D)

Day 6.2 – 10 km. Moltsog Sand Dune is situated northeast of Flaming Cliffs in Bulgan Soum, Umnugobi Aimag. Surrounded by saxaul trees, they are smaller but beautifully formed and provide pleasant alternative.

Day 7. – 180 km. Travel to the direction of south through the wide huge open land called Ongi steppe. We will see changing landscape from forest steppe into semi-desert Gobi land. In the afternoon we will visit the ruins of Ongi Monastery which was built in the 18th century, the former main religious center of South Mongolia. Hiking in nearby Gobi mountain and along the area where the ruins are situated. Overnight in a ger camp. (B, L, D)

Day 8. – 260 km. Karakorium. Ruins of 12th Century Capital City Karakorum. Travel to Karakorum, the former capital city of world’s greatest land empire, established by Chinggis Khan. Here we will tour the oldest Buddhist Monastery Erdenezuu, religious complex spanning over 400 sq. meters surrounded by 108 stupas. It was first built on the ruins of Karakorum in 1586 by Abtai Sain Khan. The site has some of the best works of religious art and architecture in Mongolia. Visit Karakorum museum. Overnight in a ger camp. (B, L, D)

Day 9. – 100 km. Drive to Elsen Tasarkhai sand dune, a unique area combining forest, Gobi sand dunes and rocky mountains. Excursion to Hugnu Khaan Mountain and sand dune on the steppe. Free time for hiking and walking in the near. Overnight in a ger camp. (B, L, D)

Day 10. – 150 km. Khustai National Park. Travel to Hustai Nature Reserve to see the Przewalski wild horses, re-introduced back into the wild in their native homeland. Visit the local information center for learn about the history of the last pure wild horses and the history of the area. In the evening you have chance to go horse riding. Overnight in a ger camp. (B, L, D)

Day 11. – 230km. Chingis Khaan Statue Complex is a 40 metres (130 ft) tall statue of Chingis Khaan on horseback, on the bank of the Tuul River. Visitors walk to the head of the horse through its chest and neck, where they have a panoramic view. The main statue area will be surrounded by 200 gers designed and arranged like the pattern of the horse brand marks that were used by the 13th century Mongol tribes.

Day 12. – 120km.  Ulaanbaatar city.  State Department Store or Cashmere shop

Day 13. – Transfer to Chingis Khaan international airport.

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