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Map of Tour


Day 1: Bishkek (Ala-Archa)

Arrival in Bishkek early in the morning. Meeting at the airport

and transfer to the hotel. After some rest sightseeing tour: Oak Park, Ala-Too Square, Philarmonic Hall, Statue of Manas, Victory Square. After lunch transfer to the Ala-Archa National Park. In an hour you will be in the alpine gorge through which the fast-flowing Ala-Archa River runs, flanked by tall, snow-covered peaks, steep-sided, fir - forested mountain slopes and alpine meadows covered with flowers. You will start your walk from the alpine camp to Ak-Sai waterfall–the h is 35 m. The path goes through conifer forest and alpine meadows. Return back to the alpine camp. Transfer to Bishkek.


Day 2: Bishkek – Burana – Cholpon Ata

After breakfast in Bishkek, we will go towards Burana Tower located about 80 km from the capital. Burana Tower is an ancient minaret in the Chuy Valley in the north part of Kyrgyzstan. It is close to the city of Tokmok. The tower with funerary monuments, earthworks, remains of the castle and three mausoleums – that’s all that last out of the ancient Balasagyn town that was founded by Karakhanids at the end of the ninth century. After we keep our way towards Boom gorge.

There we will do the most interesting, dynamic and most dangerous white water rafting section of the Chui River, Boom Canyon is indeed a national white water arena. It is the best in Central Asia. Here, among the rough rapids and huge rocks, even the craziest adventurer will get a maximum dose of adrenaline. River difficulty is Class IV. After we keep our way to Cholpon Ata. Drive alongside the lake, you will see unbelievable beauty and crystal clear lake. The second largest saline lake after the Caspian Sea, Issyk Kul is virtually

a basin within the Tian Shan Mountains. A combination of vast depth, salinity, and underground thermal activity ensures the lake never freezes. Issyk Kul is also the second largest alpine lake in the world after Lake Titicaca. Enjoy the lakeside and swim in refreshing waters of the lake after rafting. Then we will transfer to Cholpon Ata by car. Overnight at the hotel.


Day 3: Cholpon Ata – Karakol

After breakfast visit the museum of petroglyphs in Cholpon-Ata. There will be an excursion in the open-air art gallery of drawings on the rocks, said to date from 500 BC – 100 AD, they depict wolves, long-horned ibex, goats, horses, snow leopards, sacrifices and some hunting scenes. After the open-air museum, we will transfer to Kyrchyn ethnic village where was The World Nomads Games. Then we will go Maman to paragliding for those who want to fly with paragliding wing under the expert control of the tandem pilot. Tandem paragliding flights are a great way to enjoy the full paragliding aerial experience, without having to first learn how to launch and control the paraglider yourself. Your hands will be free, so you can take photos of the impressive opening view.

After incredible emotion with big adrenalin In the evening, we get the city of Karakol. Overnight at the hotel.


Day 4: Karakol – Sirota Camp

In the morning, short transfer to the Karakol Leshoz. Once we arrive Karakol Leshoz we will start our hiking to Sirota Camp. We will be walking alongside the river and then cross a bridge with a cable and trek up the valley to the campsite. We will proceed from the steppe foothills to mountain forests, woodlands, to subalpine and alpine meadows and even to the realm of eternal snow with bare rocks and glaciers. You will be able to see Tien-Shan pine trees and the Karakol River flowing with glacier water.



Day 5: Sirota Camp – Ala Kul

In the morning we take breakfast and we continue our walking day to Ala Kul lake. The lake lies in the glacial valley of the left Riverhead of Kurgaktor with beautiful views of the snow-capped peaks. You will be amazed by this extraordinary lake. Ala-Kul lake is a rock-dammed and hidden treasure between lofty Ala-Too Mountains. Enjoy a short hike around the lake and it’s also possible to make a summit at one of the nearby peaks. During winter, Ala-Kul freezes solid and it’s still a mystery how deep the lake is.



Day 6: Ala Kul – Altyn Arashan

After breakfast we will leave the campsite, we will summit Ala Kul pass (Be aware that the Ala-Kul pass is very steep). Then we will descend to Keldike gorge. Slopes of the gorge are covered by pine and leafy forests. Where we will see the Altyn Arashan Yurt camp. Altyn Arashan is famous for its curative hot springs. You will have an excellent opportunity to relax in hot springs with radon water, to take a shower. Overnight in the Altyn-Arashan guesthouse.


Day 7: Altyn Arashan – Karakol

After breakfast, we will go to Aksu Village. The trek down is very enjoyable after the last three days of uphill trekking. Once you are in Aksu our driver will be waiting for us to drive to Karakol. City tour in Karakol: visiting Prjevalsky museum, Wooden Orthodox Church, Dungan mosque in Chinese style. Lunch and dinner at the traditional restaurant. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8: Karakol – Jeti Oguz – Skazka – Bokonbaev

After breakfast, we will go to the Jeti-Oguz gorge, a picturesque mountain gorge in Kyrgyzstan, 28 kilometers away to the west of the city Karakol along the southern shore of Issyk-Kul. The name "Jeti-Oguz" (translated as " bulls") came from a chain of weathered red rocks, similar to bulls lying on the ground, and since has become a visiting card of the gorge. The focal point of interest is the rock "Broken Heart", near which you can always take incredibly beautiful photos. Jeti-Oguz Gorge is the second mountainous place of the Issyk-Kul Reserve and one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. For 25 km on both sides of the gorge there are blue spruce trees that are included in the red book of Kyrgyzstan. In the gorge at an altitude of 2200 m there is a Jety-Oguz resort known for its healing geothermal springs. There we will start our cycling to Kyzyl Suu there we will have lunch. After lunch, we will go to the Gorge "Skazka" by car. Gorge "Fairy Tale" - an amazing place where natural sandy red formations create many fairy-tale forms. Walking along this gorge during the holiday in Issyk-Kul brings not only aesthetic pleasure, but also a sense of unity and majesty with nature. There you will see a canyon called the "Chinese Wall" 5 kilometers long, it seems to guard the world of sleeping castles and amazing animals created by nature itself from red clay and sandstone - elephants, hippos, snakes and some fantastic creatures. Transfer to Bokonbaev. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 9: Bokonbaev – Son Kul

In the morning will meet eagle hunter with his “bird of prey. After show we can go to beach and swim. Transfer to Son-Kul in the morning. Son-Kul is one of the highest lakes in Kyrgyzstan (3016 m above sea level). It is a place where you can experience a nomadic life. You will have a chance to ride a horse. This is a remote mountain lake situated on a treeless, high mountain plateau (3016 m) where shepherds bring the livestock in the summertime, establish a camp for living – setting up their yurts. In this magnificent place, you can see hundreds of herds and a lot of different yurts. Dinner and overnight in the yurt camp.


Day 10: Son Kul

After wake up in the yurt camp, you will see that amazing sunrise in Son Kul Lake. Son Kul is the place with fresh air, azure sky, crystal clear lake. Today you will also have a chance to ride a horse around lake, see edelweiss flowers, camels, yaks, golden eagles, and watch how local women make Kyrgyz national drink – Kymyz (mare’s milk). We will get the emotion of living nomad’s life, experience of horse riding.

Day 11: Son Kul– Tash Rabat

After breakfast transfer to the Tash Rabat, towards Chinese border. From XI century, the Tash Rabat- Caravanserai was used as a fortress by travelers on the Great Silk Road. Nowadays, this medieval fortress is one of the biggest and complicated stone buildings. It does not have any analogs from the Goby desert to the Caspian Sea. Overnight in the yurt (nomadic dwelling).



Day 12: Tash Rabat – Meder’s Yurt Camp

After waking up in your hotel you will be able to pack your bags and be ready to head into one of the wildest places in Kyrgyzstan. First, you will cross the Kaingdy pass and enter into the Ak-Sai valley dominated by wild rivers and snow covered peaks. When entering the border zone between Kyrgyzstan and China it’s important to show your passports and border zone permits which will be provided by us.

Once you arrive at the Yurt Camp near Kol Suu we will be greeted by Meder’s family. This is where we will spend the night.


Day 13: Meder’s Yurt Camp – Kel Suu – Naryn

After breakfast, we will take horses to head up to Kel Suu lake and start to explore the nearby area on foot. Once you arrive at the Kel Suu lake we will be able to see the massive alpine walls that tower over Kel Suu lake. Then we will be able to explore the nearby area and get a feel for the wild nature that is to come. By same way we will go back to yurt camp. After lunch, we will go to Naryn town. Overnight at the hotel.



Day 14: Naryn – Konorchek – Bishkek

After lunch, we will drive to the head of the trail in Boom Gorge and start trekking up the Konorchek canyon. The trek up the narrow canyon is very easy and there are only a few places that might be challenging. The canyon is a dry canyon where there is almost no life, green trees, animals, and it’s a huge contract to the rest of Kyrgyzstan.Once we reach the panorama peak we will have lunch and there will be time to take pictures and to soak up the views of nature. The local legend is that you can see statues/people in the rocks. An additional local legend is that it was once a volcano a few million years ago and that’s why it’s so dry. It’s a great place to see all year round. After the trek, we will return to Bishkek. Transfer to the hotel. After some rest, we will have time to visit the local market Osh bazaar. Here you can appreciate the creativity and talent of local artisans. Just as you step the market, you plunge into the real oriental atmosphere: an interminable stream of people, a big variety of goods and colors. In the evening we go to one of the best restaurants in Bishkek where we will have a farewell dinner. Overnight at the hotel.


Day 15: Bishkek – Airport

After an early breakfast, everyone will be transferred to the airport.  It’s always a good idea to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight and the drive from Bishkek to the airport takes 45 minutes one way. We hoped you enjoyed your trip to Kyrgyzstan. There are so many high mountains pass and amazing places to explore. We hope to meet you or your friends one day.

Number of days: 15
Covered regions:
Bishkek City
Osh City
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included:  Insurance repatriation and CR insurance  International airfare and taxes  Alcoholic beverages  Additional services not mentioned in the program  Additional costs due to personal problems  International banking fees  Any charged activity not mentioned in the program  Visas  Tips (always optional, always appreciated
What to bring:  Sleeping bag (0℃<)  Sunglasses  50+ sun cream  Hat / Beanie  Scarf  Light gloves  Headlamp  Hiking bottle  Trekking shoes  Camera (For amazing memories)  Clothes for cold evenings  Fleece jacket  Hiking poles  Rain mountain jacket
Transport: SUV 4x4
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