Osh to Dushanbe or Dushanbe to Osh via Wakhan valley

Day1 Osh to Tulpar kol lake (in Lenin  peak7134m)  6/7hours of ride.255km

after Osh we will take Road M-41 and drive to Mountains site.on the way .we will cross Taldyk pass3554m and enjoy some beautiful views.there opening amazing views to Pamir Trans Alai range.we will stop in Sary Tash village for the lunch.than continue to  Tulpar kol lake  there we can see more closer Peak in and nice views. overnight in yurt stay.

5-6 hour trekking 

Day2 Tulpar kol  to Karakul.  7/hours of driving.150 km

today we cross border to Tajikistan Eastern Pamir.today we get a chance to explore the amazing landscape of this area.border formalities take place shortly.our first Pamir Highway high pass is the Kyzyl Art pass4282.having crossed to Tajikistan.stop for lanscape views near Karakul lake4010m bright blue lake providing plenty of opportunities to make our breath away.we descend to Karakul lake.the Highest lake in Central Asia.overnight in homestay.meals

Day3 Karakul to Murghab 130km 4/5hours of ride

we depart today to Murghab the center of East Pamir.This small town bestrides the Murghab river at an altitude of 3600m .the road up Murghab,however,is spectacular an cross through high altitude Akbaital pass4655m which is the highest section of road in the former Soviet Union.we anticipate arriving in Murghab in lunch time.Murghab itself has few attraction.the 7546m high Chinese peak of Mustak Ata is visible to the hortheast of town.overnight in homestay.

Day4 Murghab to Bulungkul lake 245km 5/6hours of drive

Today we  depart to Bulungkul vilage via insite of mountains on the way stop for Meteorite crater.and drive up to Observatory there is nice view of mountains futher we will vizit Shakhty rock paintings 4200m.there very similar figures are placed underneath the last animal.this representation has been compared to the so called clavicorn figures of Paleolithic art.it dates 8000-5000B.C.  on the way we will stop for Akbalyk holy lake.we reach Alichor village 3800m here we will have lunch.after we continue to the Yashil Kul3700m and Bulugkul 3745m lakes both of lakes are Spectacular beautiful.overnight in Bulungkul homestay.

Day5 Bulungkul to Langar 152km 6/7hours of drive

We will drive up to Khargush pass4300 an hour drive from Bulungkul and hiking from 4300 m to 4774 m/h from sea level 3 hr. it calls Panarama view point  .after cross the pass we down to Pamir valley beautiful scenary of the mountains.we will drive down to Wakhan corridor.overnight in Langar in Nigina homestay.

Day6 Langar to Khorog 245km 8/9hours of drive with stops

Today we have to start earlyer futher meet us many places for visit.Above the village of Vrang,on a cliff side pitted with caves,stands a Buddist complex dating from 4th-7th centures.futher at Yamg village visit the reconstructed home of Sufi mystic Mubarak Kadam,who died in 1910.Near his house there is a stone pillar with a hole in it which he used to calculate a solar calendar after we continue up to hillside are the hot springs at Bibi Fatima minerals and very silty taking hot spring swiming drive down.on the way we will stop for Interesting Ismaili Mazar (tomb)of Shahi Mardan Hazrati Ali after that Khakha fortress dating from the third centure B.C and rising from a platform of natural rock.on the way for a scenic picnic.after we will drive along Panj river to Administrativ Center of GBAO Khorog.overnight in hostel.

Day7 Khorog to Bartang Jizev valley 80km 3hours of drive

Today we will go to Bartang river bridge to beautiful famous Jizev valley 5/km walking up easy  walking overnight in Gulsha homestay.

Day8 Jizev to Kalai kum  (Darvoz ) 210km

Today ealyer wolking down to car i will meet you we continue our trip to Kalaikum . we have lunch at  Kalot tea house  after keep driving to Kalai kulm.overnight in homestay.

Day9Kalai kum to Dushanbe 360km 8/9hours of drive

Today we driving to the Capital of Tajikistan Dushanbe.Dushanbe is a relatively modern town that rose to prominence during the Soviet era.when it was made the capital of the Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socilalist Republic and named Stalinabad.Dushanbe it means Monday in the Tajik language .reache to Kulob town we have lunch after we will visit Kulbuk castle old town.overnight in Dyshanbe in I will drop you to your hotel.

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