K2, the world's second highest mountain, Base camp Trek, 20d

DAY 01/Arrival to Islamabad/Rawalpindi  

We will meet and receive group at Islamabad new Airport and transfer to Hotel in Islamabad. It will take 45 minutes to reach Hotel. Altitude is 680m

DAY 02/Islamabad to Skardu via by Air.

Early in the morning breakfast we will take you to Airport to get Flight for Skardu valley. Upon arrival to Skardu Airport we will transfer to Hotel for the preparing and shopping. If today everything is okey we will move to Askolie on day 03 and No need to stay. Altitude is 2300m
Preparation Day .It is preparation day for group and our Kitchen staff for the next day journey. Briefing in the tourism office and other necessary documentation like at FA section report and rest time for leisure.

DAY 03/Drive from Skardu to Askoli,

 Askolie (3,000 m: Camp, jeep drive. It takes about six hours to drive from Skardu to Askolie. The drive through the Braldu Gorge is guaranteed to knock your socks off! Approximate driving distanced is 6/7 hours.
Trek to Jhula.

DAY 04/Jhula (3,300 m): Camp, trek begins. The walk from Askolie to Jhula is an easy gentle plain and can be done in 6 to 8 hours. We cross the snout of the Biafo Glacier on the way. The first sight of the pinnacles of the Paiyu Group is stunning. On the way we have to cross Domurda River coming out from Chotoi and Panmah glacier. ! An earlier alternative was handmade chair lift.We will take lunch at Korophone green camping side.

DAY 05/Trek to Paiju

Jhula to Paiju (3,450 m: Camp, trek, river crossing. We follow the Braldu and the Biaho rivers to a river’s edge campsite.. This crossing is done on a ‘ on a bridge upstream. Depending upon the time it takes for the crossing, the walk can take 8 hours or more.

DAY 06/Paiyu Rest Day OR you head to the glaciers without rest. (3,666 m: Camp, rest day).

Wash up, relax, read, climb on a steep ridge behind the camp, sing and dance with the porters! Depending upon the size of the party, goats or a goat will be sacrificed and meat will be distributed to the porters as a form of thanksgiving and to bring us good luck on our next day’s walk on the Baltoro.

DAY 07/Paiju to Khoburse

Khoburse (3,800 m: Camp, trek on Baltoro Glacier. Six to hours of walking. A tough day as we climb on the rocky moraines of the Baltoro, but the sight of Baltoro pinnacles and Paiyu Peak is astounding! An earlier alternative campsite is Liligo, but there is no water there. We will cross some gushing streams on the way.

DAY 08/Trek to Urdukus.

Paiyu (3,666 m: Camp, trek. This takes about 6 hours of walking and will give us our first sight of the mighty Baltoro Glacier and the Trango and Cathedral Groups. Paiyu is the last campsite before the Baltoro. Efforts are underway to clear out the pollution and there has also been a recent plantation of many trees in the area. The walk follows the Biaho River all the way to Paiyu. The campsite is perched high above the valley with excellent views.

DAY 09/Trek to Goro-II

Goro (4,300 m): Camp, Baltoro Glacier. This is a tough day’s walk on the undulating Baltoro. However, the footing becomes easy as the rocks become smaller and smaller as we move up the Baltoro. It takes about 8 hours to get to Goro. We walk right smack up the center moraine of the Baltoro. As Masherbrum emerges on the right, it takes our breath away and so does Gasherbrum 4 right in front of us. Goro is a cold campsite! It has a great view of the Muztagh T.You may see a classic view of Masherbrum on our backdrop.

DAY 10/Trek to Concordia

Concordia (4,550 m: Camp, Baltoro Glacier. An easy 6 hour walk. As we enter the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods and see K2 emerging on our left and Broad peak is our right, we feel that we have arrived at a very special place on the planet. For many, it is lifelong goal and a pilgrimage to come here. A place of superlatives and without any parallels!

DAY 11/Concordia to K-2 Base Camp AND  Concordia junction Discover

Concordia (4,550 m: Camp, rest, explore base camps. You can just sit and watch K2 all day long and sip tea; which many have done and have still not been able to fully get K2 in their system! Or you can go on a long whole day tiring trip to K2 Base Camp (4,800 m.); or go the other way towards the Gasherbrum peaks. Approximate walking distanced is 9-10 hours.

DAY 12/Trek to Goro II

Goro (4,300 m : Camp, Baltoro Glacier. Return to Goro camp site. Approximate walking distanced is 5-6 hours.

DAY 13/Trek to Urdukas

Urdukas (3,950 M): Camp, Baltoro Glacier. Return to Urdukas camp site. Approximate walking distanced is 5-6 hours.

DAY 14 Trek to paiju

Paiyu (3,666 m): Camp, trek. We return to Paiyu camp site not stopping at Khobrse on the way down. We are now well acclimatized and the walk down is not as hard as going up and much quicker. Approximate walking distanced is 6-7 hours.

DAY 15/Trek to Jhula

Julla (3,550 m): Camp, trek. We stop at Julla which is the place of crossing the Domurda River. We do not stop at Bardumal on the way down. Approximate walking distance is 5-6 hours.

DAY 16Trek to Askolie

Askolie (3,300 m): Camp, trek. We return to the ‘metropolises of Askolie! Well, at least it feels like one after being on the Baltoro and same day we will drive to Skardu if time permit. Approximate walking distance is 4 to 5 hours. Drive to Skardu

DAY 17/Askolie to Skardu

Skardu (2,500 m: Hotel, jeep drive. We return to a hot shower and a warm comfortable bed.

DAY 18/Fly to Islamabad.

Arrive and transfer to Hotel. Evening leisure for the group around the Markets.

In case of Flight does not operate from Islamabad the group will transfer by road to Islamabad taking two days to reach Islamabad.

DAY 19/Reserve Day

If flight operate today we will take a tour of Murree and Nathia Gali and Burbab. For overnight we back to Islamabad.

DAY 20

Fly Home with many good memories from high mountinas. 

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