Photo tour to Magical Reindeer herders in Mongolia 15day

Take a photo tour to wild Taiga Mountains of Mongolia with an experienced guide. Best travel destinations including Mongolian northern natural beauty Khuvsgul fresh deepest a lake and Taiga (Reindeer people). You will experience Mongolian Tsaatan (reindeer) nomadic culture by visiting local families and there is a chance to meet with reindeer herding families and explore their unique way of life. Take a photo tour to wild Taiga Mountains of Mongolia with an experienced guide. Tsaatan people live in northern Khuvsgul Aimag of Mongolia. Originally from across the border in what is now the Tuva Republic of Russia, the Tsaatan are one of the last groups of nomadic reindeer herders in the world. They survived for thousands of years inhabiting the remotest subarctic Ulaan Taiga, there are about 400 reindeer people of 80 families in total. They live in tepees. Their livelihood is completely dependent on nature and few heads of reindeer.

Brief itinerary:

Day1. Amart monastery

Day2. Hutag-Undur

Day3. Murun city

Day4. Darkhad Depression

Day5-8. Baruun Taiga

Day9. Darkhad family

Day10-11. Khuvsgul Lake

Day12. Shine Ider

Day13. Khorgo & Terkh National Park

Day14. Karakorum city

Day15. Ulaanbaatar

Full itinerary

Day1. Amart monastery

In the morning, our guide and driver will pick up from your hotel or guesthouse and start our tour. We leave the city before we will pass some shops. After shops directly driving towards Amart monastery for 340 km. Lunch served, on the way. This monastery astonishing in its beauty and design, the monastery’s main temple was completed without the use of a single nail. Incredibly, Amart escaped the fate of many other Buddhist monasteries during the political purges of the 1930s, surviving almost untouched. Overnight is a Ger guesthouse. B+L+D.

Day2. Uran crater

After breakfast, we will drive to the Uran crater for 320 km. Uran crater or know as Urantogoo Uul biggest volcano in Mongolia. This volcano was active in the 3rd to 4th geological periods and was exploded 20-25 thousand years ago. This mountain is unevenly covered by larch trees and the larch forest is still increasing in recent years. Lunch served on the way (name of Erdenet city). Erdenet city is the second-largest city in Mongolia and one of the world's large open-pit copper mines is the reason for this city. You can see the mine, a few km East of the city. We will pass some shops. After shops directly driving towards to Uran crater. You can go short climbing to the Uran crater. After returning to the vehicle, head to tonight’s Ger guesthouse. B+L+D.

Day3. Murun city (take permit stay in Taiga)

After breakfast, we will drive to Murun city (Khuvsgul province) for 300 km. Around 200 km, we will stop for lunch served on the way and then continue at around 100 km to the Murun city. Murun city (Khuvsgul province) is the northernmost of the 21 aimags (provinces) of Mongolia. The name is derived from Lake Khuvsgul. This city a transport hub in northern Mongolia that's also the center of civilization in this part of the country. It comes alive in summer when tourists pass through on their way to Khuvsgul Lake. Usually, we will arrive in Murun city at around 18:00 p.m. Dinner will be served in the restaurant. After returning to the vehicle, head to tonight’s Ger guesthouse. B+L+D.

Day4. Darkhad Depression

After breakfast, we will drive to Renchin Lkhumbe town for 250 km, nearby living our host Darkhad family. Darkhad people are known in Mongolia by the name “Oirat”. Darkhat and standard Halh, however, are closely related. Nearly all Oirat can read standard Mongolian, even if they may pronounce words differently from standard Halh Mongolian. Lunch served on the way.

The Darkhad Valley is a big tectonic depression, nestled between Khoridol-Saridag and Ulaan Taiga Range. Darkhad depression is also surrounded by forest and Taiga including Mongolia’s tallest larch forest near the junction of Jar River and Kharuun River. There are approximately 300 large and small lakes, among them, the biggest is Dood Lake. Over 100 species of fish have been found in the lakes of the depression including white-fish, Taimen, Lenok, Siberian Grayling, Roach and lake Lawyer. Overnight Ger guesthouse. B+L+D.

Day5-8. Baruun Taiga

After breakfast, stay in Darkhad family horse guide will prepare horses for us, and we will only ride horses while there. Only horse riding is possible in this valley. We will load our luggage on horses. And then the ride begins! Starting at the magnificent Taiga, an exhilarating start to the adventure. We will stop picnic lunch and photos on the way. We can have ride horses totally 4-5 hours a day. There are no roads this far north so riding is essential. These mountains are where the true Tsaatan reindeer herders spend their summer months in temporary settlements and can only be reached on horseback. The settlement is usually sited between 40-60 km of the lodge but since the location varies year-on-year we will have to wait until around May to confirm its location, your guide will be well aware of this year’s location and will take you on the most direct route.

To visit the Tsaatan is to witness something magical. A relationship between humans and animals that has stood the test of time, and a culture that has a deep respect for the earth and all of its gifts. Deep in the heart of the Mongolian Taiga lives one of the most unique communities in the world, the Tsaatan reindeer herders. For centuries the Tsaatan have survived tucked into the forests of Northern Mongolia, isolated from society and surrounded by their faithful herd of reindeer. And you can see how reindeer people living daily life as well as buy and sell things and have their children receive an education in this hard situation. You can be sure that you will see more interesting things. Overnight at tent and tepees. B+L+D

Day9. Darkhad family

Today we ride back to Darkhad family. After having breakfast, we will pack our staff on some packing horse. And then the ride begins! We can have ride horses a totally of 4-6 hours. We will stop picnic lunch and photos on the way. And then arrive in the horse guide’s family. B+L+D.

Day10-11. Khuvsgul Lake

After breakfast, we will drive to Khuvsgul lake known as “The Dark Blue Pearl”, Lake Khovsgol is Mongolia's largest and deepest lake. Lunch served on the way. Khuvsgul Lake located in the northernmost province, it is the largest tributary stream of Lake Baikal in Russia. Khuvsgul lake is 136 km long, 36 km wide, and 262 meters deep and is located at an altitude of 1645 m above sea level and is frozen from January until April or May. It's the second largest freshwater lake in Central Asia. It's inhabited by species of fish including the Siberian grayling and lenok. Fishing and sport fishing are becoming popular in the lake area. Different ethnic groups live in the area: Khalh, Darhadt, and Buryat. Lake Khovsgol is on the important migration route for birds from Siberia, thus facilitating marvelous opportunities for bird watching. Overnight in Ger guesthouse. B+L+D

Day12. Shine-Ider

After breakfast, we will drive to Shine Ider small town. Lunch served on the way. Today we will visit a true nomadic family. The purpose of the stay at a local family is to experience the true culture of Mongolian nomads. You will see how they herd animals, make dairy play traditional games, have Mongolian supper and interact with the nomads and ask any questions  you have. Stay nearby Shine-Ider small town. Overnight in a Ger with a nomad family.

Day13. Khorgo & Terkh National Park

After breakfast, we will drive to Khorgo Dormant Volcano is the youngest volcano in Mongolia for 200 km. First stopping at Tsetserleg town, have lunch and then continue for 140 km to the Khorgo & Terkh N.P. Khorgo volcano is the only one which has no soil somewhere and no water inside the crater because Khorgo exploded much later that those volcanos. After returning to the vehicle, head to Terkh White Lake, the lake 16 km long from west to east and 6 km wide from north to south. The lake 10 species of fish such as Taimen, perch, lenok, and pike and including swan, shelduck, duck, gull, common heron and great white egret gather here. You can go short hiking a lake. Overnight Ger guesthouse. B+L+D

Day14. Karakorum city

After breakfast, we will drive towards Karakorum city & Erdenezuu monastery for 280 km. Lunch served, on the way. The most prominent historical site in Orkhon Valley is the Karakorum, the ancient capital of the Mongol empire. The Karakorum, founded in 1220 by Genghis khan, was not only the capital of the vast Mongolian Empire but the epic center of trade along Silk Road. However, the Karakorum of today is a small settlement with little focus on tourism. Upon arrival in the village, we will visit the museum of Karakorum and learn about the beautiful ancient Karakorum. Then we will visit the magnificent and the oldest Buddhist Monastery complex of Erdenezuu, built in the 16th century, with 108 stupas. After returning to the vehicle, head to tonight’s Ger guesthouse. B+L+D

 Day15. Hustai National Park

 After breakfast, we will drive to Hustai National Park for 200 km, view wild Przewalski horse Takhi. Lunch served on the way and then continue to the Hustai N.P. The Mongolian Government declared Hustai National Park as a Specially Protected Area in 1993s, one year after the initiation of the reintroduction of the last species of wild horse project. You can go hiking, or take a road trip through Hustai N.P. Seeing these truly wild horses which numbered in the hundreds of thousands of years ago as captured in archeological records, will make you feel like you have traveled thousands of years back in time. After returning to the vehicle, head to tonight Ger guesthouse. Tonight special dinner (Khorkhog is a barbecue dish in Mongolian cuisine). B+L+D

Day16. Ulaanbaatar city

After breakfast, we will head to Ulaanbaatar for 100 km. Lunch served on the way.  We offer you the most challenging city short tour. In the evening we will attend an amazing performance of Mongolian traditional music and dance. Overnight hotel or guesthouse. B+L.

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Central Mongolia
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Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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