20-days Dushsnbe to Bishkek Pamir Highway


Tour season from April till September              

Day 1 Dushanbe-Kalahuikhumb
Overnight at the guest house. The border road with Afghanistan along the Pyanj River.

Day 2 Kalahuikhumb-Khorog.
Overnight in the guest house. Visit to the Botanical Garden, and other attractions

Day 3 Khorog-Langar.
On the way visit the thermal spring “Fotima Zuhro”, visit the fortresses of the times of the A.Macedonian architectural constructions, overnight in the guest house

Day 4 Langar-Alicour.
A trip to the Bulun-Kul Lake, Zhashil-Kul Lake, fishing for trout lovers

Day 5 Alichur-Murghab.
On the way, a tour of the religious buildings (Gumbesov) of the 18-19th centuries and the pond “Ak-Balyk”.

Day 6 Murgab-Chesh-Tube
Thermal spring, cave shaft, rock paintings of antiquity, Lake Zorkul, high mountain systems of the Afghan-Tajik border, wild world at an altitude of 5500 meters.

Day 7 Czech-Tyube-Murghab
Astronomical Observatory, the place of lightning,

Day 8 Murgab-Pshart
Acquaintance with ethnoculture of ethnic people, Trek from Psarta to Madian valley 4 hours

Day 9 Murgab-Rankul
Walking on camels, riding a yak on horseback, visiting Lake Rankul, caves Salyk-Tash, Mata-Tash, Chyrak-Tash, Sykirduu-Unkur, and other mysterious places.

Day 10 Rang-Kul-Kara-Kul
Visit to the Zhalan site summer pasture at an altitude of 5000 meters above the sky, Kara-Kul Lake, a landscape on the high mountain systems of Pamir-Alai

Day 11 Kara-Kul-Tulpar-Kul-Peak of in
Overnight at the foot of the peak in.

Day 12 Sary-Mogol-Pass-Cheyyrchyk-Osh
Equestrian track, horseback riding on horseback, natural drink kymyz

Day 13 Osh city
Visit the Sulaiman Mountain, a museum, historical sites, a visit to the munar in Uzgen, gourmet cuisine is a wonderful southern cuisine.

Day 14 Osh-Jal-Abad-Arslanbap
Resort zone Arslanbap, walnut forests,

Day 15 Lake Sary-Chelek
Lake Sary-Chelek on the foothills of the high mountains of the western Tien Shan, yurt guest houses.

Day 16 Sary-Chelek-Tokugul-Bishkek
Local sights, museums, a trip to the Burana tower, Kegety gorge, acquaintance with the ethnoculture of the Kyrgyz

Day 17 Bishkek-Bosteri-Cholpon-Ata (optional).
Dead Sea Fishing, resort area, beach, Issyk-Kul pearl of Kyrgyzstan. Northern shore. Ananyevskoe, Grigorievskoe gorge, jailoo Kyrchyn, visit the ethnocultural center “Rukh Ordo”.

Day 18 Cholpon-Ata-Karakol-Tamga
Southern shore of Issyk-Kul lake, resort area. Zheti-Oguz, Canyon “Fairy Tale”.

Day 19 Tamga-Kochkor-Kochkor-Son-Kul
Along the way, sightseeing, a stop in yurt guest houses, kymyzole treatment, Son-Kul Lake.

Day 20 Son-Kul-Bishkek through Suusamyr
End of the tour

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Air conditioning: Yes
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