Xinjiang Classic Duku Road Trip

One of my tours designed specifically to discover as many sights and cultural spots within just one week - we will ride famous and beautiful Duku road, the highway that is open only between June and October! RENT YOUR OWN LOCALS for authentic rest and adventure in Xinjiang!

The tour starts in Urumqi and loops back to Urumqi, exploring mainly Western and Northern parts of Xinjiang - some very popular and also less discovered places, underappreciated experiences in this part of China. transport, personal driver, personal programme and of course I will guide your tour or there will be a second curator from our company if need be (if international and big group).


Day 1: Meet & greet in Urumqi and transfer from airport if you come to Xinjiang by plane. We'll gift you with our branded specialty box (set of Xinjiang dried delicacies - berries, nuts etc.), familiarize with our tour programme, if there's time we'll show you around Urumqi and of course check you into a very special hotel for one night - ethnic decorated Kes Hotel or similar 4-5 star hotel, depending on availability.

Day 2: Start our tour early in the morning! We proceed to reach Duku Road and enter magical Tian Shan mountains. We'll be riding towards Tangbra mountain and Baili Gallery sightseeing area. Take photos, make a stop at hospitable local Kazakh yurts to drink some wonderful Kazakh milk tea. You can ride a horse as well (separate price around 50 RMB for a short ride). Then we reach Narati grasslands, on of the main attractions in Xinjiang with breathtaking views and by evening organize your stay in comfortable *view hotel* in Narati area.

Day 3: That day we go from one fascinating area to another, named Bayanbulak - if you've seen a recent Chinese movie called *Pegasus* (*Flying Life*) you're familiar with Bayanbulak. Kaidu river, the prairies and of course Swan Lake, we'll visit all these sights. Plenty of photography opportunities and aerial drone shots, if you want we make them for you. After enjoying breathtaking views and trying out local cuisine, let us offer you an experience of staying in authentic yurt (ger) with local home stay!

Day 4: This day we explore Yining (Yili) city and county and underappreciated area called Kazakh Autonomous prefecture. Welcome to explore local culture and cuisine, descendants of ancient Wusun culture, now called Kazakhs. Not exactly the same but related to Kazakhs in neighboor Kazakhstan, these people are especially famous for horse breeding. We'll show you around Yining city as well, famous for its interesting city planning and wonderful aerial view (you can go to the Ferris Wheel or, possibly, ride a Air Balloon (depending on season-availability). Stay at ethno style B&B.

Day 5: Deploy to a highlight of our trip: Sayram lake (Salimu lake). We will enjoy our road and sightseeing, but most importantly we want to offer you a lakeside dinner-picnic and later camping or stay in RV vehicle, the way locals like to take a rest at Sayram lake. It's truly a local experience for you, with breathtaking views and tons of delicacies we will include to our lakeside picnic like Uighur pastries, noodles and environmentally friendly hotpot, fried oysters, Kazakh handmade food and hot milk tea, local daity products, Xinjiang red wine etc. Later enjoy romatic night under the clear starry skies of Bayingolin Mongol prefecture, another peculiar county in Xinjiang. Morning we also have a lakeside breakfast! Mucis and party atmosphere that day, games, photo sessions, videos etc.

Day 6: We need to go back to Urumqi that day, but the ride will not be disappointing at all, because we offer you to take a road trip via famous, outstanding sightseeing route on Guozigou bridge. Guozigou is a 28 km cable stayed bridge through the mountainous area, passing through Fruit trees garden blooming (especially in August). We can stop to take pictures and explore the area, enhoy fresh fruits hanging from the trees if they are in bloom! Also that day we make a stop for dinner at Shawan, motherland of super popular dish called Big Plate Spicy Chicken! We'll of course take you to try the dish as it is a must eat while in Xinjiang! Later that day come back to Urumqi and check into comfy Ruihao Platinum Hotel.

Day 7: To end our tour, a wider more in-depth tour of Urumqi is on offer. We will conduct that tour as a cultural and cuisine tour of ethnic minorities and Uighur food, schedule depending on your availability, wishes and departure. If needed transfer to the airport, of course.


All tour is 7 days and 6 nights, car and driver, fuel fees, road fees and car maintanence included. Breakfasts in hotels or lakeside camping included, lakeside dinner is included too, for other lunches and dinners please add 60-80 rmb per person a day. We take care of all possible issues, if any problems our curator and host will resolve them. Most comfortable and flexible options during the tour. We also make stops for tea breaks, also included to the price of the tour, local tea, yogurts,beverages and snacks to make you rested during this road trip. The distances are impressive, but you won't feel tired :)

All attractions that are mentioned in the itinerary, if entrance fees applied also are included to the price. Any additional attractions by your choice on locations are not included. 

Don't worry about anything and enjoy yourself, our team crafted this tour programme very carefully!

This tour is designed to accomodate groups of 4 people minimal (5-6 people optimal). Can ride a miniwan or a minibus depending on the size of the group. Also possible to join one of our groups, normally deploying late July and August each summer season.

Number of days: 7
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: Lunch and all dinners aside from lakeside dinner. To add all meals 80 RMB person-day
What to bring: A camera! :)
Transport: Bus/Minibus
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