Discovering Homeland of Genghis Khan 8 day tour

The trip takes 8 days to covers destinations. Mongolian eastern natural beauty, rich cultural experience, and history involved in Great Genghis Khan. Eastern part of Mongolia is where the famous Genghis Khan was born and within the Khentii Region, there are several historical sites. Genghis Khan is simply Mongolia’s greatest hero. The West recalls only what he conquered, but Mongolians remember what he created. His empire connected East and West, allowing the Silk Road to flourish. His rule enshrined the concepts of diplomatic immunity and religious freedom. He established a reliable postal service and the use of paper money. Genghis Khan didn’t just conquer the world, he civilized it. You will experience the Great Genghis Khan homeland and Mongolian nomadic culture by visiting local families and a fascinating rural lifestyle.

Brief itinerary:

Day1. Blue Lake of Blue Heart

Day2. Baldan Bereeven monastery

Day3. Binder and Kherlen River

Day4. Deluun Boldog

Day5. Kherlen Bars city ruins

Day6. Genghis Khan province

Day7. Terelj National Park

Day8. Ulaanbaatar

Full itinerary

Day1. Blue Lake of Blue Heart

In the morning, our guide and driver will pick up from your hotel or guesthouse and start our tour. We leave the city before we will pass some shops. After shops directly driving towards to Blue lake of Black Heart. Lunch served on the way. This lake is situated near Tsenkher River 35 km north from the main road in the eastern region and northwest from Tsenkher mandal Soum, Khentii Aimag (Genghis Khan city). The full name of the lake is the Blue Lake of Black Heart. Black Heart is the pointed topped mountain on the north side of the lake. A fresh watered Lake Khukh which consists of 2 lakes, linked underground, is located on the south of Mount Khar Zurkh 1675 m above sea level. The area around the lake is a place of natural beauty surrounded by a mountain and is abundant of various species of animal and vegetation. Overnight in Ger guesthouse. B+L+D

Day2. Baldan Bereeven monastery

After breakfast, we will drive to (off-road) Baldan Bereeven monastery. Lunch served on the way. This monastery first established in 1654, the monastery grew to be one of the largest and most important in Mongolia at its h in the mid 19th century, housing up to 8000 monks. The monastery and temple complex was destroyed by Mongolia’s communist regime in 1937, today three temples have been restored and grounds include the remains of nearly 50 temples, stupas, and other religious edifices. You will visit the monastery and hiking around. After returning to the vehicle, head to tonight Ger guesthouse /nomad family/. B+L+D

Day3. Uglugchiin Kherem

After breakfast, we will head to Kherlen River. Lunch served on the way. Uglugchiin Kherem has located 45 km in south-west of Batshireet soum center of Khentii aimag and 8-10 km from the delta of Bayan River and Uglugchiin River. It lies in a valley of Daichin Mountain and was built with skillfully piled stones without any clays and mud. It is about three kilometers long and it has two entrances, in the south and north sides. There is a small soil dam remainder inside and the piling of this wall can be clearly seen from its south-east and south sides. Other parts became too difficult to distinguish from the earth. The h of the wall was 2.5-4.5 meters when a Soviet archeologist S. Kondratiev measured in 1926, but its highest point is 3.1 meters and 2, 5 meters wide now. A tall rock inside the wall is called as “Horse handle of Genghis Khan” by local people. You can go short hiking around. After returning to the vehicle, head to tonight’s Ger guesthouse. B+L+D

Day4. Deluun Boldog

After breakfast, we will drive to “Homeland of Genghis Khan” Deluun Boldog. 1206 the Great Mongol Empire was established and Temuujin was declared Genghis Khan which means “Great Khaan”. There are two monuments dedicated to Genghis Khan. One is a large rock in Deluun Boldog with an inscription in old Mongol script marking “If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die”, the birthplace of the Great Khan. The other monument was inaugurated in 1962 to commemorate the 800th anniversary of Genghis Khan’s birth. In a boundary zone of steppe and taiga some 3.5 km north of Dadal village, you'll find a grouping of rounded hills and shallow gullies intercut with clear mountain streams known as Deluun Boldog. On top of one of the hills is a stone marker, erected in 1990 to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the writing of “The Secret History of the Mongols”. There is a monument decorated Genghis Khan’s portrait bank of Gurvan Nuur (Three Lakes). Nowadays Dadal is the most important destination in East Mongolia as well as discovering the wild nature hiking around “Onon Balj”. Overnight Ger guesthouse. B+L+D

Day5. Kherlen Bars city ruins

After breakfast, our next destination is a Kherlen Bars city ruins. Lunch served on the way. The ruined city and tower of Kherlen Bars is the only historical value in Central Asia left from Kidan period and is related to the history of the Kidan Empire which gained power during IX century in the B.C. It is said unofficially that the local people had Kidans scared from tigers and went back when they laid the                 foundation here to build their capital city. That’s why it is said that the city was called Kherlen Bars (bars means tiger). The scientists consider that this -meter high tower was a watchtower of a city. You go hiking around city ruins. The overnight shore of Kherlen river, tent. B+L+D

Day6. Genghis Khan city

After breakfast, we will drive to Undurkhaan town, know as Genghis Khan city. Undurkhaan is a town in Mongolian located 290 km east of Ulaanbaatar. The Mongolian Parliament, State Great Khural, renamed the city Genghis Khan city on November 18, 2013, in honor of Genghis Khan, who was born and possibly buried in the same province north of the city. Genghis Khan city has a population of roughly 15000 persons and serves as the capital of the Khentii Aimag. Upon arrive city visit to the museum. Overnight hotel. B+L+D

Day7. Terelj National Park

After breakfast, we will drive towards to Terelj National Park. Lunch served on the way. Terelj is considered one of the most scenic areas in all of Mongolia and is a long drive outside of the capital. It's a rather mountainous area with a beautiful river, forests and some interestingly shaped rocks and It is a landscape of transition from Siberian taiga forest to grass steppe. You can go visit Ariyabal meditation temple. Overnight in Ger guesthouse /nomad family/. Tonight special dinner (Khorkhog is a barbecue dish in Mongolian cuisine). B+L+D.

Day8. Ulaanbaatar & Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue

After breakfast, we will head to Ulaanbaatar. On the way visit “Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue ” which is currently the biggest (40m high) equestrian statue in the world. There is a recreation area, restaurants, and souvenir shops occupy the base structure. From here, you can ascend to the head of the horse using an elevator. There you have a good panoramic view of the complex area and the scenery beyond. Have lunch and then continue for 45 km to the Ulaanbaatar. In the evening we will attend the amazing performance (18:00 pm) of Mongolian traditional music and dance. Overnight hotel or guesthouse. B+L

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An English-speaking tour guide at all times (Korean, Chinese languages upon requests)
Ger accommodation fees (shower)
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All transports + experienced drivers
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Camel and horse riding
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Tour Info

Accommodation: During your countryside stay we provide Ger guesthouse accommodations, most of the guesthouse supply the Mongolian traditional dwelling Ger as guest’s accommodation. Normally, four or five beds are in one Ger. Ger guesthouse means: Some nomadic people that live within the national park area have their own small business for Ger accommodation for backpackers. Staying there gives you a chance to get closely acquainted with the way of life and culture of the Mongolian people.

● Some local guesthouses offer food service for their customers. Usually, serve Mongolian meals and Russian styled meals. 

● Shower & toilet most of the local Ger guesthouse did not have formal toilets.

● Electricity: There is no electricity at the same local Ger guesthouses specially located far away from a village or town.

Meals: During your travels with us, guides for cooking you. Most of the Mongolian traditional meal is based on meat, choices of beef, mutton, goat, chicken, and even vegetables. So, please let us know if you have a special request (vegan). It is also available to have and taste traditional dairy products when you visit nomad families. Someday will be picnic lunch as well as on the way we will pass local restaurants or cuisine.

Transportation: In the countryside, we mostly use the Russian minivan, Japanese or Korean minivans as well as Japanese Jeeps.

Guide & Drivers: We offer you the best ones in our industry by their knowledge, customer care, personality. All our tour guides are highly experienced (minimum of 3 years) and have an excellent level of language, knowledge of our Mongolian culture and custom & tradition. About to tour drivers, they know their duty, road, and vehicles as well as how to make you comfortable in a long ride.

Number of days: 8
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Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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