Unexplored Kyrgyzstan. Horseback in heart of country,14 days

Duration: 14 days/10 days horseback riding
Level of difficulty: Difficult (two passes over 3000 m)
Highest points: Kashka-Suu Pass – 3390m, Ashuu-Tör Pass – 3368m.
Destinations: Song Kol, Kara- Suu Village, Aflatun Gorge, Chatkal Valley, Kara-Suu Lake, Sary-Chelek Reserve, Arkyt v.
Best season: end of June to mid-September
Requirement: Trekking boots, weatherproof warm clothes, sunscreen, sunglass, pocket torch, sleeping bag, carry mat!
Requirement: Trekking boots, weatherproof warm clothes, sunscreen, sunglass, pocket torch, sleeping bag, carry mat.

Day 1 – Bishkek to Tuz Ashuu (Song Kol)
Meeting at the airport. Transfer to Bishkek. After the breakfast, we take the direction to the Kochkor village. Arriving to Kochkor, we visit the Handicraft museum and have a felt show. Before leaving the village, we take our supper in the yurt. In the evening, we arrive near by the lake Song Kol (3016m) via Kalmak Ashu Pass at 3446 m. Overnight in with nomads.  (320 km/6h).

Day 2 – Tuz Ashuu to Tash Dobo
Breakfast at 8 o’clock. Meeting with our team and take our horses.
Today, we change real nomad’s yurt to Joloman’s yurt camp for the tourists in Tash Tobo. Supper with nomads in our guide yurt. Arriving at 16 o’clock to yurt camp. Time to take a hot shower. Dinner and night in yurt camp. (Horse time – 6-7h).

Day 3 – Tash Dobo to Kizil Oi

After the breakfast, we take our time for a few hours horse trek. After we take the direction to the Kyzyl Oi village via Karakeche pass. Picnic on the mine road. In afternoon, walking and fishing. Dinner and night in Kyrgyz home stay. (2-3h of horse time; 140 km on bus/3h).

Day 4 – Kyzyl Oi to Kara Suu
We take our breakfast early morning, and begin our long trip to Kara Suu village by great canyon Chuchkan.  Lunch stop in a little town Kara Kul. We arrive in Kara Suu village at seven o'clock in the evening. Preparation for the horseback trekking. Dinner and night in homestay zith local people. (350 km/6-7 hours).

Day 5 – Begin of Horse trek

After breakfast, we go to Aflatun village to meet our team and horse. After the lunch with a shepherd family and horseback riding instruction, we begin our trek on horseback into the forest. Today’s ride is short, merely a warm-up, as far as the last yurt at the top of the valley. Set up camp at 2200 m by the headwaters of the Aflatun River and eat a delicious dinner prepared by the guides. Riding time: 2.5 hours.

Day 6
After breakfast, head uphill to the Ashuu-Tör Pass (3368m) . The path is steep, but views from the top are spectacular,3 both back down the Aflatun Valley and forward over the afternoon’s route. Descend into the Chatkal Gorge and eat lunch at the far end of the valley. After lunch, follow the stream as it flows between spectacular granite walls and dives beneath a house-sized boulder, emerging into Kara -Teke Lake, a small, deep, and perfectly clear pool. Continue onwards through a rocky valley and, after another delicious dinner, camp by the Terek- Sai River at 2400m. Riding time: 6 hours.

Day 7

After breakfast, leave the giant granite jumble of Day 3 behind and turn eastward into a landscape of mostlyDay4 -treeless rolling hills, broken by juniper bushes and small rocks but by little else. Rivers plunge underground repeatedly, only to spring up again further downhill; the resulting isolated patches of bright green plant life stand out in odd relief against the hills. Continue alongside Chatkal Gorge and into Chatkal Valley, then cross the Goluboi Pass (‘Blue’ in Russian, called the “Khamza” in Kyrgyz, 2940m). Stop and camp on the banks of the Kara-Teke River at 2600m. Riding time: 6 hours

Day 8
After breakfast by the Kara-Teke, head yet further into the Chatkal Valley. The mountains towering to theDayleft5 are the Talas Ala -Too, marking the southern border of Talas Oblast. Other CBT treks from Sary-Chelek go north over these passes, but you’ll continue to the east over the Kokui-Bel Pass (3037m). Then you’ll eat lunch. This afternoon’s river is called the Ak-Suu. Finally, camp at 2800m by the Kara-Kulja River and eat a sumptuous dinner. Riding time: 6-7 hours.

Day 9
Breakfast. Continue trekking, cross Kara -Kulja Pass (3161m) . The far side of the pass drains eastward, intoDay the6 Toktogul Reservoir, while the previous days have been in the Chatkal River’s watershed, which flows southwest to Tashkent. Eat a trail lunch in a field. Descend to the sizeable Muz- Tör River. Set up today’s camp at 2200m in a forest thick with underbrush and alive with the sound of the rushing Muz -Tör. If you’ve timed your visit correctly, dinner includes wild raspberries and tea made from herbs picked during the day’s ride. Riding time: 6- 7 hours.

Day 10
After breakfast in the forest, the morning is devoted to getting over the Kashka -Suu Pass, highest on Daythetour7 at 3390m. This is nearly a 3- hour process, and the descent is truly precarious and must be done on foot. Luckily, the views from the top are some of the best on the entire tour. After another hour or so of riding along the Kashka - Suu River, passing local gold-panning operations along the way, eat lunch with the shepherds of Kashka-Suu Jailoo (2300m). Shortly thereafter, arrive at the northern end of Lake Kara-Suu. Camp is at the southern end of the lake, but the mountains jut so steeply up from the water that getting there necessitates a brief trip up and over them. As always, dinner, overnight in tents. Riding time: 6-7 hours

Day 11
After breakfast on the shores of Lake Kara-Suu, start the day by climbing 2446m Kotormo Pass. From theDaytop,8 five of the seven lakes in the Sary- Chelek area are visible, including Lake Sary-Chelek itself, your destination at present. The far side is steep, so walk your horse down into the next valley. Around noon, you’re on the shores of Lake Sary-Chelek, the biggest lake in the area at 7 km long. Riding time: 4 hours

Day 12
After lunch, start back towards Arkyt village. Follow the afternoon’s road as it twists through forests of walnut, pear, cherry, plum, and apple trees. Arrive at the homestay in Arkyt village just in time for dinner and a shower or sauna.

Day 13 Sary Chelek – Bishkek
In the morning after breakfast, we take the direction to Bishkek and drive through the Chichkan Canyon, famous for its honey, wild strawberries and its trout. After the picnic, we leave the canyon to Ala Bel Pass (3175m alt.), which opens the breathtaking view to the upper valley of Sussamyr. Arriving to the Hotel at 18-19 o’clock, we have a few hours for take a shower. Dinner at the restaurant, and visit one of the amazing dance place of the capital.

Day 14 Bishkek – Airport


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