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Individual one-day jeep (off-roader) tour programme

Valley of Balls - Kok-Kala – Sherkala - Ayrakty-Shomanai


**Departure from the city of Aktau at 08.00!


- "Valley of Balls" is a mysterious and incredibly beautiful place where stone balls (concretions) are located! They can be of different shapes: round, slightly flattened, oval. And it may seem strange but they can grow and multiply!

For 250 years, scientists have been speculating on the origin of these balls, but for now it’s still hard to explain how these stones appeared. We offer you to merge into the mystery of nature!


- The next beautiful place is the Karatau mountain fold. Rising from the bowels of the Earth, it raised its layers along the edge of the earth fractures that were buried under the thickness of oceanic sediments for years. In such a way, the Multicoloured clay layers called “Kok-Kala” were born. Here you can see the real wood sediments and forests’ burnt coals where at one time dinosaurs roamed.


- And the next stop on our way is the visiting card of Mangystau - the legendary "Sherkala" mountain  ("sher" -lion, "kala" – fortress). Lion Mountain has a lot of curious legends. There is a folk belief that if you make a wish before going around Sherkala, it will certainly come true. Let’s check this out?!


- And the last point of our journey will be “Ayrakty-Shomanai” (Valley of Castles). A mountain range of butte mountain system is known among the local population as Ayrakty-Shomanai.

In 1851, being in exile in Fort Shevchenko, the great Ukrainian poet and artist T.G. Shevchenko visited this place. These mountains impressed him so much that T. Shevchenko drew some pictures here under the poetic name “Valley of Castles”. The Ayrakti mountains really look like fabulous castles with towers, colonnades and fortress walls.


**Returning  back to the city of Aktau at 19.00!


***Attention! Due to force majeure circumstances or technical reasons, the tour programme may be changed!

**Tour cost 80 000 tg.                   

*The tour price includes driver - guide, comfortable transport (jeep), insurance policy.



Address: Aktau,  5-36-2

Mob +7 702 900 63 15 (WatsApp) 

Tel: +7(7292) 50-63-15

Included services:
Car with driver
Car without driver
Fuel, petrol
Driver's expenses (meals, accommodation)
Included equipment: Change clothes, camera
Transport: SUV 4x4
Car model and year: Jeep
4wd: Yes
Air conditioning: Yes
Payment Method

For a confirmed booking, a deposit of (10%) is required. Deposit is paid by credit card (secure payment via Stripe, no credit card fees). The remaining balance can be paid in cash upon start of the trip - unless Host & Traveler agree on different payment methods.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made free of charge up to 30 days prior to the beginning of the booked service. The deposit (10%) is only refundable if the booking is canceled at least 30 days in advance.