Freeride on the territory of best ski resorts of Central Asia and backcountry skiing in the remote places with accommodation in the “yurt” - traditional house of Nomads. Involving into the local culture and visiting nature miracles of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, where the Great Silk Way road has passed.

Route: Almaty – Shymbulak – Ak-Bulak – Trans-Ili Alatau – Charyn canyon – Bishkek – Chon-Oruktu – Karakol – Turgen-Aksuu gorge – Jyrgalan valley – Aksuu village – Fairy Tale canyon – Bishkek - Almaty

Season: December - March

Complexity: moderate, for fit skiers and snowboarders with confident level of riding off-piste. *It is required to have set of avalanche equipment.

Hs difference: the maximum h is 2800-3700 m.a.s. Daily elevation gain during backcountry is approx. 1000-1500 meters. Length of descents is from 3 up to 6 kilometers. Steepness of the slopes is from 15 up to 45 degrees. 


Day 1. Almaty city

Meeting at the airport with a guide. Transfer to 4* hotel. Discussing the program, money exchange, If needed, short information about city and features. Hotel check-in. Free time. 

Day 2. Almaty – Shymbulak ski resort – Almaty

Meeting the guide and hotel pickup at 08:30. Transfer to Medeo Gorge (1690 meters above sea level) by comfortable tourist vehicle. Getting to Shymbulak ski resort area by cable car. Having ridden about 20-25 minutes above magnificent fur-trees up to the altitude of 2260 meters above sea level, you will get to the 1st level of ski resort, occupied by fancy restaurants, ski & snowboarding school and mountain hotel. Skiing from the lifts and trying local freeride and backcountry spots – “Schoolkid”, “Dry Log”, “Cone”. Lunch will be arranged in a stylish café at the highest point of ski resort on Talgar pass. There you can relax sitting on the soft sofa, take sunbath and listen to the lounge music. If you tired from the sun you can sit inside and enjoy thematic movie, communicate with local skiers and drink special herb tea or sweet punch. After fantastic day spent at Shymbulak, coming back to Medeo station by cable car. Transfer to Almaty. Approximate arrival time - 19:00.

Meals included: B, L

Day 3. Almaty – Ak Bulak ski resort - Almaty

Departure from Almaty at 08:00. Transfer to Ak-Bulak ski resort, which is located near by Talgar town. (45 km). Arrival on the territory of ski resort at approx. 09:30. Preparation of the equipment and instructions from the guide. At 10:00 ascent by gondola cable car (length is 2351 m), which delivers to the slope with altitude 2006 m a.s.l. Then ascent by chairlift to the highest point of resort with "black slopes" only at an altitude 2664 meters. Steepness angle of freeride slopes in this zone is from 22 to 55 degrees. Parts of descent pass both in open spaces and in the forest, among the Tien-Shan firs with lots of drops. A huge mass of white fluffy snow and amazing panorama of surrounding high mountains will leave the brightest impression. Skiing on the "black slopes" of the resort with a guide until 13:30. The guide knows the resort "like his five fingers" and will show you the most "tasty", interesting places, hidden from the majority of riders. Riding will be fun, intense and full of adventures - you will not even notice how fast time is running. Picnic-lunch will be arranged on benches at the observation ground until 14:30. You will have a rest, sunbathe and admire views of the big mountains located very near, and perhaps, even see a huge and beautiful prey bird - bearded vulture. After lunch you will continue riding off-piste until 16:00, and then will ski down to the parking zone. Packing stuff and departure to Almaty. Arrival to Almaty at about 19:00.

Meals included: B, L

Day 4. Almaty – Trans-Ili-Alatau mountains – Almaty

This day we will have an adventurous backcountry in the mountains near Almaty city. Departure from your hotel at 7.30 a.m. Transfer to one of the gorges of Trans-Ili Alatau. We will take in consideration different locations and depending on snow and weather conditions decide where to go best.

Kimasar gorge and Panorama ridge. Maximum altitude 3260 meters. Elevation gain: 1300 meters, descend length ~ 6 km, duration: 6-7 hours.

Kok Zhailyau valley and Three Brothers peak. Maximum altitude 2850 meters.   Elevation gain: 1250 meters, descend length ~ 6 km, duration: 5-6 hours. Slope gradient: 15 – 35 degrees.

Kotyrbulak gorge and Bukreev peak. Maximum altitude 3010 meters. Slope gradient: 15 – 40 degrees. Elevation gain: 1200 meters, descend length ~ 5 km, duration: 5-6 hours.

Tersbutak ridge and Young Geologist peak. Maximum altitude 3200 meters.   Elevation gain: 1200 meters, distance of descend ~ 10 km, duration: 6-7 hours. Slope gradient: 15 – 40 degrees.  

Mynzhylky ridge and Memory peak. Maximum altitude 3700 meters.   Elevation gain: 1150 meters, descend length ~ 5 km, duration: 5-6 hours. Slope gradient: 15 – 40 degrees.    

All spots described above are reached in combination of hiking and ski-touring, because of steep parts of ascent line. Picnic-lunch during the day. Coming back to the car and transfer to Almaty city. Approx. time of arrival back to the hotel 6 p.m.

Meals included: B, L

Day 5. Almaty – Charyn canyon – Almaty  

Unforgettable journey to one of the unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan - Charyn Canyon, located 190 km far away from Almaty. It will leave a lasting impression with its grand splendor and beauty... 
Meeting with guide in a lobby of your hotel at 9 a.m. Starting the journey to Charyn Canyon by a comfortable car. It will take about 3,5 hours to reach the canyon. Meanwhile, you will know interesting facts about the history and nature of the region, about Kazakh people, their life and traditions. Upon arrival to Charyn Canyon, you will admire the grand panorama and go down stairs to the bottom of the canyon, then walk around 2 km through the maze of the Castles Valley with its walls of bizarre shapes overhanging you. The bottom of the Canyon has slight descend to the end of the walk, where you will get to the fresh oasis on the bank of icy cold Charyn river, where also located eco-park with several yurts (traditional dwellings) and a small open air café, working in the summer time. After some rest, walking back the same path to the stairs, then car transfer to one of the observation points for another breathtaking panoramic view. After 3 hours spent in the canyon you will have your back ride to Almaty. For a full immersion in the national flavor, you will also have a lunch at the local cafe on the way to Almaty. The average time of arrival to your hotel is between 7:00 and 8:00pm.

Meals included: B, L

Day 6. Almaty – Bishkek

Hotel check-out and meeting your guide at 09:00 a.m. for Almaty sites city-tour (5 hours).
After meeting the guide at your hotel, your will start the tour with a ride to the oldest of Almaty parks - Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen, where one of the most beautiful wooden building in the world - Zenkov Cathedral is located. In the park you will also visit the Memorial of Glory and Eternal Flame, listen to the stories of the guide and admire the beauty of the Museum of Musical Instruments. A leisurely walk under the crowns of old trees will take about 40 minutes. Next point of interest is a popular place for townspeople - the Green Bazaar, where it is impossible to refrain from shopping. It is the great chance to experience an atmosphere of the real eastern market, its colors, smells and crowds. There you can obtain famous oriental sweets, dried fruits, buy local products and souvenirs, but don't forget to bargain. In the market they accept cash in tenge (local currency), so it would be good to have some with you or there is an exchange point just nearby to the market area. Light lunch will be arranged on the second floor of bazar in the small coffee shop where you could enjoy meals and watch who the trading is going.
After the bazaar, the tour will continue at the Kok-Tobe hill where the tallest TV tower in the world is located (if to count from the sea level) and where you will get by the picturesque winding mountain road on the park eco-cars. In Kok-Tobe Park you can stroll along the winding paths of the park, admire the magnificent panorama of the city from the special observation deck, throw a coin in the "apple" fountain and visit the shop of national souvenirs. The tour ends with the short ride from the top of the hill to the center of the city by the famous Almaty cableway* and the dropping you off at your hotel.

* On Tuesdays, in the tour departing at 10:00, cableway is not available. Park eco-buses are used instead.

Transfer to Korday - boarder checkpoint between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. On the way we will make stop for trying traditional local snacks (hot fried pastry with potato “pirozhki” and soup made from grains and sour cow milk “kozhe”) in one of the villages. Crossing the boarder and transfer to Bishkek. Accommodation in 4* hotel. Dinner in local restaurant.

Meals included: B, L, D

Day 7. Bishkek – Cholpon-Ata – Chon-Oruktu – Karakol

Hotel check-out, meeting Kyrgyzstan guide and departure to Karakol town. (400 km). Getting to Cholpon-ata town – administrative center of Issyk-Kul region. (260 km). 

One of the Great Silk Road’s branches passed through this ancient settlement. The name “Cholpon-Ata” is a compound of two Kyrgyz words "Cholpon" (star Venus) and "ata" (father), according to Kyrgyz legends “Cholpon-Ata” is the patron saint of sheep.

Lunch in local café.
Transfer to Chon-Oruktu village (70 km) and swimming in open-air hot-springs Keremet-Suu.
Transfer to Karakol town(70km). Walking sightseeing tour and visiting the most attractive architecture monuments.
After dinner in traditional restaurant with a music performance transfer to the hotel. Overnight in the hotel.

Meals included: B

Day 8. Karakol – Turgen-Aksuu gorge – Jyrgalan valley

Hotel check-out and meeting your guide at 8 a.m. in the lobby. Transfer to the Turgen-Aksuu gorge to the foothills of “Austrian Kiss” summit. (60 km)
Ski-touring on the top of the summit and descent. Maximum altitude is 3120 meters. Elevation gain: 1060 meters, descend length ~ 6 km, duration: 6-7 hours. Slope gradient: 25 – 45 degrees. Lunch-picnic during backcountry.
Transfer to Jyrgalan valley (50 km) and accommodation in very comfortable and hospitable Yurt Lodge at an altitude 2250 meters. Dinner and overnight in the yurt.  

Meals included: B, D

Day 9. Jyrgalan valley – Tyup gorge

Breakfast in the dinning yurt and departure for backcountry. This day you will have ski-touring to the most interesting spots and have 2-3 ski runs. Maximum altitude is 3150 meters. Elevation gain: 900 meters, descend length ~ 7 km, duration: 6-7 hours. Slope gradient: 15 – 45 degrees. Coming back to the Yurt Lodge for lunch and check-out. Transfer to the Tyup Yurt Lodge (9 km) or Hs Yurt Lodge (11 km), depending on weather and snow conditions by snowmobiles (towing).
Arrival to the upper Yurt Lodge. Relaxing in sauna, having dinner and overnight in the yurt.

Meals included: B, L, D

Day 10-11-12. Jyrgalan Hs Yurt Lodge/Tyup Yurt Lodge

Breakfast and departure for backcountry to the nearby peaks and summits. Maximum altitude is 3600 meters. Elevation gain: 500-800 meters, descend length ~ 5-7 km, duration: 6-7 hours. Slope gradient: 15 – 45 degrees. Coming back to the Yurt Lodge, lunch, sauna, dinner, overnight in the yurt.

Meals included: B, L, D

Day 13. Jyrgalan – Aksuu village – Tosor village – Fairy-Tale canyon – Boomskoe gorge – Bishkek.

After breakfast packing stuff and departure to the lowest Yurt Lodge in Jyrgalan village by snowmobiles (towing). Transfer to Aksuu village by car and visiting hot-springs.
After 2-hours spent on the territory of hot-springs you will be delivered to the south shore of Issyk-Kul lake where you can enjoy the view of desert wild beaches, swim (salty water in the lake is not frozen during the winter) and take pictures.
Transfer to the Fairy-Tale canyon and walking in it’s mysterious labyrinths.
Buffet lunch in café on the way to Bishkek. Arrival to Bishkek city, accommodation in the 4* hotel. Dinner, overnight in the hotel.  

Meals included: B

Day 14. Bishkek - Almaty.

Hotel check-out and meeting the guide at 9 a.m. Short city-tour, exploring local market and souvenir shops.
Transfer Korday - boarder checkpoint. Coming back to Almaty. Lunch. Accommodation in the 4* hotel. Free time.

Meals included: B, L 

Tour Price: 

4672 USD per one person
2403 USD per person, provided for 2 people travelling together
1855 USD per person, provided for 3 people travelling together

% Discounts are available for the big groups.

Number of days: 14
Covered regions:
East Kazakhstan
North Kazakhstan
South Kazakhstan
West Kazakhstan
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: 1. Accommodation in Almaty before or after the tour. 2. Rental of ski and avalanche equipment. 3. Meals not indicated in the program and/or not included into the tour price. 4. Visa support and registration on the territory of Kazakhstan, if required. 5. Personal expenses and other expenses not indicated in the program. 6. Insurance policy.
What to bring: Required equipment and clothing: Safety - Avalanche equipment (air bag system, shovel, probe, transceiver) - Helmet - Goggles with a spare lens for bright sunlight and cloudy weather - Backpack with volume 25-35 liters with ski/snowboard fixation Clothing and accessories - Comfortable functional clothing for riding and ski-touring (base layer - thermal underwear, gore-tex jacket and pants, additional layers of clothing for insulation, downy sweater or vest, socks) - Extra set of warm clothes, extra pair of shoes (sneakers or lightweight trekking shoes) - Sleeping bag with a temperature zero – minus 5 degerees in comfort zone - Gloves, mittens - Hat, cap, neck warmer - Sunscreen - Sunglasses - Swimsuit, towel and flip-flops for visiting SPA-center - Personal AID kit - Thermos for the hot tea, water tank - Head torch - Personal hygiene stuf Equipment - Proper ski-touring/snowboard boots - Skis with ski-touring bindings/splitboard - Climbing skins - Poles - Ski crampons Food - Snacks (protein and muesli bars, energy gels, ISOtonic or other special mount nutrition)
Transport: SUV 4x4
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Private tours
Cultural tours
Adventure tours
Offroad tours
Sightseeing tours
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Special Event tours
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Payment Method

For a confirmed booking, a deposit of (10%) is required. Deposit is paid by credit card (secure payment via Stripe, no credit card fees). The remaining balance can be paid in cash upon start of the trip - unless Host & Traveler agree on different payment methods.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made free of charge up to 30 days prior to the beginning of the booked service. The deposit (10%) is only refundable if the booking is canceled at least 30 days in advance.