Altai the Best /Tour to the landmarks of the Altai Mountains

The best observing package tour to those who are traveling to Altai at the first time. More then 2 thousand km along the mountainous highways, off-road driving with everyday trecking to the most beautiful sites of Altai. Nomadic cultire and cuisine. 

Fixed departures for 2020

June, 15-24, 2020; July, 6-15, 2020; August, 17-26, 2020

Special dates for Golden Autumn season (when you can see autumn colors)

September 13-22, 2020

Airports of arrival – international airport of Novosibirsk. Otherwise flight to Moscow and then domestic flight to Barnaul or Gorno-Altaisk

Accommodation – hotels of 3-4* level. At remote locations – guest houses with common wooden toilet and russian sauna outside (1/2 DBL)

Day 1

Welcome to Altai

Accommodation – Klever Resort hotel 4*", comfortable standard rooms with all facilities, double occupancy

Distance – 350 km, the form of transport - a car 

Arrival at the Barnaul Airport, a short tour of the city. Introducing into the history of Barnaul. Breakfast. The foot ascent to the lookout of the Nagorny Park where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the Ob River.

A shuttle bus to the Altai Mountains. On the way to the Altai Mountains we visit the oldest city of the Altai Region - the Biysk, that is also the birthplace of the Russian writer, actor and director - Vasily Shukshin. The foot ascent to mount Picket that is located over the Katun River. A visit to the Museum of V. M. Shukshin. Souvenir market in the Srostki village. 

Arrival at Klever Resort hotel". Dinner and rest. 

Day 2

Valley of the Katun River

Accommodation – Klever Resort hotel 4*", comfortable standard rooms with all facilities, double occupancy

Distance 80 km, a car; rafting - 30 km

After breakfast you go for motorafting down the Katun River. Afterwards have an excursion to maral deer breeding farm and have 1 hour horse riding.  Lunch.

In the afternoon we go to the village of Chemal, where we visit Patmos Island and the Orthodox Church of St. John the Evangelist. Walking by the goat trails along the Katun River's stream we head on to Chemal Hydroelectric Power Station, where we have an opportunity to see places where The White Fang (movie) by the novel of Jack London was shot. At Chemal HPS you can buy souvenirs in numerous houseshops. At the end of the day we will make a hiking to the Che-Chkysh Valley of Spirits. The order of excursions can be changed in according to weather conditions.

Day 3

The Mysteries of the Sacred Valley

Tour of the Karakol Valley and the night of Altai culture

Accommodation – hotel Uch-Enmek, double occupancy, chared WC and shower on the floor

Distance – 300 km, a car 

After breakfast we leave the hotel and travel to Chuysky Tract - the most beautiful mountain highway of Russia, which connects the South of Western Siberia and Mongolia.  We overcome the Seminsky Pass (1717 m) where Siberian pine tree taiga grows and we will get into the sacred valley of Central Altai. From ancient times to the present days Karakol valley is considered to be "The Heart of Altai". In the Bronze Age there were placed mysterious megaliths; during the Scythian time tribal chiefs were buried here; in present the locals perform shamanic rituals. While making the excursion along the valley, we will see ancient monuments, modern sanctums and wonderful natural landscapes, including the Edelweiss glade. You will visit the Altai Culture Museum and learn traditions of the modern inhabitants of this mountainous country. Live performance of throat singing, lunch at the Altai villa and tasting cuisine are also for your pleasure.


Day 4

To the snowy peaks of Altai

Continuation of the tour along Chuysky Tract

Accommodation - "The Chuysky Alps" camping, wooden house with no facilities. Wooden toilet outside, bathhouse, double occupancy

Distance– 280 km, the form of transport- a car

Today you are to get acquainted with the most interesting sights of the Chuysky Tract. You visit "Kalabak-Tash" sanctuary (a complex of ancient cave paintings); The Monument to the builders of Chuysky Tract; the Chuya River valley's waterfalls and Lake of Geysers. In the end of the day we will get into Kurai Steppe, where you could see a breathtaking panorama of the North-Chuisky ridge with the peaks of Aktru and Kurckureck (over 4 thousand meters). Mountain peaks are adorned with snow and glaciers.

In the evening we arrive to "The Chuysky Alps" camping, owner of that was well acquainted with Mikhail Tronov and she often accompanied him in the mountains. Mikhail Tronov was a professor of Tomsk University, who (along with his brother) was the first to conquer Belukha (at 1914), and then devoted his life to the study of the glaciers of the Altai. Dinner and going to the bathhouse.

Day 5

Canyon of the Chulyshman River

Accommodation –“Ezen” camping, a room with a toilet; common shower in the cottage, double occupancy

Distance - 200 km, a car; walking descent from the Katu-Yaryk pass - 5-6 km 

If you can wake up before dawn, we will make an automobile excursion to the Chui Steppe (not far from the border with Mongolia) and visit a unique geological monument in the valley of the Kyzyl-Chin River. Due to an unusual landscape and painted in various shades of red color rocks, among tourists this place is called Mars. The monument was formed before the formation of the modern Altai mountainous country.

After breakfast we make a long drive to the canyon of the Chulyshman River.  On the way we will see Pazyryk burial mounds - the necropolis of tribal chiefs of the Scythian time, who glorified Altai with the ice lenses in which were found the unique artifacts, including the most ancient Persian carpet of our time.

At the top of the Katu-Yaryk Pass, we will be able to contemplate the panorama of the Chulyshman canyon and numerous waterfalls.  Walking descent from the pass and placing in the camping "Ezen".  Dinner.  Evening bonfire.

Day 6

Waterfalls of the valley of Chulyshman

Walking tour to Uchar Waterfall (or Kurkure Waterfall)

Distance - by car - 50 km, trekking - 20 km (to the Uchar Waterfall) or 4-6 km (to the Kurkure Waterfall)

Accommodation - camping Meschke-Tash, a wooden guest house without facilities, double occupancy. Wooden toilet outside, common bathhouse 

Today we admire the waterfalls of the Chulyshman Valley. If you have enough strength, we will be able to trek to the Uchar waterfall; this 160-meter giant is considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Altai Region. But if you want to reach the waterfall, you are to set from the camping early (about 5 am) and cope with 20 km of mountain paths (there and back).

If the trip to Uchar seems complicated to you, we can replace it with a walk to the Kurkure waterfall (about 30 m high) - about 3-4 hours (4-6 km), which is near the camping on the opposite bank.

In the evening - sitting around a traditional bonfire and going to the bathhouse.  

Day 7

Stone Mushrooms and Golden Lake

Accommodation - Tourist Complex "Mountain Lake", single rooms in a wooden house with all facilities

Distance - car - 45 km, motorboat - 80 km, on foot - 5 km

In the morning we take a walk to the stone mushrooms. These are unusual formations, preserved since the Ice Age reminiscent of giant mushrooms.

Then we have a drive along the valley of the Chulyshman River to the southern tip of Lake Teletskoye.

Picnic on the lake bank.

Transfer across the entire area of Lake Teletskoye on a motorboat to its northern tip.

Accommodation in a tourist complex.  Dinner

Day 8

Day of rest on the bank of Lake Teletskoye

Accommodation - Tourist Complex "Mountain Lake", single rooms in a wooden house with all facilities on the bank of the lake

This day is for silent and leisurely rest in hotel on the bank of the lake. You can walk, do shopping and visit medical center and swimming pool (on your own) in the hotel.

Day 9

Farewell to Altai,

Accommodation – hotel Barnaul, double occupancy

Distance – 500 km, a car (to Barnaul) or 700 km (to Novosibirsk)

Early transfer to the airport of Barnaul (or Novosibirsk). At the airport you can send postcards from Altai to friends. The employee of the Postal Service of Russia with all necessary accessories (stamps, postcards and even a real mailbox!) will come to get them.

Day 10


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