Naadam Festival photo tour

The origin of Naadam festival is closely related to the history and culture of the country. Mongolians have abundant military history; especially, it is renowned for its conquest, great Emperors and the warriors. The core reason of the success and unity of legendary Chinggis (Genghis) Khan’s army was its sophisticated structure. The whole army was composed of groups of 10 soldiers and each group was led by a selected man. The leader of groups chose their warriors based on their strength, movement and flexibility revealed in their wrestling skills, their eye-sight and hand-orientation shown in their spear-throw and archery skills, their patience and bravery exposed in their horse training and horse racing skills during public competitions. Furthermore, before and after major battles, the three manly sports - wrestling, horserace and archery - were exercised as an organized event, which later adopted its present name - Naadam. Nowadays, it is celebrated as the largest celebration and a national holiday which officially lasts 3 days. Because the event articulates traditional arts and sports in harmony, it is celebrated in a festival manner.  The major festival, enjoying the presence of the State heads – the President, Prime Minister and the Parliament speaker, as well as the leading artists and performers, is held in the second week of July in Ulaanbaatar. However, some regions, provinces and villages set up their festival dates differently. Almost everyone is dressed in amazingly colorful, and comprehensive traditional costumes called ‘dell’ during the festival.

Brief Itinerary:

Day1. (09 Jul) Terelj National Park & Chingghis Khan Equestrian Statue

Day2. (10Jul – 11Jul) Naadam festival

Day3.Naadam festival

Day4.Tsagaan Suvarga

Day5. Yol Am

Day6. Khongor Sand Dune

Day7. Ongi monastery

Day8. Zorgol Khairhan mountain

Day9. Back to drive Ulaanbaatar

Full itinerary:

Day1. (09 Jul) Terelj National Park & Chingghis Khan Equestrian Statue

Around at 10:00 start to our tour. We are directly driving towards to Terelj National Park for 70 km. On the way, visit “Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue ” which is currently the biggest (40m high) equestrian statue in the world. There you have a good panoramic view of the complex area and the scenery beyond. Terelj is considered one of the most scenic areas in all of Mongolia and is a short drive outside of the capital. It's a rather mountainous area with a beautiful river, forests and some interestingly shaped rocks and It is a landscape of transition from Siberian taiga forest to grass steppe. B+L+D

 Day2-3. (10Jul – 11Jul) Naadam tour days

 July 10th
08:00     National Flag raising ceremony                                 
10:00-11:30     Ceremony dedicated to the Inauguration Ceremony of the President of  Mongolia and National Flag Day
13:00-13:30     Ceremony of showing respect to the Statue of Chinggis Khan and Wreath laying ceremony to the Statue of D.Sukhbaatar
 July 11th
09:30    Ceremony of dispatching the “Yesun Khult Tsagaan Tug” or the “Nine White Banners”
20:00-22:00    “The Ulaanbaatar Evening” show
22:00-23:00    “The Awakening of the Great Nation” multimedia show

Day4. Tsagaan Suvarga

After breakfast, our next destination is a Tsagaan Suvarga or known as White Stupa. Tsagaan Suvarga are located on the Southern border of the province of Middle Gobi. It is interesting to see the sheer slope, which from the cliff is 30meters high and 100meter wide. Over 10 million years the wind has created this amazing structure. B+L+D.

Day5. Yolyn Am 

After breakfast, we will drive to Yolyn Am or known as Vulture Valley located in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park. This beautiful deep canyon with many rocky cliffs and it has been created by many years of water erosion. The canyon keeps some ice until August. In the summer there is usually less ice, but you should still be able to walk on it. The area is also a habitat of ibex and birds of prey and you may be able to spot wildlife on top of the cliffs. After returning to the vehicle, head to tonight’s ger camp. B+L+D.

Day6. Khongor Sand Dune 

After breakfast, continue tour  to (off-road) Gobi Desert, destination name is a Khongor Sand Dunes. Khongor Sand Dune is one of the biggest sand massifs in Mongolia, which covers 180 km long, 27 km of widest. In the evening climb to the dune with sand sled and could see a sunset on the top of the sand dune as well as camel riding an hour. Camel riding is one of the main activities and camel local guide will take to the sand dunes and two-humped camels are very comfortable to ride, as the walk slowly and gently.B+L+D.

Day7. Ongi monastery & Ongi river

After breakfast, we will drive to Ongi river & Ongi monastery. Ongi river is one of the longest rivers in Mongolia has 435 km length and flows into Ulaan Nuur. Ongi ruins monastery was one of the largest and most respected monasteries of Mongolia before its destruction in 1939 by the communist authorities. B+L+D.


Day8. Zorgol Khairhan mountain

After breakfast, we will drive to next destination. Zorgol khairkhan is a sacred mountain. The peak is 1686 m. There are 3 small cave and bigger caves and the rock cliff in front the mountain and locals sacrifice the cliff for their horses spirit. The huge, red granite mountain does indeed have a diverse and beautiful nature offer, thus the mountain called as Zorgol Khairkhan. B+L+D.

Day9. Back to drive Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast, we will head to Ulaanbaatar.  On the way, lunch served. In the evening we will attend the amazing performance at 18:00 pm of Mongolian traditional music and dance. Overnight hotel or guesthouse. B+L.

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