Altay trekking in Western Mongolia

Horseback riding in Altay Mountains

The western part of Mongolia is rich with spectacular view of Altay mountains. On this itinerary you will able to be more closer with the wild nature by hiking everyday. Beside the nature here live kind of ethnic groups who are nomadic such as Khazakh people are famous with their hospitality, Golden Eagle and Tuvan people are known by the throat sinning with their own tradition and culture. There will be visit to most highest snowcapped Altay mountain in Mongolia with glacier and twin lakes with the waterfall. Western Mongolia is rich in archeological sites that vary from ancient petroglyphs and bulbuls from the Turkic period. On a trip through this region, one discovers new horizons, will feel the beautiful of unexplored wilderness and experience the freedom of nomadic life.      

/This tour is flexible possible to change as you want./

Day 1. Transfer to UB airport fly to Ulgii and Drive Hoton Hurgan lakes /2300m/

About 180 km driving you will reach the Hoton and Hurgan twin lakes where many Nomadic Kazakh families spend summer time. This is beautiful place surrounded by mountains with forest which is wall of between China and Mongolia. Now we are closer to the Chinese border. We drive to north along the Hoton lake about 15kms and reach Biluut mountain. Meet with pack camels and horse rangers.  Overnight in the tent. 

Day2. After breakfast we will get ready for packing our staffs on camels. Starting our trekking on the way you can see the many petro-glyphs. Kazakh people who live here they are very kind and hospitality. They live in ger /yurt/ which madden by hand. Today we keep ride horse toward in forest area. Overnight in nomadic Kazakh traditional ger.

Day3. In morning keep continue our trekking and enjoy the view of Altay mountain and different kind of birdwatching. We will hike between 15-20km about 4-5 hours everyday. Overnight in tent next to the river.

Day 4. Today we toward to Green Lake which located between the forest. We are more in empty area only you can absolutely feel the wild nature. Picturesque place for the great shoots if it’s clear sky full of stars matches with the high mountain. Overnight in the tent, along the white river which is fed by glacier water. 

Day5. Today we will get closer to Takhilbai pass which is one of the highest Altay mountain. Now here surrounded by high Altay mountain around us. Overnight in the tent.

Day6.  It’s big day to pass the Takhiilbai, the land one of ethnic group whose called Tuvan people. Overnight in tent.

Day 7. We heading to the ranger station of Altay Tavan Bogd National Park. Another view with the snowcapped mountain and white glacier water river. There live nomadic Tuvan people with ger here is most of livestock are yaks. Visit to them introduce their nomadic life. Overnight in tent next to white river.

Days 8-10. Tavanbogd massif and climb to Malchin peak (2550m-3300m, 4025m)

 Hiking for 16 kms toward the base camp of the snow-capped Tavanbogd massif. And enjoy the view of the Potanina glacier – the biggest one of the twenty glaciers in Mongolian Altai.    Tavanbogd means “The Holy Five”, referring to the five highest peaks, of which Huiten Uul is the highest in Mongolia, 4374 meters above sea level. Quite a considerable h at this altitude. It is a stunning setting with the awe-inspiring massif of high snow-capped peaks. Stay in tent next to glacier.

Second day. The Malchin peak is one of the high peak of Holy five mountain which is about 4050m high from the sea level and only the mountain to climb without any equipment. We need about 4 hours to up about 2 an half hours for come down. On the top of the peak you will enjoy the Altay mountain range scenery and you are on top of long biggest glacier. Overnight in tent same place.

Third day. After breakfast pack our staffs on pack camel, start our hike back to 16km about 4 hours we reach to white river valley where our car pick up us. Overnight in tent. 


Day 11. Drive back to Eagle hunters family. Today we visit to Kazakh Eagle hunters family and introduce their lifestyle and feel their grade hospitality. See Eagle hunter’s golden eagle and learn some hunting skills. To be a eagle hunter requires patience. The experience training the wild bird training gained by the father to the son and kept deep secret. Hunting with eagle is one of the traditional game of Kazakh people. The Golden Eagle can hunting with fox, rabbit, marmot and sometimes wolf. We have special dinner Kazak traditional meal called Sirne. Overnight in ger.

Day 12. Drive back to Olgii about 200km

After breakfast time to say Goodbye to Eagle hunters family and heading to Olgii. On the way we stop for picnic lunch. We will drive by narrow valley along the Khovd river. Another different view of Altay mountain. Stay in hotel

Day 13: Fly to UB

After early breakfast, transfer to Olgii airport for check-in. Fly out to UB.


Western Mongolian families frequently move from one pasture to the other using camels.The services of some herdsmen will be hired by the expedition, and they will provide us with their animals.



A local guide who speaks English and Kazakh, Mongolian will accompany the group at all times. A cook will follow, with an assistant. In addition, the services of the local herdsmen will be hired along with their animals. The horsemen follow a traditional lifestyle in the areas where we will be riding.



Our cook will prepare the meals. We pride ourselves in having cooks adapt to both western and Mongolian cooking on our trips. There are always vegetables available, and we have no problem accommodating vegetarians on our trips. For breakfast we can buy fresh yogurt from the herdsmen in the local area sometimes.

 Inclusion: Eng. guide, Russian vehicle, 3 meals per day (not in UB), cook with cooking gears, camping equipment (sleeping cot with matts and bag), overnights in 3* hotel in





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