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Join the Golden Route Mongolia, an epic journey along Mongolia’s popular travel loop. From the jaw-dropping gorges of the Yolyn Am to the panoramic rolling hills of Hustai, this in-depth 14-day itinerary visits the incredibly scenic places and the fabled monasteries in the land of the blue sky.
Begin your journey visiting the ornate temples and historical museums in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Take a local flight to the famed Gobi Desert and opt to take a scenic walk along the verdant valley surrounded by the rugged mountains of Gobi Altai. Catch the sunset on the giant sand dunes admiring the spectacular views against the grand mountains. Stroll through the sandstones of the Flaming cliffs searching for the dinosaur bones.
Take a scenic drive to the miraculous waterfall observing the ecosystem changes from the blazing desert to the refreshing lush forest-steppe. Conclude your journey in the modern capital following the exciting experiences at the old capital and at the site of the world’s last living wild horses.

• Visit the age-old monasteries and thought provoking museums in the modern capital Ulaanbaatar • Walk along the narrow canyons in the Gobi Altai mountain range enjoying the iconic wildlife • Catch the sunset on the dramatic Singing Sands • Search for the paleontological fossils at the famed Flaming Cliffs • Admire the cascading waters at the Orkhon Waterfall • Visit a hospitable nomadic family and sleep in traditional gers • Scrutinize the world’s last living wild horses hearing their story of successful reintroduction

Meet your travel crew and fellow travelers in Ulaanbaatar. Settle in your centrally located hotel and enjoy your free time following your air travel. Opt to indulge in the bittersweet history of Mongolia at the National Museum, which features exhibitions of dinosaur findings, history of Mongolia’s dynasties and empires, and socialism and modern era. If time permits, the option is yours to stroll through the city center. Gather for the reception dinner with your fellow travelers and guides. (Hotel, D)
DAy 2: ULAANbAATAR In the morning visit to Gandan Monastery, a religious center of Mongolia which holds the 26.5-meter-high bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. Then leave for Bogd Khan Palace Museum where the last emperor of Mongolia used to spend the winter and now it is a museum. Get the wide-angle views of the Ulaanbaatar city on top of the Zaisan Memorial Hill. (Hotel, B-L-D)

DAy 3: yOLyN AM (or Lammergeyer Valley) Fly to Dalanzadgad, and then take a short drive the incredibly scenic Gurvan Saikhan National Park. Upon settling in your comfortable gers, take a scenic drive to have a gentle walk along the deep, narrow gorge, yolyn Am, viewing the special wildlife and jaw-dropping steep cliffs where the handsome Lammergeyer nests. (Tourist Ger camp, B-L-D)

DAy 4-5: KHONGORyN ELS (or Singing Sands) embark on a long but incredibly scenic drive to the massive Singing Sands. Hike up the dunes to catch the sunset as you hear the sands singing and see the sweeping views of the area. enjoy a camel caravan excursion on the sand for an hour, or delve into the endemic saxaul scrubs to look for the localized wild birds. (Tourist Ger camp, B-L-D)

DAy 6: bAyANzAG (or Flaming cliffs) Famed for the world’s first discovery of dinosaur eggs in the 20th century, Bayanzag is a must-see place for all travelers. Wandering around the paleontological rich Flaming cliffs, look for the fragments of the dinosaur bones buried by the dust. Take birds-eye views from the top of the highest cliffs. (Tourist Ger camp, B-L-D)

DAy 7: ONGIIN KHIID (or Ongi Monastery) Head out to the thought-provoking Ongi Monastery, which had been one of the largest before the religious purge in the last century. Visit a ger museum hearing the sad stories about the temple and meet the head lama to talk the present situations and future prospects. Spend the night at the ger camp. (Tourist Ger camp, B-L-D)

DAy 8-9: ORKHON WATERfALL Venture into the immense Orkhon Waterfall, which was formed by the volcanic eruptions. Scrutinize the cascading waterfalls and manage to take as many as photos you wish of this important geological site. you will also encounter some deer stones, petroglyphs, and different types of ancient burial mounds. (Tourist Ger camp, B-L-D)

DAy 10: KHARKHORIN (or Karakorum) Unravel the mystery of the Karakorum which was once the capital of the Mongol empire during 13th and 14th centuries. Visit the soul-stirring Kharkhorin museum which features the scale model of the old capital and other important exhibitions. Then take a guided walk in the 16th-century erdene Zuu monastery. (Tourist Ger camp, B-L-D)

DAy 11: KHUGNU-TARNA NATIONAL PARK explore the peculiar natural formations of the Khungu-Tarna National Park (official name). The contrasting scenery of boulder-strewn rocky mountain, sand dune, and verdant steppe attracts myriads of travelers to the area. Immersing yourself in the heavenly environment, visit the Uvgun Temple located in the mountains. Or call on a nomadic family, who are always welcome to have you in their gers. Trekking in the mountain and bird watching at the Burd marshland are alternative options. (Tourist Ger camp, B-L-D)

DAy 12: HUSTAI NATIONAL PARK Travel to Hustai (officially Khustain Nuruu National Park) which is a successful reintroduction site for the last wild horse living in the native environment. Take a safari style drive to catch sight of the introduced wild horse, along with other exotic mammals including red deer, Mongolian marmot, long-tailed souslik, and others. Meet the researchers at the park and learn about their reintroduction success. (Tourist Ger camp, B-L-D)

DAy 13: ULAANbAATAR Upon taking a panoramic drive to the Ulaanbaatar, check in your centrally located hotel. Then set off to central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs. If you are in the mood for shopping, go for the world-class cashmere and souvenirs for back home. enjoy the fascinating folklore performance by Tumen ekh ensemble. (Hotel, B-L-D)

DAy 14: fLy HOME Transfer to the airport according to your flight schedule. (B)

Number of days: 14
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Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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