Gobi desert 8 lakes – Huisiin Naiman nuur horse trek 10 day

Gobi desert and 8 lakes – Huisiin Naiman nuur horse trek 10 days


The tour has the Gobi desert and the Central part’s highlight destinations and 2 days horse riding adventure through Huisiin Naiman nuur- 8 lakes. If you don’t have experience of horse ride, don’t hesitate, our horse guides are experienced and horses are calm. Visit honourable nomadic family in the 8 lakes and have Mongolian traditional food. This place is natural uniqueness surrounded by inaccessible mountains. And we will relax in hot spring after riding and visit Orkhon waterfall and Hugna khan mountain in 10 days.

Day 1: Tsagaan suvraga

Morning, guide and driver will pick you up from your accommodation and drive to Middle Gobi desert. We will drive 470 km, for 6 to 7 hours to reach Tsagaan suvraga. We will have lunch in a local restaurant at Mandalgobi village. To arrive at the destination around 4 PM . We will walk through Tsagaan suvraga. And drive to the camp in the middle of nowhere. The camp is just 3 km from Tsagaan suvraga. You will see empty, open steppe through your window.  

Day 2: Bronze – Age’s rock painting and Yoliin am at Gurvan Saikhan National Park

Morning, after breakfast, we will drive to rock painting. The way to painting is like the other planet. It is remote, and black Gobi desert but still nomadic families live there with their camel and sheep. Wander around the Bronze-Age’s primitive people life culture. You will be amazed by their daily life’s activities which remained us crafted on soft rocks. Then, drive to Yoliin am. On the way, in Dalanzadgad town, we will have lunch in restaurant. When we reach Guvran Saihan National Park, we will visit a small natural museum. There are Gobi’s findings of minerals, the desert animal taxidermies, dinosaur fossils, petrified stones are in the museum. In Yoliin am valley, you will walk through the gorge. Here you will see a bearded vultures flying above the high rocks. On land, pikas running from hole to hole. Ibexes- a wild goat drinks water from the stream here, sometimes we see ibex. This will be natural walk for 3 km.

Road length 300 km

Day 3: Hongor sand dunes

Morning, we will drive along with sand dune and the Three Beauty Mountain range by off-road. On the way, we will visit a nomadic family which live in the Gobi desert for generations. The family in the Gobi desert, move more frequently than the other places. They search for water and grass for their goat, sheep and camel. So they live very simply with the small stuff. Because it is difficult to move by camel caravan with lots of furniture. We will have a traditional milk dairy product in a family. After the visit, drive further to a camp and have lunch. After lunch, you will ride a camel in front of the dunes. Afternoon or evening, when the bright sun gets down, we will climb to the sand dune. The top of the dune is over 200 meters high. It is steep and loose. Climbing up to the top will need a little bit of effort. After the little challenge, you will see brilliant sightseeing from the top of the dune. Sand dunes and rocky mountain locate simultaneously in the endless lush steppe. Going down is more easy and fun. Relax in the tourist Ger camp.

Road length 170 km

Day 4: Bayanzag and Ongi ruined temple

Today, we will drive to Ongi temple via Bayanzag. If you are a hiker, we can hike through the mountain. Bold, black mountains are just on the way. After lunch, we will walk through Flaming cliffs. Bayanzag - Cliff was the homeland of dinosaurs during the Jurassic period. Dinosaur’s eggshell was founded very first time in the world from this place. Bayanzag is red cliffs on the endless empty steppe. It was bottom of the sea or big lake during the Jurassic era. We will have lunch here and drive further to Ongi. To get the central part of Mongolia, we drive trans – Ongi ruined temple. Here we will visit the ruined temple and a little walk through a black mountain. The temple locates beside the Ongi River. The temple was ruined in 1937 during political purge by the Soviet Union. The temple was built in 1760 by Buddhist monks, and nearly 1000 monks had lived before it ruined.

Road length 400 km

Day 5: 8 lakes (Huisiin Naiman Nuur) base camp

The green central part tour starts from today. The monadic families getting more, green mountains, yaks, horses will appear more frequently than the Gobi desert. We will have lunch in Arvaiheer town. We will buy our food for 2 days horse ride from this town. Afternoon we will drive farther to 8 lakes base camp. We will drive over the mountains and hills. Evening arrives at the camp beside Shireet lake. Sleep in tourist Ger camp.

300 km

Day 6: Horse riding

We will ride a horse two days and see our car on the second day. The total riding km is nearly 10 km in two days. So you can take clothes and some stuff for a day in a small bag back. We will carry our luggage to yaks. Morning, preparing luggage and load up to our horses will take some time. The first day we will ride 4- 5 hours through 3 lakes. We will have a picnic lunch beside the shore of the lake. And Afternoon arrives at nomadic family. You will ride the same horse for two days. If you are riding a horse just the first time, it will be a new experience. Most of the beginner visitor ride very well. Our horses are calm with tourist and our horse guides – the horse herders are experienced with visitors. Today we will stay in nomadic family’s spare ger. The family has horses, sheep, goat and yaks. And they stay just close with the fourth lake.

4-5 hours

Day 7: Horse riding and Orkhon waterfall

Morning, we will pack luggage to the horse and mount our horses. We will have a picnic lunch on the way in the forest. After riding 3-4 hours, see our car. The driver will pick up us and drive to Orkhon waterfall. We will stay beside the waterfall in a Ger camp. Evening, we will hike through a waterfall.

4 hours

Day 8: Tsenher hot spring

Morning hours, we will drive through Hangai mountain and arrive at hot spring camp at lunchtime. After riding horse for 2 days, relaxing in hot spring will release your body. The hot spring is 86 Celsium from underground. The Tourist camps have their swimming pool in a fence. You can relax in the pool from 7 – 10 PM. Optional hike around the stream of hot spring.

  Day 9: Hugnu khan mountain

Today we will visit Erdene zuu Buddhist monastery in Karakorum village and drive further to Hugnu khaan mountain. This is a granite rock mountain range in the steppe. We will hike through the mountain. 

200 km

Day 10: Ulaanbaatar

Morning, drive to Ulaanbaatar. On the way, have lunch. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar around 3-4 PM.




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