Altyn Emel Park|Ak Tau & Katu Tau|Singing Dune|2 days tour


You will enjoy beautiful and diverse views of the largest Kazakhstan natural reserve - Altyn-Emel, stroll through the Chalk mountains of Ak Tau and listen to the song Singing Dunes (song) - a unique phenomenon of nature that has many related legends. In these beautiful places, the Great Khan the conqueror, the founder of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, stayed with his army.

Singing Dune (barkhan), reaching a height of 120 meters and a length of about 3 km, is a few kilometers from the Ili River between the Big and Small Kalkan mountains. This sandy mountain consists of the smallest pure sand, which, with the gusts of wind, begins to "sing", and its sound resembles the sounds of an organ. Before the beginning of sandstorms the barkhan produces a sound similar to a drumbeat. From the top of the barkhan a grand panorama of the surrounding countryside opens. In the south, there is a thin strip of the Ili River, the purple mountains of Sogety and Boguty, beyond which the ridges of Ketmen look out over the white peaks. At their foot stretches a foothill valley, riddled with thin strips of dry channels of rainwater. If the weather is dry and windy, then the barkhan will "sing" to you his song, which is spread over several kilometers ...

The Ak Tau Mountains (White Mountains) are a world famous paleontological deposit located in the natural park of Altyn-Emel. In the layers of Paleogene lacustrine sediments, well-preserved remains of ancient animals are found whose age is estimated at 25-30 million years. Among the finds are the remains of giant rhinoceroses, crocodiles and turtles. The mountains of Ak Tau represent an enchanting spectacle of the variety of shapes and shades. In the mountains of KatuTau (Harsh mountains), there are several extinct volcanoes, where the most original forms of volcanic formations (frozen lava) have been preserved. There are also diverse outcrops and coloring (yellow, red, violet, etc.) rock outcrops and variegated clays that give a unique look to the landscape of the mountains. The mountains of KatuTau are the most waterless, steep and gloomy, characterized by steep slopes and numerous gorges. There is the largest number of argali and mountain goats.


In this unique tour

- Accommodation in the camp under the open starry sky

- Cooking food at the stake

- Photographing and watching animals

- Hiking tours

Positive emotions and exceptional photos in the style of selfie are guaranteed!

Tour Locations:

Altyn Emel National Park (Singing sand dunes, Chalk mountains Ak-Tau, red Mountains, Volcanic mountains of Katu Tau.

1 day.

Early morning transfer from Almaty to the Altyn Emel National Park.

11:00 Arrival in the village of Bassi.

In the village there is the Central Office of Altyn Emel of the National Park.

In the central office of the park your guide will take a pass.

12:30 Lunch at the source of Chokan Valikhanov. (This water source is named after the geographer-scientist, who made a great contribution to the country.

13:30 Arrival at the Dune's singing.

Walking 1-3 hours depends on the physical preparation of the guest.

Return to the guest house

or Camping option

is discussed with the guest before the trip individually


Day 2.


Altyn Emel National Park (Ak-Tau Minor Mountains, red mountains, Katu-Tau volcanic mountains)

7:00 Breakfast in the guest house or in the Camping

9:30 Arrival to the mountains of Aktau.

Hiking 1-3 hours depends on the physical preparation of the guest.

11:30 Transfer to the mountains of Katu Tau

12:20 Arrival in the mountains of Katu Tau

Walk on the volcanic mountains.

1-2 Hiking 1-3 hours depends on the physical preparation of the guest.

15:00 Departure to Almaty

19:30 Arrival to Almaty


This is the standard program! Of course, I can tailor an individual program specifically for you!

The price includes: Jeep + fuel + Professional English-speaking driver guide + drinks + camping equipment


The price does not include:

Accommodation-meals-entrance tickets-alcoholic drinks!

Price conditions:

Single Travel person 465 dollars

In the group 2 people cost  236 dollars per person

In the group 3 people cost  167 dollars per person

In group 4 people cost  133 dollars per person

In group 5 people cost  114 dollars per person

In the group 6 people cost  100 dollars per person.

Number of days: 2
Covered regions:
East Kazakhstan
North Kazakhstan
South Kazakhstan
West Kazakhstan
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: Meals, accommodation, Entrance fees.
What to bring: In winter, warm clothes, sunglasses. In the summer: Hat or cap, shirt with long sleeves, sunscreen!
Transport: Offroad vehicle 4x4
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