Express Tours(Kegeti Gorge/Koltor lake-Burana Tower)


It differs from other gorges on the Kyrgyz ridge because of its unusual width and spaciousness. Being one of the longest gorges on the Kyrgyz ridge (≈27 km), Kegety has a very interesting relief and a lot of beautiful places: for instance, Kel-Tor Lake in the right tributary of the Kegety River, two waterfalls, a forest of the Tien-Shan spruce and the Kegety Pass (≈ 4000m), thru which it is possible to get to the Eastern Karakol Valley.
The rise in the gorge is quite smooth: from 1250 meters at the bottom point, up to 3200 meters at the beginning of the Kegety River. If the lower part of the gorge seems completely devoid of vegetation, the higher part is totally opposite: coniferous forests cover most of the hills of mountains. Making it the most wooded gorge in the Chui Valley.

Selective: visiting KOLTOR LAKE

The Kel-Tor tract is a small branch of the Kegety Gorge and is remarkable for the beautiful mountain lake at an altitude of 2,700 meters. The lake was formed as a result of a collapse of rocks. It does not have a direct drain and goes underground, appearing from the ground a few kilometers below. Most of the year the lake is frozen. Even in summer, the water does not warm up more than five degrees Celsius. Kel-Tor Lake is notable for the stunning turquoise color; a really beautiful combination of colors can be seen there in the summer.

It is km from the hiking track to the lake. The path is clearly visible. Therefore tourists needn’t worry about getting lost. The route is extremely picturesque: it starts from a treeless area, gradually changing to the wooded hills and then to alpine meadows.

The glacier zone begins three kilometers above the lake. There are several passes to Shamsi Tuyuk or Kegety Gorge. The passes are quite difficult to hike, therefore it is recommended only for trained tourists.

Extra: visiting BURANA TOWER before/after Kegeti gorge/Koltor lake.

Burana Tower is the main architectural monument of Chui Valley and the famous Great Silk Road. The tower was the highest minaret of Central Asia and was also the heart of the capital of the Karakhanid state of the city of Balasagun in the 10th and 12th centuries. Its original h was 40 meters, but after the earthquake, the upper part of the tower was collapsed and since then the h of the tower is 21 meters.
The cultural significance of the tower is truly great, as it is the only monument of ancient architecture preserved in the region. In addition to the tower there are numerous mounds, remains of ancient fortifications, and also the so-called “garden of stones” – a collection of balbals (ancient stone tombstones) and stone tools (millstones, etc.)
The complex is located in a very picturesque place, near the Shamsi and Kegety gorges, to the south of the town of Tokmok. From the tower, it is possible to see a magnificent panorama of the eastern part of the Kyrgyz ridge, especially in May and June when poppy fields are flowering.
On the territory of the ancient settlement, there are a museum and a souvenir shop. The museum shows the rich history of the place. This price includes visiting the museum and the tower.

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