Golden gobi tour 6 days and 5 night

Attractions:​                               Highlights :

White stupa                              Sand dune
Yol valley                                  Cliffs
Khongor sand dune                  Ruin
Flamming cliffs                         Rocky Mountains
Ongi monastery / ruin               Monasteries 
Karakorum ancient capital       Staying with Nomadic family
Erdene zuu monastery             Horse riding 
Elsen tasarkhai                         Camel riding

Day 1 
The Tsagaan Suvarga / the White Stupa
 First day, we will take you to the Tsagaan Suvarga. The feature of this area is a rocky formations eroded by the wind and look like a ruined city. It is a sheer slope that was an ancient seabed that featured a sedimentary structure that was created over millions of years. It is interesting to see this slope because it faces eastward towards the sun.  We will overstay in the ger.


The Yol Valley
 In the morning, we will drive to the Dalanzadgad city which is a capital of the southern Mongolia. After passing city, we will drive to the Yol valley which is a chance to hiking in narrow cliffs with a h of 2500 metres (8202,10 feet), The water forms four small rapids. Although, the sun shines a lot in this region, the canyon remains dark so that in the bottom, a part of the river remains nearly all year along covered by a thick layer of ice. Overstay in the ger camp.

Day 3
The Khongor Sand Dune
 After the Yol valley, we will drive to the Khongor Sand Dune lies from northwest to southeast. The dunes are 27 km at its widest covering 965 square km in total reaching 200 meters (650 feet) in h and long is 180 km. While the southern part of the dunes are a rocky and mountainous, the central part is barren with no plants and northern part has several oasis. When you climb to the top of dunes, the contrast will be amazing. After that we will ride a camel for hour. Overstay in the ger camp. 

Day 4
The Bayanzag /Flamming cliffs/ and Ongi monastery
 On this day, we will see a wild animals on a way to the Flamming cliffs. The cliffs glow with a fiery red light that seems to mimic the radiance of the setting sun. These are best seen from below or across the escarpment. But no matter where you stand or what time you visit, you can still witness the breathtaking magnitude and raw beauty of the place come to life. 

Ongi Monastery 
After the Flamming cliffs we will head to the Ongiin khiid (also referred as Ongi Monastery ruins) is a active small monastery with a temple which was built on the ruins of a monastery complex that was formerly one of the largest monasteries in southern  Mongolia and founded in 1760 and consisted of two separate temples complex, Barlim khiid and Khutagt khiid, on the North and South of the Ongi Gol river about 18 km from Saikhan-Ovoo sub-provincial center, Dundgobi province. We will overstay with a nomadic family.

Day 5
The Kharakhorum ancient capital
  Fifth day of our tour we will take you to the ancient Mongolian capital the Kharkhorum. There we will visit an ancient and the biggest monastery  and a museum of 7th century Mongolian empire findings. We will overstay in a guesthouse.

Day 6
Back to the Ulaanbaatar city.
  On a last day of our trip, we will head to the Ulaanbaatar city and we will see a small pieces of sand on a way to a city. Additionally, there is a small beautiful monastery in the Khugnu khan mountain which is our last attraction of our whole trip. Our tour will end at the Ulaanbaatar city.


Total distance:

1950 km (paved and off road)


Number of days: 6
Covered regions:
Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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