Off-road tour Karakol - Fairy tale, Kyrgyzstan, 1 Day

Distance: 340km


- 08:00 – Departure from Karakol

- 09:00 - Djety-Oguz, Broken heart, Waterfall

12:30 - Picnic

14:00 - Barskoon valley. Waterfalls

15:30 - Fairy tale valley

18:00 - Arrival to Karakol

- We are starting our tour from visiting main attractions of Djety-Oguz valley. Djety-Oguz, the extraordinary 'Valley of Seven Bulls', is famous for its unusually bright, red sandstone rock formations. Some of the valley's most celebrated landmarks include the 'broken heart' (a crimson, heart-shaped precipice), the 'dragon's lair' (an spectacular, deep sandy canyon) and, of course, the ' bulls' themselves (a row of crags dominating the DjetyOguz Valley).

Barskoon valley. Barskoon is also a village at the mouth of the Barskon valley - which has an impressive Barskoon waterfall “Leopard’s tears” and is a good centre for trekking and horse riding. The 11th century scholar Mahmud al-Kashgari (also known as Barskhani) was a native of this area. The road south from Barskon which passes up the Barskon valley (A364) used to be one of the routes of the Silk Road, passing over the Bedel Pass (4,284 m) into China (the section from Kara-Say to Bedel Pass is now closed). It is now the main road leading to the Kumtor Gold Mine - hence it is well maintained and there is a reasonable amount of traffic - including lorries making their way up to the mine and back.

There are two interesting sights along the road - a Soviet lorry mounted on a plinth and a bust of Yuri Gagarin, who holidayed on the South shore of Issyk Kul after his historical first manned space flight.

“Fairytale” valley which is also one of the most amazingly beautiful places in this area. There are sandstone cliffs have been shaped by centuries of wind and melting snow into an ensemble of columns, canyons and crag, ranging in colour from deep red to bright orange. The most recognizable landmark of the Valley Fairy Tales - of course, a long chain of rocks, called the Chinese wall. After leaving to Karakol by south shore of Issyk-Kul lake.

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