Landmark 22 days tour around Mongolia


Small rock foundation
White stupa
Yol valley
Khongor sand dune
Flamming cliffs
Ongi monastery / ruin
Orkhon valley
Erdene zuu monastery
Tsenkher hot spring
Great white lake
Khorgo volcanic crater
Khovsgol lake
Uran togoo volcanic crater
Amart monastery



Gobi desert 
Sand dunes
High mountains
Historical sights
Ancient capital
Hot spring
Volcanic craters
Reindeer people
Wild life
visiting nomadic families
horse treks
camel riding

Day 1 
The Small rock foundation
First day we head to the Rocky areas which is a granite rock formation in the middle of the dusty plains. In the 19th century, two revered monks lived here in gers remnants of their rock drawings can be found in the area.  The mountain also contains a cave with an underground lake. The mineral water springs and trees in the region. Overstay in the ger camp.

Distance: 260 km /paved road/
Activities: Hiking, exploring, Caves, Temple


Day 2

The White stupa / The Tsagaan Suvarga
   On this day we will take you to the Tsagaan Suvarga / White stupa. The feature of this area is a rocky formations eroded by the wind and look like a ruined city.   It is a sheer slope that was an ancient seabed that featured a sedimentary structure that was created over millions of years. It is interesting to see this slope because it faces eastward towards the sun. You will overstay in the ger close from the attraction.
Distance: 450 km (276 mi) /paved road/
Activities: Hiking, climbing and chill in sunset


Day 3
The Yol valley
 In the morning, we will drive to Dalanzadgad city which is capital of Southern Mongolia. Before passing city you can do some grocery and then we will drive to Yol valley which is a chance to hiking in narrow cliffs with a h of 2500 metres (8202,10 feet). Although the sun shines a lot in this region, the canyon remains dark, so that in the bottom, a part of the river remains nearly all year long covered by a thick layer of ice. Overnight stay in ger camp.
Distance: 400 km (248 mi) /paved and off road/ 
Activities: hiking, exploring wilderness


Day 4
The Khongor Sand dunes
 After you see the Yol valley, you will drive to the Khongor sand dunes lie from northwest to southeast. The dunes are 27 km at its widest covering 965 square km in total reaching 200 meters (650 feet) in h and long is 180 km. While the southern part of the sand dunes are rocky and mountainous, the central part is barren with no plants and northern part has several oasis. When you climb to the top of dunes, the contrast will be an amazing. You will brief climb to the highest point and you can see beautiful sunset ever from top of dunes. Also, you will ride a camel about an hour around oasis. Overnight stay in the ger camp. 
Distance: 180 km (111 mi)/off road/
Activities: Climbing, camel riding, sunset gazing 


Day 5
The Bayanzag /Flamming cliffs/
 You might see wild animals when you are on a way to the Flamming cliffs. The cliffs glow with a fiery red light that seems to mimic the radiance of the setting sun. These are best seen from below or across the escarpment. But no matter where you stand or what time you visit, you can still witness the breathtaking magnitude and raw beauty of the place come to life. Overstay in the ger camp.
Distance: 200 km (114 mi) /off road/
Activities: hiking, exploring paleontology


Day 6
The Ongi Monastery / Ruins
  After the Flamming cliffs you will head to the Ongiin khiid (also referred as Ongi Monastery ruins) is a active small monastery with a temple which was built on the ruins of a monastery complex that was formerly one of the largest monasteries in Mongolia and found in 1760 and consisted of two separate temples complex, Barlim khiid and Khutagt khiid, on the North and South of the Ongi Gol river about 18 km from Saikhan-Ovoo sub-provincial center, Dundgobi province. You will overstay with a nomadic family.
Distance: 170 km (103 mi) /off road/
Activities: Hiking, Exploring history of buddism


Day 7
Orkhon Valley
 On th day of our tour, you will take you to the Orkhon valley. There you will see a waterfalls and a beautiful nature of Mongolia. The Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape sprawls along the banks of the Orkhon River in Central Mongolia. It was inscribed by UNESCO in the World Heritage List as representing evolution of nomadic pastoral traditions spanning more than two millennia. Also, in a valley you will do some hiking to waterfall and its spectacular area. After that you will spend a night in a nomadic family's ger which is built specially for visitors.

Distance : 180 km /paved and off road/
Activities: Hiking around waterfall and valley


Day 8 
Orkhon Valley horse trek
 You will ride a horse around waterfalls in a beautiful valley and there you can see historical things as rock paintings and tombs of ancient Mongolia. Also, you will visit another genuine nomadic family with lot of livestock and you can try to taste different types of dairy products. Especially, on this horse riding day you can observe and get to know how genuine nomadic people kept their horse and man bonding tradition over 2 millenia.
Distance : 20 km 
Activities: Horse riding 


Day 9
The Tsenher hot spring
 On th day, you will head to the Tsenkher hot spring, on a way to get there you will experience change a landscapes of beautiful valleys with lots of nomads and wilderness. Hot spring will help you to reduce your exhaustion and stress level, furthermore, it is scientifically proven that hot spring will increase your blood circulation and heal your skin. Also, it is great chance to rest in the evening gaze upon the milky way when sitting in a hot spring pool. You will spend a night in well organized tourist camp with gers.

Distance : 130 km /off road/
Activities: hot spring, star gazing, relaxation, massage /optional/


Day 10
The Khorgo Volcano and the Great White Lake
 On tenth day of our tour, you will head to the Great white lake and crater. There you will do some hiking around crater to see amazing creation of motherland as a cave called yellow dog hell and ice tunnel. After viewing the crater area, you will see one of the biggest lake in central Mongolia called the Great white lake where it has lovely beach and possible to swim, as well as, our ger camp will be just beside of lake to have view of beautiful lake. 

Distance: 180 km /paved road/

Activities: hiking, cave, crater


Day 11 
The Shine-ider village
 Day to ride to the Shine-ider that is the newly built village. It has small portion of population and here you will visit a school, a kindergarten, and a hospital that you will explore about just typical and calm Mongolian village life. Meet the people and get to know about how they live and what their culture etc. You will spend a night in motel.
Distance: 330 km (205 mi) /off road/
Activities: Cultural exchange, Photographing, exploring


Day 12 and 13
The Khovsgol lake 
 You will drive to the one of the biggest lake in Mongolia. This day will quite long drive and exploring about the lake. There are 4 islands named the  Modon khui, the Khadan khui,the Dalai khui and the Baga khui. We will head to the Khadan khui island by motor boat and make wish there. Also you can see different species of a fishes. This area has been protected since 1 as a National Park. The lake is still being used for transportation. Overstay in ger camp which is located beside of a lake.
Distance: 300 km (186 mi) /off road/
Activities: boat trip, hiking, exploration, cycling /optional/


Day 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18
The Reindeer people in a high mountain
 These 5 days for meet with real reindeer family in wild forest. 
On a first day, we will reach to nomadic family in a Darkhad depression. Next morning, we will prepare horse trek to reach the reindeer family who lives 40 km far from the nomadic family and then ride through spectacular mountains area and path will be bit tough even for a horses because its kept the wilderness. On a second day you will spend a whole day with minority of population who have unique lifestyle as living in yurts with the reindeers and you can try to taste of reindeer's milk, as well as, the exchange cultures. The reindeer itself is a very unique animal with no sweat gland, therefore it has to live in coldest part of the country. It is the reason that reindeer people live in far north, whilst enduring extremely changing temperatures from plus degree to minus 45 to 50 celsius in a day. After viewing this you will head back to base nomadic family as we started our horse trek. The days will be intriguing unique experience of your lifetime. 
Total distance: 420 km (260 mi) /paved and off road/
Activities: Bird watching, Exploring, Horse trek, Cultural exchange, meeting minority of the world


Day 19
The Moron city
 After long drive from the north, you will head back to the Moron city which is capital of northern province. It is the day that you can restart yourself such as take a shower, do some laundry, shopping and you can hang out in a pub or lounge. Overstay in a guesthouse.
Distance: 200 km (124 mi) /off road/
Activities: Relaxing, Shower, Hang out


Day 20
Uran Togoo crater
 This day let us take you to the Uran Togoo volcanic crater. Where the volcano exploded 25000 years ago. Now there is a lake and forests inside this volcanic crater. Located in the soum of Khutag-Öndör in the aimag of Bulgan, Uran Uul is an extinct volcano whose crater reaches 1686 metres (1,05 mile) above the ground, has 500 metres (0,31 mile) in diameter and 50 metres (164,04 feet) in depth. You will small hike to the crater and spend a night in a motel beside of paved road.
Distance : 230 km /paved road/
Activities : hiking, crater


Day 21
The Amarbaysgalan Monastery
 Amart monastery which was built in memory of Bogd Zanabazar‘s skills, wisdom, intellect, accomplishment, talent, and an artistic skill by the order Manchu Emperor Enkh-Amgalan khan in 1725. Bogd Zanabazar was the great leader of buddhist religion in Mongolia. Amart translates to “peaceful happiness”. Lastly, we will have a Mongolian traditional meal which we have been eating to celebrate something memorial. You will spend a night in a ger.

Distance: 450 km /paved and off road/
Activities: Monastery, Hiking, barbecue, photography


Day 22
Back to the Ulaanbaatar city
 Dear traveler now it is time to go back to Ulaanbaatar city after this wonderful tour.
Distance: 280 km (173 mi) /paved road/


What is included:

Hotel pick up and drop off 
3 meals a day 
English speaking guide
Professional driver
Ger camps 
Transportation /van/
Entrance fees of attractions
Horse/camel riding fee
Sleeping bag
Bottled water
Shower fee


What is excluded:

Travel insurance

Personal needs
Alcoholic drinks
International airfare
Extra activity cost


Total distance: 4090 km (paved and off road)

Number of days: 22
Covered regions:
Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
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