Classic 20 days tour

The tour takes 20 days to cover one of the best travel destinations Gobi desert Center of Mongolia and North of Mongolia in the longest time with experiencing local culture along with natural beauties. This tour takes to the most popular tourist destinations including Mongolian ancient homeland of Dinosaurs, Khongor towering sand dunes with green meadows; known as the "singing sands", vast steppe with dancing mirages, famous Bayanzag flaming cliffs, Mongolian ancient capital Kharkhorin city and Mongolian biggest Buddhist temple Erdenezuu monastery, Unique beautiful Hot spring and waterfall, and blue fresh deepest a Khuvsgul lake and most interesting Terelj National Park. It is the best experience of Mongolia and a very educational tour.

Day1. Terelj National Park

After breakfast, we going to Terelj N.P. It's a rather mountainous area with a beautiful river, forests and some interestingly shaped rocks and horse riding, hiking around. The most interesting place is Chinggis Khan statue. The Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue, part of the Chinggis Khan Statue Complex is a 40 meter. Visitors walk to the head of the horse through its chest and neck, where they have a panoramic view. Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D.

Dau2. Baga Gazriin Chuluu (granite zone in Mongolia)

After breakfast, we will drive to Baga Gazriin Chuluu N.P, which is a rocky Small Mountain and beautiful landscape which is consisted of much shaped specific granite rocky mountain and with mineral spring in the bottomland. Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D.

Day3. Tsagaan Suvarga  (White Stupa)

After breakfast, our next destination is a Tsagaan Suvarga, it is interesting to see the sheer slope, which from the cliff is 30 meters high and 100 meters wide. Over 10 million years the wind has created this amazing structure. Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D.

Day4. Yol  Valley ( ice canyon )

After breakfast, we will drive to Yol Valley ( Three Beautiful National Park). This is a beautiful deep canyon with many rocky cliffs and it has been created by many years of water erosion. The canyon keeps some ice until August. Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D.

Day5. Khongor sand dune

After breakfast, today our destination is a Khongor sand dune. This is one of the biggest sand massifs in Mongolia, which covers 180 km long 27 km of widest. The incredible roaring sounds of distant dunes are an unforgettable experience, particularly during the quiet hours of darkness and daybreak. In the evening climb to the dunes going down with sand sled. Sand dunes on the top super nice surrounded area sunshine panorama of sand dunes. Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D.

Day6. Khongor sand dune

After breakfast, camels are saddled and we will ride a camel hour after relaxing few hours and short hiking to Seruun Bulag oasis by the sand dunes of Khongor Els.  Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D.

Day7. Bayanzag  flaming cliffs

After breakfast, today our destination is a Bayanzag. This place is popular with the name “Flaming Cliffs”. In the world, 1922 after the American paleontological expedition found Asian first dinosaur skeleton and a dinosaur egg with 10-15 cm length. Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D.

Day8. Ongi River and Temple ruins

After breakfast, we will be driving to the Ongi River is one of the longest rivers in Mongolia has 435 km of length and flows into Ulaan Nuur. Ongi ruins monastery was one of the largest and most respected monasteries of Mongolia before its destruction in 1939 by the communist authorities. Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D.

Day9. Ancient capital KharKhorum & Erdenezuu monastery

After breakfast, we will be driving to Karakorum city & Erdenezuu monastery. The most prominent historical site in Orkhon Valley is Kharkhorum, the ancient capital of the Mongol empire. The Karakorum, founded in 1220 by Chinggis khan, was not only the capital of the vast Mongolian Empire. Avtaisan khan founded by the first Mongolian Buddhist temple Erdenezuu. The monastery built-in 1586. Arrival in the village, we will visit the museum of Karakorum and afterward, also we will visit the magnificent and the oldest Buddhist Monastery complex of Erdenezuu. Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D.

Day10. Orkhon waterfall

After breakfast, we will be driving to the Orkhon waterfall. The waterfall formed by combination volcanic eruption and earthquakes some 20000 years ago cascades down from a h 27 meters.  Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D

Day11. Tsenkher hot spring

After breakfast, we will drive to Tsenkher Natural Hot Spring. Arkhangai province is famous for its many old volcanoes. These volcanoes explain the presence of the springs natural hot water that flows all year long at 1860 meters (1.16 mile) above the sea level and its water is not mixed with soil waters because it is hot. They transfer the hot water via tubes from and built some pools. Curative water and amazing nature featured by wooden mountains make this an excellent place to relax. The night bath is great. Sitting in the pool drinking while seeing stars at the dark sky is one of the favorite activity in here. Stay overnight tourist camp. B,L,D.

Day12. Terkh White Lake & Khorgo volcano

After breakfast, we will drive to Khorgo Dormant Volcano is the youngest volcano in Mongolia. Khorgo volcano is the only one that has no soil somewhere and no water inside the crater because Khorgo exploded much later that those volcanos. Terkh White Lake 16 km long from west to east and 6 km wide from north to south. The lake 10 species of fish such as Taimen, perch, lenok, and pike and including swan, shelduck, duck, gull, common heron and great white egret gather here. You can go short hiking a lake. Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D.

Day13. Terkh White Lake & Khorgo Volcano

After breakfast, today we will ride a horse couple of hours here to explore a big volcano crater area. Horse trip on the way will be visiting Shar Nohoin tam deep depression in granite surface with 10-15 m deep and 30 m diameter. Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D

Day14. Khuvsgul province ( overnight place)

After relaxing breakfast, we will drive to Murun city. This city a transport hub in northern Mongolia that's also the center of civilization in this part of the country. It comes alive in summer when tourists pass through on their way to Khuvsgul Lake. In the evening we will arrive at Khuvsgul province (Murun city) and have dinner at a restaurant. Stay overnight Ger guesthouse. B,L,D.

Day15. Khuvsgul lake (start to horse short trip)

After breakfast, drive to Khuvsgul Lake. This lake is 136 km long and 36 km wide at 1645 m above sea level. It is the second-largest lake in Mongolia. After relaxing the morning breakfast, we will meet our local horse guide. You will be briefed by the horse guide about the rules for horse riding and sightseeing opportunities in the area. We will make a horseback riding trip alongside the shore lake and the surrounding with forest mountains to have a better look at the beautiful Blue Pearl Lake Khuvsgul. Stay overnight is a Ger. B+L+D.

Day16. Khuvsgul  Lake (continue a horse trip)

After relaxing morning breakfast, we will continue to make a horseback riding trip and we will meet reindeer herders and explore their lifestyle, custom, and sacraments. Reindeer herders practice shamanism and live in tepees. They are the last reindeer herders who survived for thousand of years inhabiting subarctic taiga, moving between 5 and 10 times a year. Stay overnight is a Ger. B+L+D.

Day17. Khuvsgul lake (free of relaxing)

After relaxing breakfast, relaxing the rest of the time and it's up to yours can choose kayak or board on the and good panorama will see nice surrounded views. Stay overnight is a Ger. B+L+D.

Day18. Urantogoo volcano

After relaxing morning breakfast, today we will drive to Urantogoo's biggest volcano in Mongolia. This volcano was active in the 3rd to 4th geological periods and was exploded 20-25 thousand years ago. This mountain is unevenly covered by larch trees and the larch forest is still increasing in recent years. Stay overnight tent or Ger guesthouse. B+L+D.

Day19. Amart monastery

After breakfast, our next destination is an Amart monastery. Astonishing in its beauty and design,  the monastery’s main temple was completed without the use of a single nail. Incredibly, Amart escaped the fate of many other Buddhist monasteries during the political purges of the 1930s, surviving almost untouched. Stay overnight is a Ger guesthouse. B+L+D.

Day20. Back to UB

After relaxing breakfast, drive to Ulaanbaatar city. When we will arrive in a city going to visit the Mongolian Pure cashmere Gobi shop. Stay tonight WideMongolia guesthouse or hotel. B+L.

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