Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan best sights 18 days | Nomad Life

Two countries in one round - all the best in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan !!!

We invite you to see the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Big Almaty
Charyn National Park with Valley of Castles
Moon Canyon
Small canyon Bestamak
Temirlik canyon
Hot srings
Wooden lake Kaindy and Kolsay
Altyn Emel National Park Singing dune; Katutau volcanic mountains; Aktau colour chalk ; Oshak Tas - Local Stonehenge mountains; 700 Year Old Willow ; River spring of Chokan Valikhanov
Tamgaly-Tas petroglyphs
Nomad fortress
Kapshagay reservoir
Jeti Oguz
Canyon Fairy Tale
Burana Tower
Ala Archa Natural Park

Tour program 

Day 1 Big Almaty Lake - Moonlit meadow - Mineral springs
We will go to the Big Almaty Gorge
We rise to a h of 2500 meters and see the Big Almaty Lake - a source of drinking water for the upper areas of the city;
we will have lunch with a great view of the lake and the gorge
further we will go to a neighboring gorge for a walk to moonlit meadow
After that, we will move to the Passing Gorge and walk 15 minutes along the mountain river in mineral springs, take a dip in them, and go to the car
After a busy day, we need to eat traditional nomad food

Day 2 Nomad Fortress - Petroglyphs of Tamgaly - Kapchagay
We will go to the Ili River, originating in China, visit the Nomad Fortress and Buddhist-style petroglyphs on the banks of Ili. We will take lunch with us and eat at the bank of the Ili River
In the evening we will move to a guest house in the Altyn Emel nature reserve, have dinner and relax

Day 3 Lava Mountains - Cretaceous Mountains - Old Willow
On this day we will go to the Most Beautiful Canyon of the reserve in the chalk mountains, climb to one of the peaks with a magnificent view
after walking there will be lunch in the bezel
Next, we will visit 2 locations Lava Mountains and 700 year old Yves - one of the oldest trees in Kazakhstan
We will return to the guest house, dine and rest

Day 4 Singing Dune -Zharkent - Chunja mineral springs
We will go to the most mysterious location of the reserve - to the singing Barkhan, along the way we will see the stone stella Oshaktas - the place of rituals and tantras and the spring of Chokan Ualikhanov. We will return to the guest house, have lunch, and send to the following locations Along the way, we will see the Tiger Mountains, visit a rare relict tree and see a city that borders China. We will spend the night in thermal springs 60 km from the border with China

Day 5 Canyons of Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is famous for its beautiful canyons, and on this day, you will see their diversity and grandeur. Lunch will be in one of the canyons.
In the evening we will move to the highlands and spend the night in the small village of Saty.

Day 6 Kolsai Lakes trekking day
Early breakfast, lunch with you, and go hiking to the Kolsai Middle Lake.
The picturesque one-way track 8 km in the mountains
We come to the middle lake, lunch, rest, whoever wants to can swim.
we return to the guest house, hot dinner, bathhouse, shower and rest.

Day 7 Mystic Lake Kaindy trekking day
On the th day we will see the most unusual lake with dry pines inside the lake
We will have a walk around the lake, we will also go along the gorge along the river to the rocks, we will have lunch with a beautiful view of the lake.
After we return to the guest house, have a hot dinner and relax.

Day 8 Charyn Canyon and the beginning of the Kyrgyz mountains Zhyrlan
Early breakfast and transfer to Charyn Canyon
on the Charyn canyon will be tracking 4 km along the canyon valley, lunch at the Charyn river
On this day, we cross the border with Kyrgyzstan, and fall into the Alpine meadows of Kyrgyzstan - the gorge Zhyrgalan;
We will have a hot dinner and overnight in a traditional yurt.

Day 9 Jyrgalan Plateau + Kokbel Waterfall
We start the morning with a walk to Kokbel Falls
Further by car we will go up to the Jyrgalan plateau, and you will see the incredible beauty of the Jyrgalan gorge, you will touch the Bogatyrsky stone of strength and feel the purity of the mountain river, we will have lunch at the beautiful mountain river
the next location the city of Karakol, drove two guest house, dinner, rest.

Day 10 Karakol Gorge + Panorama trekking day
We will go to the most popular gorge of Kyrgyzstan Karakol, and make a hike to the top of Panorama. Lunch will be on the observation deck. In the evening we return to the guest house, hot dinner, relaxation

Day 11 Ala kul pass
Ala Kul Lake is located at an altitude of 3,500 meters. You can talk a lot about this location, but here you need to look, this location is must see!
this day is fully devoted to tracking 8 km one way.

Day 12 Zhety Oguz trekking to stone waterfall
Early breakfast and moved to the neighboring gorge Zhety Oguz, a photo shoot on top, then we will go to the waterfall stone stella, lunch and dinner will be in a traditional yurt.

Day 13 The valley of glaciers
Breakfast and departure to the valley of glaciers by car or on horseback at your discretion, in this gorge we will do the same tracking and see the peak of Boris Yeltsin.
After the track, lunch will be held in a yurt.
After that, we move to a guest house on the shore of Issyk Kul, a hot dinner, relaxation.

Day 14 Barskone Gorge
This day we will devote to the most beautiful gorge of Kyrgyzstan Barskoun
we go to the waterfalls of Tears Bars and Aksakal Beard
After the track, we will go by car up the gorge and enjoy the picturesque gorge;
we return to the guest house on the lake, a hot dinner, rest.

Day 15 Canyon Fairytale- Naryn Province
After breakfast, we will continue our journey along the northern shore of Lake Issyk Kul, visit the fairy tale canyon, then through mountain passes we will get to the city of Naryn.
Overnight in a guest house or apartment, dinner in a cafe.

Day 16 Son Kul Lake and pass 33 parrots
After breakfast and buying food at the bazaar, we will go to the high mountain Son Kel lake, the arrival to the lake will take place along one of the most beautiful passes on the planet;
lunch and accommodation will be in a traditional yurt
Overnight will be held on the lake at an altitude of 3,000 meters.

Day 17 South Shore of Issyk Kul Lake
After breakfast, you can take a horse ride by the lake, and afterwards we will go to the next picturesque pass leading to the lake; You will see the Orto-Tokoi reservoir; lunch will be in the fishing village.
On this day we will pass Lake Issyk Kul from the South, and stop for the night in the village itself near Lake Cholpon Ata; dinner and overnight in a guest house on the lake.
Day 18 Petroglyph Museum, Burana Tower, Ala Archa Nature Reserve
After breakfast we will go to the Museum of Petroglyphs, then we will visit the ancient Burana Tower; lunch and dinner in the city of Bishkek, a trip to the mountains in the reserve Ala Archa, transfer to the airport.

The cost for a full package of services
1 pax - 4940 $ (4940 USA per person) one car
2 pax - 5 320$ (2 660 USA per person) one car
3 pax - $ 5 700 (1 900 USA per person) one car
4 pax $ 6 000 (1 500 USA per person) one car
5 pax $ 6300 (1260 USA per person) one car
10 pax $ 12000 (1200 USA per person) two cars

Only english guide driver with suv 4x4 car 3 640 $

This tour is flexible, you can change timing, choise camping in a yurt or bring your food.

You can add rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, ATVs, visiting the valley of nomads and new locations on this tour.

Number of days: 17
Covered regions:
East Kazakhstan
North Kazakhstan
South Kazakhstan
West Kazakhstan
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: Insurance repatriation and CR insurance Alcohol Additional services (ATV parachuting, snowkiting, gliding, e.t.c. ) Rental of personal equipment Additional costs due to personal situation
What to bring: Passport Personal first aid kit Personal care kit Sunglasses Sunscreen Charging device Trekking sticks Closed trekking boots (spring or autumn season) Trekking sandals or lightweight mesh sneakers or flip flops Wool socks Trekking socks T-shirts (preferably 3-4 sets) Slim T-shirt or Long Sleeve Shirt Thermal underwear top and bottom example Stretch fleece (preferably 2 sets) Flisk ( example Polartec 100) Membrane top and bottom (example Gore-Tex) Walking pants (example SoftShell) Shorts (preferably 2 sets) Swimming trunks or swimsuit Towel Headdress from the sun (cap, bandana, hat) Fleece pants or ski pants lightweight down jacket or ski jacket Hat and gloves (windstop) Underwear Raincoat jacket also protection from wind Photo video camera
Transport: SUV 4x4
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