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The Wild Nature of Saur tour in Kazakhstan, 5 days

The route: Ust-Kamenogorsk - Zaisan - Small Jemeney tract - Taldybulak tract - Shoshpaly tract - Zhirentay tract - Kayndybulak wintering - Small Jemeney tract - Ust-Kamenogorsk.

If you like to stay away from civilization in wild, if you love horseback riding, if you are really enjoying the night gatherings by the fire, we invite you to make a small horse trip on the northern slopes of the Saur ridge at the eastern borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Saur Mountains and the neighboring Tarbagatay Range occupy an intermediate position between the mountains of South Siberia and the Central Asian mountainous country, forming a boundary between them. To the north they are strongly dissected by numerous valleys and remind Altai in their structure.

The foothills and spurs of Saur, facing the lake Zaisan, are occupied by semi-desert vegetation.

With increasing altitude, steppe landscapes become to the dismembered midlands with meadows, shrubs and meadow steppes. There are forests of larch, Tien Shan spruce and fir. Along the valleys of rivers, forests rise to heights about 2600 meters above sea level. Even higher there is the opportunity to walk along high-mountain low-grassed cobre and medium-sized meadows.

There are many middle and small rivers, springs and mineral springs in this area. All the rivers flowing on the territory of the Kazakh part of Saur belong to the basins of the Irtysh River and the Zaisan Lake.

Saur is a corner of untouched nature with a large number of animals and birds of different species: from large marals to small rodents.

In just five days travelers will have the opportunity to see different landscapes: steppes, mountains, meadows and forests!

On the first day we will leave Ust-Kamenogorsk city by car on the road leading to Zaisan city through the villages of Kalbatau and Kokpekty. The final point of our day trip will be the base camp, located in the Tract Small Jemeney on the slopes of the ridge Saur.

For the rest of the day, travelers will have the opportunity to get to know their companions, who will accompany them in the following days, and travel horses.

On the second day, after a hearty breakfast, the group composed of rangers and tourists leave Small Jemeney, and headed towards the Temirsu tract. In this and the next two days, riders are expected to cross the many small mountain rivers, ascents and descents. Tourists visit wonderful places in the tract Taldybulak, Shoshpaly, Zhirentay tracts and Kayndybulak wintering.

They will fully enjoy the natural serenity and beauty of the landscape of mountain meadows and forests. Travelers are waiting for halts in picturesque places, rest by the fire, dinner and spending the night in tent camps.

By the end of the fourth day of the tour, the riders will return to the camp of Small Jemeney. Here they are waited by a warm welcome and a hot Russian bath.

On the fifth day the group will leave the Saur Mountains by car and head back to Ust-Kamenogorsk. On the way they are waiting for several stops near natural and man-made monuments, in abundance surrounding the ancient Zaisan Lake. For example, in the Burning Adyrs every now and then find the remains of prehistoric lizards. Our journey ends in the administrative center of East Kazakhstan region - Ust-Kamenogorsk.

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Fuel, Petrol
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