Turgen Gorge|Waterfalls mountain trekking |Day tour

Turgen gorge is one of the outstanding advantages in the Ili-Alatau National Park.


In this unique tour

- Photographing and watching animals

- Hiking trip

- Positive emotions and            exceptional photos in the style of selfie are guaranteed!

It is close to the center of Almaty, 78 km, if you move to the east.

The tour takes 8-10 hours.

What can I offer my guests?

In the gorge you are waiting for thermal wellness sources, the opportunity to enjoy trout fishing, unique waterfalls and forest expanses.

In the ravine of the forest there are many different coniferous and larch trees, alpine and subalpine meadow fields, springs.

During the excursion along the Turgen gorge, you have the opportunity to rent horses and ride along the spacious loess terrain gorge.

So renting a horse can be very convenient to get and watch the Turgeniev waterfalls.

The largest of them are the Bear Cataract and the Kairak waterfall. Bozgul with his powerful streams washed in the rock a whole tunnel, which now attracts many people who want to see it with their own eyes.

On the way to the gorge, the "Ostrich Farm" stop is foreseen - an interesting and very informative excursion.

Turgen waterfalls

All three waterfalls are distinguished by their height, beauty and accessibility. In general, there are only seven waterfalls in this gorge, but only three of them are popular.

Waterfall Bear.

The height of the fall is 40 m. This is the most easily accessible and pleasant waterfall, many tourists are resting near it.

The waterfall of Kairak (Buzgul).

The height of the fall is more than 55 m. From the starting point to the waterfall about 9 km along a good dirt road among the picturesque forest. The whole pedestrian route, along with stops, will take approximately 5 hours. But, having spent strength on this path, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of this waterfall. He has a very powerful and swift current, which a tunnel made in the rock.


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