Issyk-Charyn-Kolsay-Kaiyndy-Hot spring,4 days for 4 persons

Tour program:

Day 1. Route. Almaty-Issyk. Museum of Saka culture, known as the "Golden man" Museum-Issyk gorge-Issyk lake-Turgen gorge-bear waterfall-guest complex in Touraine.

We will leave Almaty at 7:00. We`ll drive along the former Kuldzhinsky highway, which many centuries ago was one of the arteries of the"Great silk road". In this tour, we`ll find ourselves next to the unique Saka burial mounds, where a Saka warrior was discovered during archaeological excavations. It later became one of the main national symbols of Kazakhstan and was named the "Golden man". We`ll arrive in Issyk, where we`ll have a tour of the Museum. Then we`ll go to the picturesque Issyk gorge, where we will climb the narrow serpentines to a h of 1756 meters above sea level. The road runs along the mountain river Issyk and gardens with wild apricot and pear fruit trees. Once on lake Issyk, I`ll tell you more about it. About 8000 years ago, a strong earthquake occurred, which led to the collapse of rocks, resulting in the formation of a 300-meter embankment dam. It blocked the natural flow of the Issyk river and caused the formation of a beautiful lake of the same name. Then we'll take a walk and take a picture by the lake.

Next, we`ll get acquainted with the most unique person-the Keeper of these places-the inspector of the reserve. There we`ll have an easy walk to the unique anti-settlement dam. Lunch at the Issyk river. After lunch, we can drive to the Bear waterfall in the neighboring Turgen gorge.

Arrival at the waterfall, easy walk to the waterfall (40 min). In the evening, we`ll move to a cozy guest family complex. Accommodation in the room. Dinner, socializing, overnight. If desired, you can order a bath, where there is a pool with clean water from a mountain river. 

Day 2. Route. Turgen gorge-Charyn canyon-Kolsay lake (lower) - guest house in Saty village

 Rise at 7: 00, Breakfast, fees and departure to the Charyn canyon. Lunch will be on the way to the cafe.

Upon arrival in the canyon, you will find a fascinating walk along the "Valley of castles" to the Charyn river, where we will rest and have a snack. Then we will go from the desert zone to the zone of high mountains and Alpine meadows to the Kolsay lakes national Park.

Once on lake Kolsay, we will make an interesting hike along the picturesque coast. You can rent a boat or horses for a small fee.

After the walk, we will go to the guest house with all the amenities inside. There are good-natured hosts-local residents will feed a delicious dinner with a national flavor. In the evening, you can sit by the fire and enjoy the beautiful starry sky.

Day 3. Our route for today : Kaindy Lake-thermal springs.

Breakfast and departure on the way to Kaindy lake. The road is waiting for us the most picturesque. We will cross several fords across the Kaindy river. Upon arrival at the Kaindy lake we will go for a simple and fun Hiking in the surroundings of this wonderful place. During the walk, we`ll visit some of the most famous places with views of the turquoise mystical lake of Kainda. It takes about 1.5 hours to walk along the shore of the lake with submerged century-old Tien Shan fir trees. We'll stop at one of the appropriate places and have a bite to eat. After that, we return to the car and go to the guest house for lunch. After a hearty meal, we will pack our things and go to the guest complex to the thermal springs. We will stay in our rooms, bathe and eat. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 4. Route. Thermal springs-yellow (lunar) canyon-Almaty.

You can afford to sleep longer this morning. Breakfast, swimming, departure from the guest complex. Today we`ll visit another interesting place - yellow canyon. Its landscapes resemble lunar ones, so the canyon got its second name-Lunar. Arriving in the valley of the moon canyon, we will take a short walk to the best place, which shows the full scale of this incredible, like an alien landscape. You can take beautiful photos. Lunch will be on the way to the cafe. We`ll arrive in Almaty in the evening.

Number of days: 4
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East Kazakhstan
North Kazakhstan
South Kazakhstan
West Kazakhstan
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