Pamir Highway & day trip to Wakhan of Afghanistan, 10 Days



Day 1: Dushanbe – Norak – Kalai Khum (370 km, 7-8 hours)

Today we will drive to Kalai Khum village. You will see Norak water reservoir that is called Tajik Sea. The highest point of the day is Shuraba pass (2 267 m) and after drive along Afghanistan border starts. This part will amaze you by its unique mountains – it is already Territory of Pamir Mountains. Over the centuries, the Pamirs have inspired the world’s greatest explorers – , Hsuan Tsang, Muhammad Haidar. And now you also have a chance to travel here. You will drive along natural border – Pyanj River. Having visited the Pamirs, many travellers called this giant mountain system the ocean of white and blue mountains. This night you will spend in a home stay to see the way of local people’s life.

Day 2: Kalai Khum – Rushan (180 km, 6 hours)

In the morning we will drive to Rushan. 10 km from Kalai - Khum we will drive up to ancient fortress. This fortress was built in 3 century and in 2013 got restoration. After sightseeing we will keep drive to Rushan. On the way we will see a lot of afghan villages and risky path on the rocks from left side of Panj river.  Overnight is in homestay. 

Day 3: Rushan – Bartang Valley – Trek to Jizew (60 km)

Today we will drive to Bartang valley. The Bartang Valley is one of the wildest and most memorable valleys in the western Pamirs. Even the Pamiri themselves consider the Bartang valley as the maybe most prototypical region of their homeland. On the one hand most of the Non-Bartangi view their compatriots, especially those from Upper Bartang, with reverent respect due to their harsh living conditions, which do not seem to have anything in common with those in the provincial capital Khorog. On the other hand they are fascinated in the face of the age-old traditions that are still alive in this particularly remote region. We will trek to Jizew valley to feel the really life on the mountains. In the morning we will continue our hiking in the main valley will back to home stay. Overnight with locals.

Day 4: Jizew - Rushan – Khorog (100 km, 3 hours)

We will leave early morning to arrange visas for Afghanistan in Khorog. It is perhaps one of the tiniest cities on the map of the world. It is surrounded by Rocky Mountains from all four sides. The town was built on the confluence of the 3 rivers where Shokhdara river and Ghund river flow into Pyanj river. On the way to Khorog you will meet Pamir people. A number of anthropological features set the Pamir people apart from the Tajik people. Among the Pamiris, there is a high percentage of people with blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Pamirs Mountains are the highest mountains in the world with human population after the Himalayas in Tibet. Life in the mountains made traditions of local people different from Tajik people. Night is in a guesthouse.

Day 5: Khorog – Sultoni Iskashim (Afghanistan) (140km, 4 hours)

Today you will have a day trip to Afghanistan. We leave Khorog in the morning and seeing Afghanistan on the right side of the rout we will continue to the cross border point in Ishkashim. Then we cross to Afghanistan through the bridge on the Panj River in Ishkashim. Our afghan guide will meet you on the border and accompany to Sultoni Ishkashim. After arranging the Wakhan Permit you will have lunch. Our guide will show you the traditional houses of afghan local people. Today you will see their way of the life and how they are living in the mountain areas. Overnight is in home stay.

Day 6: Sultoni Ishkashim – Yamg - Langar (140 km, 5 hours)

Drive towards the Wakhan corridor. On the road we will visit Kah-Kaa and Yamchun Fortresses, Further up the hillside are the hot spring at Bibi Fatima: dense and very salty minerals, the water at Bibi Fatima is crystal clear.  There are several places of interest to stop.  Above the village of Vrang , on a cliff-side pitted with caves, stands a Buddhist complex dating from 4th- 7th centuries. At Yamg , we visit the reconstructed home of Sufi mystic Muabara Kadam , who died in 1910. Near this house there is stone pillar with a hole in it which he used to calculate a solar calendar. In the cool of the morning we climb up above Langar village to see petroglyphs. Overnight  in homestay.

Day 7:  Langar – Bulunkul lake (150 km, 5 hours )

The most beautiful lakes of the Pamirs are Yashil Kul and Bulunkul (Blue lakes), stretched on the altitude of 3 700 meters above sea level, are situated in the Murghab district. Today we will spend a night near them. The color of water in Bulunkul is a subtle inter-play of violet and dark-blue in the sunlight. Species of fish like are found in abundance in the lake. There is the opportunity to see yaks, a unique species of domestic animals, sharing features of cow and sheep, traditionally used as a beast of burden apart from giving milk and meat products. On the way to the lake you will drive over Khargush pass (4 344 m). Dinner and night is in a home stay.

Day 8: Bulunkul – Murgab (170 km, 5 hours)

They say in the Pamir: “to arrive here and do not see Murgab is like not visiting the Pamirs at all”. After all, by the Roof of the World, we mean Murgab. In the morning we will drive to this town. On the way you will drive over Naizatash pass (4 137 m). At the flat landscape of desolate Murgab there are dozens of peaks with absolute altitude over 6 000 meters above sea level. Often the landscape of Murghab is compared to the surface of the Moon by visitors, viewing the scene with outsiders’ eyes. Indeed, this comparison speaks to the unrepeatable experience of being in Murghab and the uniqueness of the place. The desolate and high-altitude climate of Murghab is almost Arctic. Dry air, short and cool summers and almost snowless, severe, freezing winters characterize the weather. Dinner and night is in a guesthouse.

Day 9: Murgab – Karakul Lake (160 km, 4 hours)

Right on the highway of the Pamir Tract is situated the light-blue lake of Karakul (3, 815 m), the name of which can be translated as “The Black Lake”. On the way to the lake you will drive over the highest Ak Baital pass (4 655 m). Karakul is the highest large mountain lake of the world, excluding those in Tibet and Titicaca. The lake is situated in a meteorite crater and surrounded by swampy and wet meadows and bogs with a rich flora and fauna and several endemic species. Flooding, melting permafrost and buried ice sheets shape the landscape with small hillocks and a large variety of small creeks and water courses between 3 500 and 4 000 m. The rich plant cover is grazed by wild and domestic ungulates. Dinner and night is in a home stay.

Day 10: Karakul Lake – Osh (290 km, 6-7 hours)

Today we will drive to Kyrgy border and then to Osh city.  The road will go along amazing mountains and high passes. On the way you will drive over a high mountain pass – Taldik. It is 3 615 meters high! You will never forget the amazing views of the road and mountains around it. With 93% of mountains in Kyrgyzstan, nomadic life in remote places – our country is a real paradise for people that are in love with mountains and unusual cultures. The route takes you along roads that wind along incredible gorges. During the day be prepared for amazing views of the impressive mountains and gorges. Night is in a hotel.

  Price per person:

  • 02 pax – 1443$ 
  • 03 pax – 1070$ 
  • 04 pax – 883$ 
  • 05 pax – 771$ 
  • Single supplement – 80$


English speaking guide in Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan – 800$ per group

Visa for Afghanistan – 200$ per person (price for the visa can change anytime)

Service includes:

  • Transport
  • Breakfasts
  • Dinners
  • Accommodation:
  •           Kalai Khum – Home sta
  •           Rushan – Home stay
  •           Jizew – Home stay
  •           Khorog – Home stay
  •           Sultoni Ishkashim (Afghanistan) – Home stay
  •           Langar – Home stay
  •           Bulunkul – Home stay
  •           Murghab – Home stay
  •           Karakul – Home stay
  •           Osh – “Sunrise” Hotel 3*
  • Wakhan permit
  • English speaking guide in Afghanistan
  • Entrances to all museums
  • Mineral water during the tour

Service does not include:

  • Visa for Afghanistan
  • Full board 
  • Single rooms
  • Early check-in
  • Travel insurance
  • English speaking guide in Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan
  • Visa
  • GBAO permit 


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P.S. English speaking driver is available only in Tajikistan. In Kyrgyzstan you will have a simple driver during transfer from Kyrgyz border to Osh. In Afghanistan you will have an English speaking guide. 

Number of days: 10
Covered regions:
Wakhan valley
Fann mountains
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: Visa for Afghanistan, Full board, Single rooms, Early check-in, Travel insurance, English speaking guide in Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan, Visa, GBAO permit
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