Altyn Emel, Kolsay, Kaindy and Charyn canyon 3 days

This tour gives a unique opportunity to visit the most beautiful places of Kazakhstan for 3 days. You will visit the steppes, semi-deserts, mountains and lakes, with the opportunity to see a wild nature. Throughout the road you are waiting for unreal beauty landscapes.


You will visit the Altyn Emel National Park is one of such wonderful places and the biggest national natural park in Kazakhstan. Singing dune is the state landscape nature monument and favorite tourist's sight. The chalk mountains Aktau, the traces of extinct subtropical plants, petrified bones of ancient animals, giant rhinoceros inhabited the Earth 20-50 millions years ago were found in the clefts. The Katutau Mountains are the most arid, empty and dark, they differ by their steep slopes and numerous gorges. Seven-hundred years old willow. Five persons joining hands can encompass this tree. The wollow's branches have been bowed down with their own w, and resemble thick trunks. Unique stone steles "Oshaktas". According to one version, it was a signal tower where the fire was kindled in case of enemy approach. The spring with crystal clear water. People say that it is saint, has a healing property and can cure many diseases. Kolsay lakes is the system of 3 picturesque lakes are located 330km south from Almaty on the altitude of 1800, 2250 and 2700 respectively. Area is interesting in it’s geological landscape and availability of rare plants and tranquil untouched nature. Kolsay lakes are often called as Pearls of Northen Tyan-Shian. The sunken forest of lake Kaindy is a stunning view to behold and a lovely place to relax for a picknick when going east from Almaty. In 1911, an earsquake triggered a large landslide, which formed a natural dam on the slopes of the Kungey Alatau range outside of Almaty. The imposing Shrank spruce trees that previously formed a forest there, were now suddenly submerged in the lake that was born from the landslide Charyn Canyon is a unique natural monument, stretching for 154km along the banks of Charyn river in south from Almaty. It consist out of sedimentary rocks which are about 12 mln years old. The h of canyon walls can be up to 300 meters. The most interesting tourist place is Valley of Castles, curvy 2-km path through the bottom of canyon will lead you  along picturesque mountains, red cliffs and rocks.

Highlights of the tour: cultural tour of the city of nomads, Ili river, Altyn Emel National park (ascent to the peak of singing dune, hiking and walking in Ak-Tau and Katu-Tau mountains, barbecue in open air, relaxation after off-road near 700-year-old willow, lokal life in Bashi village, relaxation and swimming in a hot spring, local life in Chundza village, local home residence and traditional food in Saty village, amazing view in Kolsay Lake and Kaindy Lake, walk inside the Charyn canyon, hiking in Yelow canyon.

Route: Almaty, City of Nomad’s and Ili river, Bashy village, Singing dune, Bashy village, Ak-Tau mountains, Katu-Tau mountain,  700-year-old willow, Chundza village, Yellow canyon, Charyn canyon, Saty village, Kolsay Lake, Kaindy Lake, Saty village, Almaty.

Road length: 1200 km



Day one:

07-00 departure from your hotel in Almaty

11-00 arrival to Basshy village in Altyn Emel National Park (lunch)

12-00 departure from Basshy village

13-30 arrival to Singing Dune in Altyn Emel National Park (hiking to the pick of Singing Dune)

16-30 departure from Singing Dune

16-45 arrival to mineral spring of Chokan Valihanov in Altyn Emel National Park 

18-30 departure from mineral spring of Chokan Valihanov

19-30 arrival to Ak-Tau mountains in Altyn Emel National Park (barbecue in camp)

Day two:

07-30 breakfast

08-00 walking inside canyon in Ak-Tau mountains, coffee break

10-00 departure from Ak-Tau mountains

10-30 arrival to Katu-Tau mountains in Altyn Emel National Park (photo shot)

11-00 departure from Katu-Tau mountains

12-15 arrival to 700-year-old willow in Altyn Emel National Park (lunch)

13-30 departure from 700-year-old willow

18-00 arrival to Saty village (settling in the guest house or Yurt, homemade dinner)


Day three:

07-00 homemade breakfast in Saty village 

09:30 arrival to Kaindy Lake (horse riding to the Kaindy Lake 3 km)

11-00 departure from Kaindy Lake

13-00 arrival to Kolsai Lake (coffee break)

14-00 departure from Kolsay Lake

15-00 homemade lunch in Saty village

17-30 arrival to Charyn canyon (off-road inside canyon)

19-30 departure from Charyn canyon

22-00 arrival to Almaty



Program can be changed or supplemented according to your desire.

Number of days: 3
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East Kazakhstan
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South Kazakhstan
West Kazakhstan
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