Various Daytrips from Shymkent with experienced Guide

1. Shymkent to river Arys

Distance 55 km (Travel time 1:00)

• Visit to the medieval Sufi monastery Ishan-Bazar (19th century) on the banks of Arys River
• See the picturesque glade of the ArysRiverI
• Inspect the confluence of Arys and Boroldai rivers
• Picnic


2. Shymkent to Cave Karaungur- Lake Balykshi

Distance of 70 km (Travel time 1:00)

• Visit Neolithic caves Karaungur, ancient communities of hunters and gatherers, inhabited 12,000 years ago
• See of the waterfall at the foot of the mainsail
• Picnic on the lakeside Balykshi


3. Shymkent to Canyon Ak-Su river

Distance 60 km (travel time 1:00)

• Visit the deepest Canyon Ak-Su River of Central Asia and Kazakhstan
• Inspect Devil's Throat cave and find the narrowest point of the canyon : length 75 sm.
• Observation and meditation on the bank of the canyon


4. Shymkent to Mavsoleum Shashty Tukty Aziz Bab Baba-Ata

Distance 240 km (travel time: 3 hours)

• Driving to shrines ShashtyTukty Aziz Bab (the patron saint of warriors and healers)
• Visit the holy lakes, full of huge fish
• A trip to the village of Baba-Ata to inspect the unusual layout of the medieval schools of the 19th century
• Visit to the mausoleum of Baba Iskhak (ancestor of Khoja Ahmad Yassavi)
• Visit the ruins of a medieval mazar 17th century feudal castle and the 8th century.

5. Shymkent to Gorge Kyzyl-Ata in Karatau

Distance of 200 km (3 hours)

• Visit the unique medieval stone castles and ancient cemetery Kyrkyz 15-17 centuries on the tops of the Karatau Mountains
• Visit the petroglyphs at the fortress walls


6. Shymkent to Sauran city

Distance 200 km (2.5 hours)

• Tour the ruins of the unique medieval town Sauran; preserved ancient layout and topography.
• Do a study of the old walls, towers, battlements, and the ruins of the madrasыa mint
• Examine the entrance to the underground gallery of the city water supply
• Stroll on the oldest bridge of Kazakhstan's Wall Street
• Leave through the picturesque Gorge of Karatau Mountains
• Review the ancient petroglyphs gallery of 5,000 years at the foot of the stunning peaks of the mountains Kelinshektau (Bride Stone)


7. Shymkent to Gorge Boroldai (120$)

Distance 70 km (1.5 hour)

• Survey rock petroglyphs at Mountain Tour
• Hike to the rocky canyon Uzun-Bulak to inspect the grotto of ancient hunters, Walk on boulders, along the gorge flooded clean mountain spring water
• Halt and swim in the deep creek under the jets of a mountain waterfall


8. Shymkent to Shayan-Ak-Metchet Cave (120$)

Distance 110 km (1.5 hours)

•   Visiting the village Shayan to inspect madrassa-Islamic College (XIXc.), the dome of the mosque (XIXc.), the educational Center (XIXc.), and the сemetery (XIX c)
• Visit the foothills of Karatau to review the place of power, the most enormous cave Holy White Mosque in Kazakhstan with an underground garden.
• Inspection of the entrance to the dungeon snake Aydahar-ata in a dry ravine
• Swimin the Ulken-Bugun river

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