Rent a salon car,driver, including fuel cost in Mongolia

The salon car+driver will serve you around Ulaanbaatar. The fuel price is included around 200km driving possibility. If the trip exceed more than 200 km, you pay additional fuel cost. The driver+car will serve you whole day av. 6-8 hours.

One day trip examples in or around Ulaanbaatar;

- Museum&monastery tours (National Museum, Bogd Khaan Palais museum,Theater museum, Gandan Degchilen Monastery, Tsoijin Lama Monastery museum, Zanabazar Art museum)

- Store tours (Cashmere factory stories and factories, black market ) One day tours outside of Ulaanbaatar city

- Aglag Monastery north from UB 100 km from UB

- Terelj National Park, Turtle Rock

- Monument of Tonyukuk 100 km from UB (must to see monument for the tourists from Turkey)

- Manzushir Monastery 52 km from UB

- 13th century national park, its more than 300km... you should add 10 liter benzin...The entrance fee 55.000MNT= 23$ without a lunch, with lunch 70.000MNT=29$ for foreigner, (Lunch= noodle soup with mongolian dry meat, three khuushuur, salade, milk tea, mongolian cake) If you pay driver's lunch 15.000MNT=6$ he can enter with a car for free (you should pay this amount)

- Chinggis Khaan Statue 300 km ( entrance fee; Adult 8500MNT = 3.5$ Children 3500MNT= 1.50$ - Hustai National Park (round trip from UB 220 km) you will see wild horses known as "Przewalski horse" Entrance fee to the park costs around 7$)

- Schamane visite, Lama visite

- Customized Business trip

Transport: Minivan
4wd: No