Engilchek Glacier Trekking Trip

Are you looking to explore one of the most remote and intrsgin spots here in Kyrgyzstan?  I would like to offer you this great trekking trip into the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.  Trekking from Jyrglan village to the abandoned minning town of Enilcheck is really one of a kind trip. Take a look at this great trekking program and if you wish to make this a custom program I would be happy to work with you to build you a custom trekking trip! 

Day 1: Landing in Bishkek + City tour of Bishkek + drive to Tamchi village
∣     At the Manas Airport, your guide/driver will greet you and welcome you to Kyrgyzstan. (most flights land at 3 or 4 am).
∣     Once you arrive at your guesthouse you will be able to have a rest after your long flight. 
∣     At ~ 9:00 am you will be able to have an easy breakfast.
∣     Shortly after breakfast your guide will meet you and go over the tour and then you will make your way into the city of Bishkek.  Bishkek is well known for its green parks and countless tree-covered boulevards.
∣     You will be able to see the highlights of the city such as Ala-Too Square, Panfilov Park, The White House, and of cores Osh Bazaar.
∣     At ~4:00 you will make your way out of the city and make your way to Tamchi village.
∣     Dinner at Belem Eje’s guesthouse in Tamchi village.
Driving time: 3.5 hours
Accommodation in Tamchi at a guesthouse.
Day 2: Driving from Tamchi village to Jyrglan village.
∣     After breakfast, everyone will be able to pack their bags and make their way to the small village of Jyrglan.
∣     After lunch, you will be able to enjoy the hot springs on the way with a great view of the snow-capped peak mountains.
∣     If you wish to stop and take pictures it’s no problem please make sure to ask your guide.
∣       Once you arrive in the village of Jyrglan village your host will welcome you with bottomless cups of tea.
Driving time: 6 hours
Accommodation at Azarmat’s Guesthouse in Jyrglan at 1,950 m.
Day 3: Trekking from Jyrgalan to Tiup valley
∣     After your last tea with your hosts, you will start your trek into the Tiup Valley.
∣     You will meet your horse porters that will carry your equipment for the first part of your trip.
∣     You will be able to enjoy the amazing green nature all around you that will be a big contrast from the end of your big trek.
∣     The trek will start in Jyrgalan and you will make your way through countless valleys and light forests.  One of the highlights of the day will be the Jyrgalan pass at 3,332 m.
∣     Later in the day, the trail will bring you to the Tiup valley where you will spend the night in tents.
Accommodation in tents in the Tiup Gorge 2,800m 7-8 hours trekking 25 km traveled + 1000 m altitude gain – 400 altitude loss.
Day 4: Trekking from Tiup Valley to Chong Djalangatsh Gorge
∣     After breakfast, you will be able to pack up your bags and start trekking.
∣     Today you will have to pass the Ashu Tor pass at 3,660 m.  It’s a great place to take a panoramic picture of the whole area.
∣     Your guide will show you the way to the Chong Djalangatsh gorge where you will spend the night.
Accommodation in tents in the Chong Djalangatsh gorge 3,100m 7 hours trekking 23 km traveled + 700 m altitude gain – 400 altitude loss.
Day 5: Trekking from Chong Djalangatsh to Turuk Gorge   
∣     After breakfast, you will make your way to the Turuk Gorge.
∣     You will reach the Janalach Ashu pass at 3,510 m and then make your way down to the Turuk valley.
∣     Today this is your rest day where you will be able to meet people along the way. Share a tea and get a feeling for the mountain people of Kyrgyzstan.
Accommodation in tents at 3100m 6 hours trekking 18 km traveled + 600 altitude gain – 700 altitude loss
Day 6: Trekking from Turuk Valley to Echkilitash in the Sary Jaz valley
∣     Today you will trek to the Sary Jaz valley where you will meet the porters at the Echkilitash military base.
∣     The first mountain pass of the day is Kara-Shu 3,307 m.  The Sary Jaz valley will open up and you will be able to see countless peaks from the Sary Jass mountain range.
∣     Once you arrive in the Echkilitash Military post you will give a copy of your boarder zone permit to the border guards with a copy of your passport.  Please make sure have your passport with you at all times.  Once all administrative paperwork is completed then you will cross the Sarry Jazz River.
∣     At this point you will say good bye to your horse porters and horse boys and you will meet your team of porters from Karakol.  ~4:00 pm.
∣     With your new porters, you will build your tent camp for the night together near the Sarry Jazz River.  They will bring new food and a new feeling to the trip.
Accommodation in tents at 2,900m 7 hours trekking and 20 km traveled + 300 M altitude gain – 500 altitude loss
Day 7: Trekking from Echkilitash to Chong Tash below the Tyuz Pass
∣     After breakfast and tea, you will be able to enjoy trekking alongside the Tyuz river.
∣     You will be guided below the Tyuz Pass where camp will be built next to the Chong Tash.
∣       There is a nice alpine lake above the camp and below the Tyuz pass and don’t forget to keep your eyes open for the Sheep.
Accommodation in the tent 3,885m ~7-8 hours trekking and 27 km traveled + 900 altitude gain – 0 altitude loss
Day 8: Trekking from Chong Tash below the Tyuz Pass to Chong Tash in the Enilcheck valley
∣     After a strong coffee, you will make your way to the pass of the Tyuz pass at 4001 m.
∣     Once you reach the summit of the Tyuz pass 4001 m you will have the chance to make a summit to the Tyuz Peak +150 m.
∣     From the panoramic point, you will have a great view of the whole Enilcheck valley and a clear view to Khan Tengri 6,995m and possibly Victory Peak at 7,439 m. Hope for clear weather.
∣     Don’t forget to capture a few nice pictures of the Nansen Peak 5,697m and other countless peaks in the distance.
∣     Lunch will be shared at the pass and then your guide will show you the best way to reach Chong Tash in the the Enilcheck valley.
∣     Once you reach the Enilcheck valley you will build a camp for the night in Chong-Tash and you will be able to share dinner with your guide and porters.
Accommodation in tents at 2900m ~6 hours trekking 15km traveled +400 altitude gain – 1,400 altitude loss
Day 9: Chong-Tash crossing the Enilcheck Glacier to At-Jayloo river
∣     Today will a longer day but it’s a very flat day and quite exciting because you will be trekking on the Enilcheck Glacier at 3900m.
∣     When crossing the glacier, you’re guide will show you the best possible route to cross the glacier.
∣     You will be able to enjoy the ever-changing landscape of the glacier and the nearby mountains. 
∣     Once you cross the glacier you will head down the Enilcheck valley to the At-Jayloo valley where you will build camp for the night.
∣     Crossing the At-Jayloo river can be a challenge but your guide will help you and it could be possible to take horse as well.
Accommodation in tents at 2,600m ~7 hours trekking 25km + 150 altitude gain – 450 altitude loss
Day 10: At-Djailoo River to the At-Djailoo pass
∣     After an early breakfast, you will trek along the At-Djailoo river in the narrow gorge.
∣     You will be able to see the chaining landscapes of high altitude glaciers, high allude forest, and it’s also possible to see wild Ibex goats.
∣       Camp will be at the At-Djailoo pass next to the alpine lake. 
∣       It’s possible to reach the high alpine ridge that splits the At-Djailoo valley and the Enilcheck valley.  It’s possible to view the large glaciers under the Alexander Von Humbolt Peak 5,016m.
∣       Don’t forget to enjoy dinner with your guide and porters.
Accommodation in tents at 3600m 7 hours trekking 16 km +1,100 M altitude gain – 0 altitude loss
Day 11: The At-Djailoo Pass 3,674 m to Kaindy Valley
∣     After breakfast, you will start trekking and don’t forget to see the countless glaciers, alpine pastures, and Ibex’s in the early mooring.
∣     In this very remote location it’s important to stay on the trail with your guide because there are countless sheep trails and many large cliffs.
∣     Once you reach next valley you will follow the Kaindy river and build camp where the valley opens up.
Accommodation in tents at 2,700m ~7-8 hours trekking 27 km + 0 m altitude gain – 900 m altitude loss  
Day 12: Kaindy Valley to the lower Kaindy Valley
∣     Today is going to be a great day deep in the wild mountains of Kaindy valley.
∣     You will be able to see a different landscape today with nice forest close to the Kaindy river. 
∣     The whole day you will be losing altitude and it’s a great end to the trek.
∣     Once you reach the camp you will have dinner ready and you will have earned a long night’s sleep.
Accommodation in tents 2,400m ~4 hours trekking ~15km. + 0 m altitude gain – 300 m altitude loss
Day 13: Transport from Enilchek village to Karakol
∣     After a late breakfast, you will be able to enjoy the nice hike down to the hot springs on the way to the Enilchek village.
∣     It’s possible to have a “city tour” of the old abandoned mining city of Enilchek.
∣     You’re driver will meet your at ~11:00 and you will be brought back to Karakol town.
∣     During the long drive, to Karakol you will be able to make a few stops along the way to take pictures and to enjoy the views.
∣     Once you arrive in Karakol you will be able to clean up after your long trek in the mountains and wash your clothing.
∣     Dinner will be had a local café in the center of the city.
Driving 5-6 hours
Accommodation at the River Side Guesthouse 1,600m in Karakol ~3 hours trekking
Day 14: Driving from Karakol to Bishkek via the south shore
∣     Today will be spent in the back of your van traveling from Bishkek to Karakol.
∣     On the way it’s possible to make a few nice road side stops such as fairy tale canon which is a great spot to enjoy a 1 hour hike in the sandy canyon.
∣     Once you arrive in Bishkek you will have a chance to visit the famous Osh bazar or have a walk thought the countless parks in the city center.
∣     Once you arrive in Bishkek you will have a late farewell dinner in the center and have time to pack your bags for your flight the next day.
Accommodation at the Rich Hotel in Bishkek 850 m.
Day 15: Bishkek to the Airport
∣     After an early breakfast, everyone will be transferred to the airport.  Most of the flights leave Kyrgyzstan at 3 am or 4 am.  The drive from the center of the city to the airport is ~45 mints and it’s always a good idea to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight.
∣     Here at Indy Guide we hope you enjoyed your trekking trip to one of the more remote parts of Kyrgyzstan.
Price includes:
-     English speaking trekking guide
-     Organization of the stay
-     All transfers in vehicle incl. from/ to airport
-     Full board incl. drinking water
-     Accommodation described in the program
-     Carrying luggage during trekking and horse riding
-     Rent camping equipment (tents, mats, kitchen utensils)
-     Entry fees at national parks or nature reserves.
-     Entry fees at museums mentioned in the program.
Price does not include:
-     Insurance repatriation and CR insurance
-     The tickets for the opening games.
-     International airfare and taxes;
-     Alcohol or sweetened mineral water;
-     Additional services not mentioned in the program;
-     Rental of personal equipment (sleeping bag, water bottle, flashlight, etc.)
-     Tips;
-     Additional costs due to personal problems (health, loss of luggage, etc.).
This is a trekking tour where the guesthouses are medium level.  From 2 stars to 3 starts where possible.  Most of the nights you will be sleeping in tents.
This is a trekking tour and the transport will be basic and none of the vans will have air-condition or fancy seats or seat belts. 
You have the opportunity to be provided tents, sleeping pads, and all kitchen equipment.  If you wish to take your own light w tent please do.  Typically, there is 2 guests to one tent.

Price per person:
3 Pax: 2,557 dollars per person with 4 porters
4 Pax: 2,271 dollars per person with 4 porters
5 Pax: 2,082 dollars per person with 6 porters
6 Pax: 1,966 dollars per person with 4 porters
*The porters will take 15kg of your food and equipment.

Map of Inylchek Trek

Number of days: 15
Covered regions:
Bishkek City
Osh City
Included services:
Accommodation (Hotel/Guesthouse)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/Train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Not included: - Insurance repatriation and CR insurance - International airfare and taxes; - Alcohol or sweetened mineral water; - Additional services not mentioned in the program; - Rental of personal equipment (ATV, sleeping bag, water bottle, flashlight, etc.) - Tips; - Additional costs due to personal problems (health, loss of luggage, etc.).
What to bring: ● Travel bag (70-80L) ● Light hiking backpack (20-30L max) ● Sunglasses ● 50+ sun cream ● Hat / Beanie ● Personal hygiene set ● Hiking shoes ● Warm clothes for cold evenings ● Summer clothing Light fleece ● Light gloves Scarf ● Silk inlet ● Rain cloak ● Camera + batteries ● Bathing suit Towel ●Your good mood
Transport: SUV 4x4
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Tour categories:
Private tours
Cultural tours
Adventure tours
Offroad tours
Sightseeing tours
Winter tours
Special Event tours
Wildlife tours
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Payment Method

For a confirmed booking, a deposit of (10%) is required. Deposit is paid by credit card (secure payment via Stripe, no credit card fees). The remaining balance can be paid in cash upon start of the trip - unless Host & Traveler agree on different payment methods.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made free of charge up to 30 days prior to the beginning of the booked service. The deposit (10%) is only refundable if the booking is canceled at least 30 days in advance.