Gobi Desert Tour of Mongolia - 8 Days

Route: Ulan Bator - Gobi Desert – Ulan Bator 1650km

• Region: Southern Mongolia

• Tour highlights: Gobi Desert – Yolyn Am – Khongor Sand Dunes – Bayanzag, Flaming Cliffs

• Available: Available throughout the year

• Length of tour: 7 nights / 8 days

• Travel Style: Classic

American expedition led by Roy Chapman Andrews returned home with the first dinosaur eggs ever discovered, from Mongolia's Gobi Desert. Imagine yourself sitting at the top of flaming cliffs where the expedition discovered the first dinosaur eggs while enjoying the sunset. Furthermore, the highlight continues to Khongor sand dunes or Singing dune that lies within Gobi Gurvan saikhan National Park. At Khongor sand dunes, you will enjoy beautiful sand dunes, mountains, two-humped Bactrian camels, nomadic lifestyle and narrow streams look, unlike Sahara desert.

Day1. The granite formations of Baga Gazriin Chuluu

Ulan Bator – Baga Gazriin Chuluu 250km

Visit of Mountains Baga Gazriin Chuluu, where we will observe stunning granite rock formations eroded by the violent elements of this area. In the 19th century, two respected lamas lived here, and we still can see their inscriptions in the rock. According to the legend, Genghis Khan is supposed to have lived in this beautiful area where it is pleasant to walk.

Stay overnight: Nomadic Family’s ger or tourist ger camp

Day2. The great white stupa in the desert

Baga Gazar Chuluu – white stupa 220km

We travel in one of the emptiest areas of Mongolia. Between rock desert and semi-arid steppes, we reach the white stupa, Tsagaan Suvarga. For centuries, this 30-metre (98,43 feet) high, abrupt, stupa-shaped mountain, is honoured by the Mongolians. The traveller will be surprised by the magnificent lunar landscapes that evoke the end of the world, and by the many fossils. This area was covered by the sea a few million years ago.

Stay overnight: Nomadic Family’s ger or tourist ger camp

Day3. Three beautiful mountain 

White Stupa – Yoliin am 225km

Last day of track before reaching Great Gobi and its "Three Beauties", the three highest peaks in this part of the Gobi-Altai range : Baruun Saïhan, "the Western Beauty" ; Dund Saïhan, "the Middle Beauty" ; Züün Saïhan, "the Eastern Beauty", the highest (2846 metres, 1,77 miles).

Hiking in the canyon of Yol am, the bearded vulture's canyon. We will walk in the bottom of the canyon that is covered with perpetual snow. The canyon is so steep-sided, that sun rays make the ice melt only in August. The rest of the year, there's ice everywhere in the canyon. Journey on the track towards the east of "the Three Beauties" to reach the area of canyons. Stop at Dungenee Canyon. We leave the vehicle to start our first magic hike along the river that flows between huge canyons.

Stay overnight: tent camping or tourist ger camp

Day 4-5. Hongor sand dunes

Three beautiful mountain - Khongor sand dunes 180km

We ride towards the west of the park to reach Khongor sand dunes, "light bay sand". These dunes extend at the foot of the "Three Beauties".

Day 4 Hongor sand dunes

Visit of the dunes of Khongoryn. These dunes are the most spectacular ones of Mongolia, they extend on more than 180 kilometres (111,85 miles) long and 20 kilometres (12,43 miles) wide, and have an average h of 80 meters (262,47 feet), the highest one being 120 meters (393,70 feet) high. From the top, the view on the desert is quite amazing. From this place, it is also possible to hear the moving masses of sand, hence the name of "singing dunes". Beyond the dunes, the steppe extends for as far as the eye can see.

Day 5 Hongor sand dunes

Camel ride and hike in the Gobi Desert is an unforgettable experience. The nonchalant animal will take us with its peaceful gait along the dunes and the Khongor River, "light bay", that flows alternately on the surface and under the ground. We will go to a small oasis at the foot of the dunes, where some bushes grow, such as saxaul. Camels are very fond of saxaul and Mongolians think it is the most precious wood. We will walk until the top of a dune and will have a beautiful view of the desert. Far away, we will see the peaks of the Three Beautiful and, if we listen carefully, we might hear the song of the dunes.

Stay overnight: Nomadic Family’s ger or tourist ger camp

Day6. The Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag

Khongor – Bayanzag 150km

Visit of the Cliffs of Bayanzag, today best known as "flaming cliffs", owing to their ochre red colour, where is located the "cemetery of dragons". The cliffs and the saxaul forests that surround them are the evidence of the time when huge creatures: dinosaurs still inhabited Earth. Palaeontologist Roy Andrews Chapman was the first man to discover in 1922 some bones and eggs of dinosaurs that we can see today in the Natural History Museum of Ulan Bator and other museums in the world.

Stay overnight: Nomadic Family’s ger or tourist ger camp

Day7. Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain

Bayanzag – Zorgol khairkhan 320km

The mountain noted “Secret history of Mongolian”. It has many caves and water springs. Lucky visitors may see wild animals like mountain goats, ibex, and eagles. There are several burial sites of ancient Mongol soldiers around this mountain. According to shamanic custom, pronouncing the name of the holy mountains while visiting them is forbidden. Hike

Stay overnight:  tent camping.

Day8. Back to the Mongolian capital

Back to Ulan-Bator. Last herds of wild horses are crossing the road outside our astonished eyes, last yurts smoking far away, the steppe will be with us until the last moment. Arrival in town and settling in at your accommodation, where you can rest a few minutes.

Rest of the day free. With our guide, you can go and shop in the centre of the city.



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