Bishkek-Tokmok-Naryn-Issyk kul Tour, Kyrgyzstan, 9 Days

(able to shorten or lengthen stay based on preference)

(each full day includes breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Day 1: Our driver will meet you at Manas International Airport. You then have the choice of a “homestay” with a Kyrgyz family, or at a hotel. Once settled we can show you some of the sites of Bishkek, then dinner before resting for the night.

Day 2: We will depart for the city of Tokmok, about 45 minutes from Bishkek, and visit the tower of Burana. Lunch will be served in the village of Kok Jar, followed by a drive to our famous Dolon mountain (2.5 hours away). Shortly after the Dolon we will stop in the village of 40 yurts and eat dinner. You may choose whether to eat in a yurt, or a local’s home.

Day 3: This will be a full day of horseback riding and hiking, eating lunch up in the mountains. We will return to the village of 40 yurts for dinner. Again, you may choose where to eat.

Day 4: A 3-hour horseback ride will take us to the village of Ottuk where we will eat lunch in a beautiful ravine. After lunch you will learn the process of making our national carpets, called shyrdaks. Dinner will be served back up the ravine in a café filled with live folklore music. You will sleep either in a yurt, a local’s house, or in a guest house of Naryn city (you choose).

Day 5: Once in Naryn you will visit the art gallery, bazaar and animal museum. Lunch will be served with a Kyrgyz family, followed by a trip to Tash Rabat and its 15th century stone caravanserai. This Stone Fortress is at an altitude of 3200 meters, with an untold number of rooms once used as a stopover on the Silk Road. During our time at Tash Rabat you can ride horses and/or hike before dinner before spending the night in a yurt.

Day 6: Following breakfast we will head to the mountain lake of Son Kol. Passing through several villages (Kulanak, Uchkun, Ak Talaa & Kurtka) you will see more of our beautiful countryside. Once we reach the pass at Moldo Ashuu we will have dinner and you will learn about hunting with a golden eagle (using a dead fox). This pass is known for its amazing beauty, full of forests, rivers and rocky ravines. There are two houses of “roaders” and one of the oldest bath houses from the USSR where you can bathe before turning in for the night. From here we can easily reach the shores of Son Kol lake.

Day 7: We will climb up to the very high and pretty pass at Moldo Ashuu. On the way we will have a short stop for taking pictures. After eating lunch in a yurt we will spend the afternoon hiking or horseback riding.

Day 8: This is a free day with no planned activities. You can rest on the shores of the lake, go hiking or spend time by yourself.

Day 9: We will depart to the other pass, Teskei Tortu. Some locals call it “32” because of the number of different snakes in the area. Others call it by a funny name, “32 parrots”. Regardless of its true name we will stop at this pass gazing down on the valley below. After lunch in a yurt or at the house of a forester we will visit historical burial grounds and see ancient stone writings. You will also learn about a culturally important cave, “Khan Salyk”. Through the mountain pass of Jan Bulak we will reach the main road with a panorama of mountains. We will eat lunch at a shepherd’s house before departing to the village of Kochkor for the remainder of the day.

- Note- This tour for the group (from 4 to 15 people). The more people, the lower the price.

Also we can organize tours from 3 to 15 days, according to Kyrgyzstan.

Welcome to beautiful country! For the creation of memorable days in your life.

Included services:
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Entrance fees (i.e. parks, events)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Accommodation (Hotel)
Transport: Minivan