Charyn Canyon (Sharyn) full day tour from Almaty

Hi am Anatoly, live in Almaty. I enjoy showing people around my region and can organise various tours from half day, full day or multiple days. 

I have a big 4x4 truck (Toyota Land Cruiser) that can take us off-road to some great, remote locations, crossing rivers, driving through canyons, deserts, forests or fields.

Prices for tours depend on the distance - Charyn Canyon for example is 3 hours drive in 1 direction from Almaty and is covered in this price, shorter or longer trips will vary. 3 passengers will fit comfortably in the car but also 4 is possible but it will be a bit cosy in the back.

I am very flexible and can arrange for almost any kind of photo opportunity. If you would like to ride a horse, see some Yurts (traditional nomad tent), try/buy some horse milk, horse meat I can arrange. You can either bring your own snacks or we can stop at some nice places to try local food (or just a simple supermarket if you are not so adventurous). 

I speak Russian and a few local Kazach region dialects but most of all know how to approach and negotiate with the locals to arrange almost anything you like or reach some places that are usually not open to most. My English is not very good but I know how to use Google translate :-)

For trip to Charyn Canyon it's recommended to leave Almaty very early but it depends on how much time you want to spend on the road and at the final desitination. On return we can stop at my favourite restaurant where you can catch your own fish if you like.

Any questions, please let me know, looking forward to show you around!

Transport: SUV 4x4
4wd: Yes