Did you want to reach more and more new highs? If they are located in a paradise place!

So we invite you to visit our country, the country on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. It is located in southwestern Kyrgyzstan, a mountainous region of Pamir-Alai, very similar to the rocky mountains of South American Patagonia, but the height of the rock walls of these mountains reach over 2000 m.

Many rivers bring their purest water from these Rocky Mountains. There are the rivers like Laylak, Karavshin, Ak-Suu, Kara-Suu, Orta Chashma.

This area is located in a picturesque mountain area. This means clean air and beautiful sceneries. The unique peaks in the region of Ak Su, Karavshin are more complicated and therefore more attractive for climbing in these mountains.

Everyone can choose his own his route according to his interests. And the fans of technically difficult climbs there are many interesting routes, from relatively simple to very complicated. If you want to test your strength, agility, flexibility and endurance, be sure you will find it. There are the picturesque Peaks like Ak-Su (5355m), Block (5299m), Iskander (5120m), Pyramidalnaya (5509m), Asan-Usan and 1000 years of Russian .

This trip will take place in very large mountain ranges and still mysterious place of Central Asia. Many of their peaks exceed more than 7000 meters. It is called also "the Pamir mountain ranges", which means in ancient Persian "Mitra's foot”. Mitra means - the god of the sun for Zaraostriens.

You will walk for several kilometers along the cliff, by the Alpine valleys, ice caves, and along rivers with crystal clear waters. Good weather climate and magnificent views of the region attract travelers and mountaineers from around the world.

This area is nicknamed also like "The Asian Patagonia". Your trip in this area takes you through the gorgeous scenery, for enjoy the views of the mysterious peaks, and the density of woodlands. You will taste the flavored tea in the yurt of Kyrgyzes shepherds

The best season for the trip in this region is from July to September.

Program day by day.

Day 1. Meet to Osh airport. Transfer to hotel. City to Osh city and Sulyman mountain. Overnight at hotel in Osh.

Day 2. Osh – Uzgarish village (340 km). Lunch at local family. Then start of trekking. Ascent to the Valley of Laylak River. Camp on a green meadow at 1700 m. (2 hrs. +400 m)

Day 3. Trekking to the valley of rivers Ak-Su and Kara-Su. First along the Laylak River and then along the Ak-Mechet river to the valley of Ak-Su (means white water, because the water playing on the rocks and it looks white) and Kara-Su (means black water - because it is turbid) rivers (12 km; 6-7 hrs; + 1100 m.). On the way we will walk through canyon, juniper forests and alpine meadows. The mountain views are spectacular. Camp at 2800 m on the picturesque glade. From there a panoramic view to the Ak Su Peak (5355 m) and Iskander Peak (5120 m), with its two top of head.

Day 4. Ascent to the Ak-Tubek pass (4390 m). Descent to the valley of the Orto -Chashma river. The longest day of the trekking, but will offer a beautiful view opening with a bird's-eye on the summits and on the valley of the Orto-Chashma river. (13 km, 6-7 hrs, + 1590 m; -1190 m). Camp on the glade of juniper forest on the confluence of rivers Ak-Tyubek and Dukyonek at 3200 m.

Day 5. Across the Kosh-Maynok pass (3260 m). After early breakfast we will try to cross the river using the horses and descend to the valley of the river same name. An excellent path starting from the camp takes us on a grassy slope and runs in zigzag to the valley.

Day 6. Ascent to the Kara-Su Pass (3720 m) and trekking along the canyon of the Kara-Su river (do not think it's the same river that we passed the first day of our trekking, as most toponym names are the same) . From the camp we walk by zigzag and grassy path to the pass.From the Pass we will panoramic views to the mountains with several snow covered peaks. Descend into the valley of Kara-Su river (8 km, 4 h +/- 600 m). Camp at 3100 m. on a large meadow, near springs. From there we can take a walk to the upper reach of Kara-Su River and to the foot of the peaks: 4810, Asan-Usen and Pyramidalnaya (5509 m) with the wonderful views of snowed peaks. Return to the camp.

Day 7. The beautiful day of walking through the valley of the Ak-Suu river. Walking in the gorge of the river Ak-Suu river at the foot of the peaks Slesov, and the Millennium of Christianity in Russia, the Russian Tower. Descent to the confluence of the rivers Kara-Su and Ak-Suu, farther along the river Ak-Suu to reach the tongue of glacier of the Ak-Su river.

Day 8. Trekking to the foot of Saryzhaz. We walk a good path along the Karavshin river we will approach to the foot of Bezpass Pass ( 3400 m), where we camp at 2600 m on a beautiful pasture, near juniper forest. (18 km. 8 hrs).

Day 9. Transfer to Osh. 300 km. (7 hrs) Accommodation at hotel. Free time. Overnight.

Number of days: 9
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Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
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