Masouleh (City Tour)

Highlights of this Iran trip

The highlight of this Iran trip is Masouleh as an Iranian historical village and most Iran attraction in Gilan provincnorth of Iran provincee that is one of the most beautiful and full Iran nature lover and foreign and Iran local tourism during the year, one of the specific point of this Iran beauty village is vehicle are not allowed to pass this village means you will find very fresh and clean weather in this village. in each season of tourist winter time with snowy and muggy in summer time with very fresh weather and in autumn with colorful nature everybody can enjoy this starry village ,on the way ,before this village you will reach to a very old and ancient iran castle that called Roudkhan that is located Roudkhan village not so far from in Fouman city one of the city in Iran Gilan province.

Another highlight of this trip is Shahr-e-Kord..that is located in Chaharmahal Bakhtiyari province(Iran nomads are located in the nature of this area) that the tribe and Nomads of Bakhtiyari is very famous and know by Iran tourism specially Ecotourism who are adventurist and did some expedition and light trekking among this area. The best attraction in this region is located in Kouhrag village that called Kouhrang water channel with wide more than 10m. That is coming from Zarkouh chain with over than 4000m.peaks. that is available to see from this point

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