2 days trip by Tyrgen gorge, Platoau Assy, Rafting, Charyn

Minimum quantity of persons in a group: 3
Almaty – Gorge  Turgen – Platou Assy  – Camping in Chilik river – Rafting  – charyn canyon   
: May - October
Activities: hiking, wildlife and watching beautiful nature


Day 1 tour throw plateau Assy

Turgen gorge, rafting, hiking  to the big Kairak waterfall 

In this tour you will see one of the sights of the Almaty region - Turgen Gorge, which is considered one of the most picturesque in the mountains of the Northern Tien Shan. Also you will see a huge statue of the "Golden Man"

09.00  start a jeep-tour to Asy highland plateau (5-6 hours in total). A comfortable 4-wheel car will take you to the fantastic trip into the nature: the road starts in the forest zone of Turgen gorge, and climbs up through the thicket that ends suddenly at a height of 2600 meters ASL, and a boundless green highland valley appears.  The Kazak nomads use Asy plateau for the thousand of years as a summer pasture, and they are still there with their goats, sheep, horses and white yurta. In such places, deep in the mountains you can still find the semi-nomads living in a traditional and natural way. A history and a real life are inseparable at this point and you see the sheep grazing on the slopes of ancient burials and round Kazak yurta on the top of the Painted rocky hill. 

There are  one of the biggest Astronomical Observatory of the region is located -  huge dome is seen from any point of the valley. A short lunch with hot tea is planned on a plateau.

17.00  A beautiful  place - the Bartogay reservoir, where the entire city is fed by water and where the famous (Big Almaty Canal) begins its existence. Amazing beauty Bartogay reservoir is water-bearing. A tract in the floodplain of the Chilik river, partitioned by a 60-meter stone-bulk dam. Height of 60 meters and a length of 330 meters with a complex of culverts.The reservoir was created to store water in winter and feed the fields in summer along a canal of length 160 km. The discharge of water from under the dam of the Chilik River is carried out from May to September for irrigated agriculture. At this time, the capacity of the spillway reaches 120 cubic meters in second, due to which the height of the fountain reaches more than one hundred meters.

18.00 Arrival at camping


Day 2 rafting by Cilik river 2 cd, excursion to Charyn canyon

09.00 Breakfast10:00  instruction, rafting 3 cd (difficulty category) 1 our 10 minutes on water. Chilik  is a powerful mountain river, originating in glaciers high in the mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau. The gorge, through which the Chilik flows, is very large and on different sites in its own way - picturesque. Our rafting will pass along the rock canyon of the canyon type. This gorge is the last mountain range of Chilik river. But it does not become less attractive from it. Rafting in Chilik is a good and quite serious event. At the same time, we do not offer you a crazy extreme. We offer you a very active holiday.

13.00 lunch, start to Charyn  

14.30 excursion to Charyn canyon – Castle  valley

An unforgettable trip to one of the most unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan, counting 12 million years !!!!!

Charyn Canyon is one of the most unique objects of nature, where under the influence of millennial processes of weathering of sedimentary rocks, the original form of the relief took the outlines of isolated rocks, columns and towers. The journey time from camping to canyon is about 1 hour. On the way you will get acquainted with the history and nature of this amazing land, learn a lot of interesting things about the Kazakh people, his life and traditions, and also dine in the Kazakh Yurt in the Valley of Castles.

Upon arrival in the Charyn canyon, you will marvel at the beauty and magnificence of nature, you can admire its grandiose panorama, and then stroll through the labyrinths of the Valley of Castles surrounded by overhanging impregnable walls.  

20.00 arrival Almaty

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