Welcome To Uzbekistan Tour, 8 Days

Day 1, Home Country – Tashkent

 Arrival at Tashkent (early check in). Meeting at the airport and transfer at hotel for accommodation. Rest. After rest breakfast at hotel Start of sightseeing of Uzbek capital Tashkent: 

Ø  Museum of Applied Art - bright carved plaster decorations (ganch) and  carved wood the building of museum itself is an attraction. There are also exhibits of ceramics, textiles, jewelry, musical instruments and toys.

Ø  Monument “Courage”- this is the monument to the victims of the earthquake in 1967, after which Tashkent was wholly reconstructed.

Ø  Mustakillik Squareformer “Red Squire” the main squire of the Tashkent with the monument to victims of the WW II.

Ø  Drujba Narodov Square (Friendship of Nations) – the square with the modern buildings of Parliament and monument to Shaahmad Shomahmudov,  man who adopted 15 orphans of different  nations during WW.

 O/n at hotel


Day 2,Tashkent – Urgench (by HY1053) – Khiva (30km) 

Breakfast at hotel and transfer at airport and flight to Urgench by HY1055 at 9:35-11:10

Arrival in Urgench and transfer in Khiva to hotel for acc. 

Ø  Khiva – is an old place. Its historic heart, unlike those of other Central Asian cities, is preserved in its entirety – but so well preserved that the life has almost been squeezed out of it. Khiva consist of two parts: Ichan Kala (inside town) and Dishan Kala (outside town) ancient city museum on the open sky and start of sightseeing: 

Ø  Mukhammed Rahim Khan madrassah (1871) noted for its unusual fron courtyard and heavy corner towers. nd

Ø  Djuma mosque (X – XVII c) a cathedral mosque, the roof of which lies on 212 wooden fretted columns with unique acoustics and original technical ideas natural of lighting Mausoleum of Seyid Alaudin (XIV c) with its gravestone made from colored majolica in unique among world architectural ceramics;

Ø  Kunya ark (XVII c) – an inner fortress with administrative buildings, gunpowder works, law courts, mosque;

Ø  Pakhlavan Makhmud complex (XIV – XIX c) – the most remarkable architecture memorial complex in Khiva with unique tiles.

Ø  Islam Khodja minaret and madrassah (1908) – 45 m high is the highest building in Khiva with, the observation area.

Ø  Alla Kuli Khan madrassah (1834) introduces a series of buildings that all bear the royal stamp of one of the Khiva‘s greatest khans.  

Lunch and dinner at local restaurant.

O/n htl.


Day 3, Khiva – Bukhara  (450km) approx 12 hours

A.M. Breakfast.

• Departure to Bukhara by coach via Kizil Kum desert – biggest deserted area in Central Asia. Driving through the desert you can meet herd of ships lead by cowboy on a camel. During the history desert was a home for many nomadic people and Amu Darya river – old Oxin one of two biggest rivers of Central Asia can be observed from the road when it is 80 km to Urgench. The big dam dividing the river into 5 canals. 2 of them is going to Turkmenistan and 3 to Uzbekistan.

Lunch at the road.

Ø  Bukhara Who hasn't heard of the city museum with a history that is lost in the hoary past? Samarkand is the beauty of the earth, but Bukhara is the beauty of the spirit. In Sanskrit word, Bukhara signifies "monastery" and this city was once a big commercial center on the Great Silk Road.

Arrival in afternoon. Dinner at hotel.

O/n htl.


Day 4, Bukhara

A.M. Breakfast. City tour in Bukhara incl:

Ø  ARK Fortress (VI – XIX c) – in middle ages it was a whole town with the emirs house, with wives, mosques mint place, government institutes, store rooms, a prison and a square for public executions:

Ø  Bolo Khauz Mosque (1712) Mosque Near the Pool.

Ø  Samanid’s mausoleum (IX – X c) – it was the first building in Central Asia constructed from backed bricks in the shape of a cube covered by a dome with unrepeatable geometrical brickwork design – a masterpiece of world architecture

Ø  Chashma Ayub Mausoleum – the original construction dates from the 12th century rule of Karakhanid Arslan Khan, the earliest surviving dome was raised by Amir Temur in 1380 over the existing tomb chamber.


P.M. Lunch at local restaurant. Continue of  SS in the afternoon: 

Ø  Lyabi – Haus (XVI – XVII c) – a complex with Nodir – Devon Begi  madrasahs big pool surrounded by trees

Dinner with folklore in Madrassah of Nodir Devon Begi or Modarikhan in Bukhara

O/n in hotel.


Day 5, Bukhara - Shahrisabz – Samarkand

A.M. Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Samarkand via Shahrisabz.

P.M. Arrival and SS of Shahrisabz (including Lunch at local restaurant):

Ø  Kuk Gumbaz Mosque and Dorus Tilovat Complex – (1437) this big Friday Mosque was built by Ulugbek  in honour of his father Shakhrukh

Ø  Gumbazi Seydon – (Dome of Sseyids) finished by Ulugbek in 1438 as a mausoleum for his own descendants.

Ø  Dorus Saodat Complex – The complex was built in 1392 by Timur and means the seat of power and might.

Ø  Hazrat Imam Mosque of 14 century

Ø  Ak Saray (white Palace) Timur’s summer palace.


Drive to Samarkand. Arrival and acc at hotel. 

Dinner at hotel.

O/n at hotel.   


Day 6, Samarkand

A.M. Breakfast at hotel. Start of  city tour in Samarkand incl:

Ø  Ulugbek’s Observatory (XV c) 1st observatory in orient with 30m sextant built by Ulugbek to make exact astronomical catalogue

Ø  Shahi Zinda mausoleum (XIV–XV c) ‘Town of Dead’ a complex of more than 20 unique buildings of different ages.

Ø  Bazaar

P.M. Lunch at local restaurant. In the afternoon continue of SS including: 

Ø  Gur Amir mausoleum (XV c) Timurids dynastic burial vault. A unique monument of architecture with blue ribbed tessellated dome.

Dinner at national house. Master class for making UZBEK PLOV.

O/n htl


Day 7, Samarkand – Tashkent (by train)

A.M. Breakfast.

Sightseeing in Samarkand including (Lunch at local restaurant) :


Ø  Registan Square (XV–XVIIc) official center of Timur Empire, cosist of grandious madrasahs of Ulugbek, Sher Dor & Tillya Kari.

Lunch at local restaurant

Ø  Bibi Khanum mosque (XIVc) built by Timur to be biggest mosque at time. Architect, craftsmen & painters built in 5 years.

Transfer at railway station on high-speed train “Afrosiab” by 17:00-19:10.

Arrival at Tashkent and transfer at hotel for accommodation. Dinner at hotel.

O/n at hotel


Day 8, Tashkent – Home Country

Breakfast.  Start of Sight Seeing:


Ø  Madrassah  Kukeldash

Ø  Bazaar Chorsu

Ø  Free time


Lunch and dinner at local restaurants.


Transfer to airport and flight to Home Country

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