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7 days: The vast vastness of Khermen Tsav Gobi Desert

Ancestor trail, dust foggy desert hiking, flowers, vegetated oasis, river, gazelles, lizard wild animals, rocky gorge, empty buttes, camel trek in sand dune, remoteness of around 200 km, staying in tent, meal in the buttes. As a Gobi desert, every day is brilliant landscapes with extreme


Day 1 Fly to South-Gobi; Hongor sand dunes
Early in the morning driver will transfer you to airport for domestic flight. From Dalanzadgad (town of South-Gobi) airport driver and guide will pick you up and drive to Hongor sand dunes. After lunch we will visit camel herder nomad family and have a camel trek through bottom of the sand dunes. Afternoon you will climb to sand dunes. Hiking on top of sand. Stay over in tourist camp. (lunch from camp and dinner from camp)
Road length: 220km
Day 2 Sevrei rock painting, Nemegt valley
Sevrei rock painting is bronze age's  painting which illustrates five ibexes are chased by four hunters who ride horses. Hunters are equipped with archery. And the other animals of painting proof that it is from bronze age. Nemegt valley has  lots of barren canyons and rifts any vegetation it seems like dead sea. From this place entire, big carnivorous dinosaur skeletons are found. We will have hiking and wandering around this place and have a picnic lunch and dinner. Sleep over in tent.
Road length: 200 km
Day 3, 4 Hermen Tsav,  Zulganai Oasis
After breakfast, we will drive the next wonder of Gobi, Zulganai Oasis. Gobi's oasis, soil is very fertile and grow here very rare medicine plants, lush green grasses, Gobi's tree, flowers and river and animals. We will have lunch here and hiking through Gobi's oasis. Silence desert, fresh air, as an edge of the planet we will stay over in a tent 2 days and cook ourselves. A hundred, millions of years wind eroded, sea lakes water eroded 100 - 200m high canyons, place acquires 2500km squire, locates 1000 m above sea level. Surrounding 70-80 km radius there is any nomad family. Paleontologist still working on this place, they found an impressive array of fossil bones. This place seems like lifeless. The biggest canyons and cliffs plain, one of the most charming highlight of the entire Gobi desert. Picnic food, stay over in tent
Road length: 180km
Day 5 Mirror Rock - Toli Had
After breakfast, we will pack up our tent, kitchen and the other stuffs to car and drive to the next destination. We will go to Noyon Bogd mountain, there is moon valley - beautiful rocky mountains opened up with lush green. Here is a rare animal, ibex, argali-wild sheep and lynx. We will see mirror rock. You can see yourself in the rock as a mirror. 10 m wide 3 high mirror rock. Picnic lunch and stay over in tent.
Road length: 240 km
Day 6 Yliin am - Vulture Gorge
Morning drive to Three beauty mountain where stays Vulture Gorge. Have a lunch in small village Bayandalai on the way. When we arrive in Vulture Gorge we will visit Gobi - natural museum and hiking through meadow valley and gorge. Here is an optional horse riding through hills.  Sleep in Hotel in Dalanzadgad city. 
Road length: 190km
Day 7 Fly back to Ulaanbaatar 
Early in the morning, around 6.30  o'clock your Gobi tour team transfer you to Dalanzadgad airport. Around 9 o'clock, from Ulaanbaatar driver will pick you up to hotel.
Road length: 1,5 hour flight
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