Almaty Walking Tour Around Historical Centre

Dear guest,

Welcome to Almaty!

I would like to present my walking tour, where I’ll be your individual English speaking guide. See real Almaty city through then eyes of local residents. 

Please, see below the program.   

Walking Tour: Historical Centre of Almaty city, Kazakhstan

Duration 2-3 hours  

Price with personal English-speaking guide is US$ 30 for one person. For group of two persons cost is US$ 20  per person. For group of three persons cost is US$ 15 per person.


9 a.m. – Pick up at the hotel. Starting from the Republican Square. Monument of Freedom's Dawn. Memorial board for the victims of Zheltoqsan Anti-totalitarian massive protests in the USSR in December, 1986. Big Independency Monument with sacred hand. Golden Man on flying snow leopard is ancient symbol of Kazakh history.  

Almaty city is the cradle of Kazakhstan independency. History of Almaty is the history of the last country capital. Stories of the witnesses of that bloody events. President Nazarbayev' s avenue. 

10 a.m. – Dostyk (Friendship) avenue. Soviet Alma- Ata is part the city's history. International Hotel Kazakhstan is symbol of Soviet architecture. Abai avenue is the heart and main avenue of the city. Abai monument. Abai is great Kazakh poet and philosopher. Three leaders and judges of Kazakh hordes in Kazakh khanate' history. Soviet Alma-Ata and new Almaty, what is the difference? 

11 a.m. –  Park of the 28 General Panfilov Guardsmen of Second World War. What is the difference between Great Patriotic War and SWW? Monument of Kazakhstan defenders in Moscow battle in November 1941 against fascist troops. Role of Kazakhstan and Alma-Ata city in modern Russian history. Russian Orthodox Ascension Cathedral is unique building of Russian architecture. Almaty is part of Russian's Imperial history. Russian military fort Vernyi is forerunner of Almaty city. Museum of Kazakh national instruments after Ykylas. Kazakh instrumental music and ancient nomadic musical instrument Dombra.

12 p.m. - Silk Road avenue is walking street. Enjoy the atmosphere of old city. Green Bazaar is barometer of the city. Oriental sweets and southern fruits. Excursion around Green Bazar. Kazakh national meat cuisine. Almaty chocolate is the best chocolate in the world. Almaty confectionary, sweet aromas in the street.

Price does not include accommodation and food. 

This walking tour could be prolonged on guest's request. One day city tour around the center of the city is possible. 

Guide is responsible for security and comfort of the guests during the tour. Guide gives full historical, cultural and ethnographical information. His stories include official information as well as personal view and alternative resources. 

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Entrance tickets (e.g. museums, parks etc.)
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
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Not included: Meals
What to bring: good mood
Transport: No transportation
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