Horseback ride in the Pamir of Tajikistan, 7 days

Horseback ride in the Central Pamirs mountains of Tajikistan!

Brief discriptions: 

The interesting part of the this ride is that you can do horseback ride covering three beautiful & totaly differemt valleies which are located in Central Pamirs. These are Bardara (Bartang valley), Bachor (Gund valley) and Yashelkul which are located in the eastern part of the Pamirs). The highest point on our way is Langar pass pass which is over 4558m. Its possible to start your ride from these two areas, Bachor & west end of Yashelkul, start point and ends in one of those places, depends which part is more fit to your itenararies. If you do the Bachor Loop which means start from Bachor and end in Bachor will takes 6/7 days, make sure before starting take acclimatizations. 

Never been on a horse?  “Not a problem” most of our riders have never been on a horse. It’s a fun to take inexperienced people and see the big smiles on their faces and the satisfaction when they learn to ride. The thrill of just being on the back of horse  and riding in mountain of Pamir is one of the most exciting adventure that people always after when they come to Pamir mountains. 

Extra informations:

Our trip start from Khorog not Dushanbe (capital), so how to get to Khorog? Here you have two options:1st by transport & 2nd by plane. The easiest and cheapest is transport (land cruiser), if the raods are dry and car dosnt breakdown then you can get there in 13/14hrs with lunch & dinner stop. You just need to go to (tourbaza) where you can find share taxi,get there early and take a good seat by about 7am. Make sure you inspect the the car,check tires, see if he has a good spare, (land cruiser or Pajero) whatever you choose. Car leave when its full about 7 passangers, latest between 8&10am, Locals are very nice to ride with...enjoy the experiance.

Advantages of riding a horse: 

You can see much more because you are not having to watch the trail. You can look around at the hot temperature view, no mater of a high altitude, enjoying the smell of the flowers, the sounds of birds, listen to streams and drink in the landscape---and physical limitations can be overcome.  Traveling at 9-10km an hour, horses can cover a lot of territory, and in a short time riders can be in a deep into the mountains.

Trail: We have a unique trail rides for group up to and are able to customize riders and pack trips to fit you desire. All of this outfit’s ride make a full loop and don’t take the same trail out and back.  Riders, then, are constantly taking in new scenery, and views of the fabulous lakes,  peaks with hanging glaciers, small forest , wilderness, with some of the riders can climb to over 4800m over the sea level.


Day 1) Khorog- Bachor, Pick up from Khorg driving along Ghund river on the (Pamir Highway)you will arrive in Bachor village which is a lovely, Pamirian settlement. You have the opportunity to get familiarized with local traditions and the life of a remote community. Bachor is 3300m above sea level, 5 hours driving. Getting to the village,having lunch, & meet the trekking crew. Sightseeing around the willlage,sometimes people of the village next to the school has volleyball competetions. Its real fun be prepare to be invited. Overnight in homestay. 

Day 2.Bachor-Sajarot,Your journey will start from Bachor, crossing the bridge & riding towards Andrivj valley, the trail along the Andravj river, the valley is beautiful, the trail is easy for ride, in the valley you may see a lot of cows & bulls becaue in close by is shephards house, where possible to meet his there,lunch spot on the way, after lunch crossing to the left side of the river, its easy for crossing, even by walking you can cross it. Camping spot in Sajarot (3600m), its a nice place, above the Sajarot up on the mountain there is a hot spring, (4300m),which is very good for skin treatment, from camping spot to there it will takes maximum two and half hours by walk (excellent chance for acclamitization). Overnight in tent 3600m

Day 3.Sajarot-Sakhen-Zaroj,Take the trail in the left sife of the stream it will leads you to Sakhen, the Sakhen is small beautiful lake, (which means onions), that is because around the lake there are a lot of wild onions, the lake is located deep in a mountains on the altitude 4200m, most of the trail from Sajarot to Sakhen is rockey and a bit narrow, from Sakhen lake there you have two options, if you are with donkey or horse so go over Zaroj pass 4529m and if you are by foot so the easy way is to take the left side of the streams which is very rocky trail, (not passable for animals) it will leads you to Zaroj. Zarojkul lake (4518)m, also known as a golden lake with its turckle colour, Zaroj is in the altitude over 4518m of the sea level. Its getting very cold when the sun goes down, the lake its self is the most photogenic lake with its hanging glacire on the mountain. 6 hours ride..overight in the tent (in fron of the lake), making fire

Day 4. Zaroj-Vikhinj-Uchkul lake,Today we ride along tiny beautiful lakes with the facimating views on the way Vichinj, in some narrow trails we have to walk in order to be in safe side, riding further where shefards from Bartang valley keeps their animals, the place calls Vikhinj. In Vichinj there three junctions options the firs one goes to Sarez lake, the second goes to Bardara village and the last one goes via Uchkul to Yashelkul lake and further to Bachor. Lunch in front of Shephards house next to the stream. After lunch ride for hours and camping in Uchkul, in one of the lakes, maybe between seconf & third lake. Uch-kul means three lakes, in the lakes a lot of fish, if you are interested in fishing thats the best place, maybe we can have fish in the dinner, altitude 4200m over the sea level. Overnight in tent,

Day 5 Uchkul lake-Kyrgiz shabar, wake up in the morning, breakfast, start ride along the last lake of Uchkul lake,, towards Langar pass, Langar pass 4560has three small pass, if you come from Uchkul so the first level is a bit higher than the second & so after you did the first level there will be Kars shabar pasture, most of the time Yaks are grazing there, dont get too close to them, In Kars-shabar  you have two ways, first option is turn to the right towards Chapdar lake 4556m, and to the left towards Langar pass, regarding the lake its worth to see the lake, because the lake is very beautiful with its colour hanging glacier around the lake. Camping in Kyrgiz shabar area, overnight in tent & making fire, altitude is 4185m.

Day 6. Kyrgiz shabar-Yashilkul & Bulunkul village, From Kyrgyzshabar decend along the Chaxma river further down to Langar valley, easy for ride & walk lunch in Langar gate, after head up to Bughrumal pass altitude is 3800m, easy one, in the top of Bughrumal stop for picture there nice view of Yashilkul lake, (3700m) get down to the lake meet the driver & saying goodbye with horse & trekking crew & drive 25 km to Bulunkul village,(Yurtstay and sauna after trekking it something..), Bulunkul is very nice remote place and the most coldest place in Tajikistan, former USSR and also ranked the 6th coldest place of former USSR. Acccommodation in homestay. 3700m

Day7.Bulunkul-Murghab146km, From Bulunkul drive towads M41 Known as Pamir Highway, on the way stop in Alichur there is an option to do Yak ride for 2/3 hours, this is a amazing experiance with beautiful landscape, in this areas sometimes if the luck is on your side, you can see Marko Polo sheep. After, Yak riding, drive towards Aqbalik, small pond, with a lot of fish and pure cristal water just right on the way. Coming to Murghab, sightseeing around Murghab,bazars, and other destinations. Accomodation in a local guesthouse.


1 per pax $ 971                    3 per pax $ 546

2 per pax $ 626                    4 per pax $ 445

How many days

Next decide how much time you really have for spending in the saddle. We offer variety options, ranging from one hour to whole week. So take advantage of it!  Whether  it’s  for two hour or a whole week. 

Saddle up---and happy trails to you in the Pamir Mountains!

Dear Geusts! Our product in the Pamirs are community based tourism which is oriented to community issues, which benifiting local communities, therefore we use local communities living in the Pamirs.

Service includes:

  • Transport: (Toyota Land cruiser, 4Runner),
  • Mountain Guide escort (during horseback ride),
  • Meals per day (B,L&D included),
  • Acccommodations:Bachor (homestay),Bulunkul,(homestay),Murghab (guesthouse),
  • Drinkable water 1.5 liter per day,
  • Entrance fee to TNP (tajik national park),
  • During treking: (tent, kitchen equipment will be provided)

Price does not include:

  • Alcohol drinks,
  • Private expences: tips, laundary,telephone, medical and other services,
  • Entrance fees to the muesums, night clubs, pubs, discos & cinemas,
  • Boat trip,
  • Health insurance,
  • Visa&visa suport 
  • Flights


Number of days: 7
Included services:
Beverages (non-alcoholic)
Car (with driver)
Fuel, Petrol
Bus/train tickets
Domestic flight tickets
Entrance fees (i.e. parks, events)
Accommodation (Homestay)
Accommodation (Hotel)
Not included: Alcohol drinks, Private expences: tips, laundary,telephone, medical and other services, Entrance fees to the muesums, night clubs, pubs, discos & cinemas, Boat trip, Health insurance, Visa&visa suport Flights
What to bring: Gear: We recommend you to have nice boots, although any closed toed shoes are fine too,  sandals are not recommended. Long pants and hat advisable, but if it’s a week ride so then take extra clothes such as warm jacket, gloves sunscream and sunglass,towel and head lamp
Transport: SUV 4x4
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For a confirmed booking, a deposit of (10%) is required. Deposit is paid by credit card (secure payment via Stripe, no credit card fees). The remaining balance can be paid in cash upon start of the trip - unless Host & Traveler agree on different payment methods.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made free of charge up to 30 days prior to the beginning of the booked service. The deposit (10%) is only refundable if the booking is canceled at least 30 days in advance.