Sairam, Shymkent & Turkestan Tour, 2 Days

1st day: Ancient Isfidjap, Sairam, rock Adam and Eve

Excursion on the mausoleums of ancient Isfidjap

At an entrance in Sairam visit of east bazaar (market).

Visit to the east market at an entrance in Sairam.

National color is in everything: cakes, fruit, vegetables, Eastern sweets. You can buy local, national clothing handmade.

Then buying traditional handkerchiefs and visiting the Karashash-ana mausoleum (Hodja Ahmed Yassaui`s mother)

Visit to the fabulous beauty of the Mausoleum Kadyr ATA, and the Mausoleum of H.A.Yassaui`s father - Ibrahim Ata.

Then we visit the mausoleum of Sheikh Mahmoud and sacred place, where H.A.Yasaui was born.  According to a legend, there was a Palace of the Sheikh and on the site of the birthplace of the great Sufi grass doesn`t grow. Visit to an ancient city "Martobe" and memorable meeting places of great Biys for adoption one of the Laws of the Kazakh people.

We moved to a nearby town of Lenger and have lunch in the local cafe with national cuisine.In the local menu of the cafe you can try such delicious dishes as Manty, lagman, shorpo, plov, samsa, several kinds of shashlik and others.

Further, our car-route will lie in Kazygurt district, where we can admire the mountain Kazygurt, where, according to a legend, "Noah's ark" landed.

We can see camels grazing in the meadow in the summer season.Visit to the legendary ritual place of passage "Rock Adam and Eve" there we will try to squeeze in between the rocks. According to the legend, the only people whose sins are forgiven can pass between them. Those who were not able or doubted the passage for some reason, the guide offers to pass in the so-called "armpit of Adam".

Rocks have mysterious magnetism, as well as some hidden energy, to feel it can a lot of tourists. Sacred stone, loader amulets, attributes of shamanism and many other personal belongings, but gold is only available on certain days.

After the tour the tourists can try local drinks such as Shubat, kumys, Kamran and taste national liquid dish "Koje" , buy Souvenirs at the local shop.

Evening. Go back to Shymkent to the hotel. Free time.

The 2nd day

Excursion in Turkestan 

Turn on the Shaulder in the direction of Otrar.

Drive to the tourist complex of mausoleum of Arystan-Baba.

According to a legend, Arystan-Bab died and was buried in the vicinity of Otrar in the XII century. Probably at the same time the mausoleum was built, about which there is no reliable information. It is not known what happened with the mausoleum after "Otrar catastrophe", when the troops of Genghis Khan, after a seven-month siege completely destroyed the nearby major city Otrar together with all its inhabitants. 

In the XIV century by the order of Timur on the place of the decaying building a new building was erected. But it is not reached our days.

The first known reorganization of the mausoleum belongs to the XIV-XV centuries. From this it was built, carved wooden pillars.

The building of the XVIII century was destroyed and in 1909 was rebuilt, what the inscription on one of the cartouches of the frieze.

In 1971, due to the high groundwater level, leading her to the emergency condition, the mosque was demolished and rebuilt with funds of the local population.

Also visit the new mosque, and if you have a desire, you can make a sacrifice by all the rules of Islam. Lamb will prepare and will invite us to lunch.

Visit the library with handwritten books.

Go to Turkestan

If it is necessary, we will have a lunch in Turkestan.

Visit to the complex.

Yassaui mausoleum is an amazing complex of palaces and temples of 30 various rooms and halls. External diameter of the main dome is more than 40 m, circumference is 130 m, height of minarets is 12 M. the Height of the Central hall is 37 meters. Not everyone who enters here through the arch grandiose portal - peshtak, will be able to feel the harmony and monumentality. It is need some time to realize the wonderful atmosphere inside the mausoleum, to get used to its powerful energy. The hollow echo carries sound of steps visitors, soft light penetrates taken wooden lattice Windows, located near the arch of internal brick dome, the largest surviving in Kazakhstan and Central Asia: its diameter is about 18 meters.  The twisted maze of passages, the eternal darkness of the rooms, the cool walls - all this creates a mystical atmosphere.

Central hall, Kazanlak, is called so because there is a bronze pot - pot with a capacity of 60 buckets and weighing 2 tons. Once it was filled with sweet water that was distributed to the faithful after Friday prayers. According to a tradition, this is a huge cauldron, which was for the ancient Turks as a symbol of unity, worked miracles. They say that if one placed in it, the sacrificial sheep were accepted by Allah, his meat was to fill the boiler-giant to the brim, and feed all parishioners!The complex is located underground cell, constructed during the life of Khoja Ahmed Yassaui. Underground Sufi religious building, here, beneath the earth, was going preachers and dervishes, and sitting on mats and carpets, in the light of flickering lights prayed. Deep under the ground go mysterious passages, it's a Kingdom of darkness and dampness, and here one come to realize the sacredness of these people for a life lived in constant prayer and night vigils, was the floor force only strong spirit.In conclusion we can visit medieval bath and shops of local craftsmen. 

Go to Shymkent in Hotel.

Free time.

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Fuel, Petrol
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