5 days Gobi Desert tour & horse ride in Mongolian steppe

Visiting meditation caves, take an energy from volcanic energetic place surrounded by wind, water eroded clay hills, see the historical exhibition of Gobi desert      


Morning you will go to Gobi by train and from Gobi back to Ulaanbatar by car. The second day we will visit energetic monastery and caves, see dinosaur’s fossil and petrified tree. 3rd morning arrive in r and drive to nomad family. Horse riding in steppe and visit stony plain.

Day 1 Sainshand

In the morning guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel and drive to main train station of Ulaanbaatar. You will go to Sainshand the capital of Dorno Gobi by train in one room you will sit with your tour group (4 people in a room). Train stops through small Soviet styled villages and you will see beautiful nature scene through window. Camels go through in steppe. In the evening from train station in Sainshand local driver pick you up and drive to camp. Dinner in camp and stay over in camp. (lunch take away food)

Road length: 9 hours in train drive an hour to camp

Day 2 Hamriin hiid monastery - caves, dinosaur's fossil, petrified tree, Back to Ulaanbaatar by train

After breakfast we will drive to Hamriin hiid monastery. We will take an energy from this volcanic energetic place. Your guide will show you to how to get energy. To wear white clothes are recommended. Then we will see the caves where enlightened monks had been sat and meditated. The caves surrounded by wind and water eroded clay hills. We will see dinosaur fossil bone, petrified threes from Jurassic period. Then we will go to wish mountain. To see the fascinating steppe view from top of mountain. And evening we will visit the museum of sacred monk Danzanravjaa who discovered the world energetic center in Sainshand town. After dinner we will go by train to Ulaanbaatar. Overnight we sleep in train and morning around 8 o'clock we will arrive in Ulaanbaatar train station.

Day 3 Nomad family in steppe

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar at 6:15 AM we will get off in r small town train station and drive to Deren steppe to nomad family. We will ride a horse in steppe and meet with nomad people and you can help their daily life as milk a cow and herd sheep and goat.

Road length 130 km

Day 4 Rocky mountain range – ruined temple in tiny rocky valley Baga gazriin chuluu

This place is one of the Gobi’s mystery. In the steppe desert suddenly endless rocky mountains, valleys appear. This place is rock-strewn range full of canyons, caves, and there is an interesting ruined old monastery in tiny rocky valley. It locates 1768 m above sea level, 300 km squire stony plain. The argali – wild sheep and ibex, hedgehog, snakes are the main animals. 

In stony mountains we will visit a cave and ruined temple in the tiny valley. Evening, free activity you can hike through lush vast steppe or relax in tourist camp.

Road length 60 km

Day 5 Drive to Ulaanbaatar

Morning, we will drive to Ulaanbaatar by paved road. If you want we can make city tour. Have lunch in Ulaanbaatar

Road length 250 km

Number of days: 5
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Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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