Khuvsgul lake, reindeer herders to Gobi desert 12 days

Visit nomad families, reindeer people, relax beside lake Khuvsgul, hot spring, volcano, temples, and treasure of Gobi desert. Horse, camel trek adventure.


Tour starts from Ulaanbaatar to fly north part of Mongolia Huvsgul province to see reindeer people and relax in Huvsgul lake. Then we will drive to a south part of Mongolia Gobi desert through central part Green mountain range. There we will visit the volcano, hot spring, and monastery. We will drive 5 days through Gobi desert’s fascinating nature. Ride a horse through forest and camel in the Gobi.

During the trip, you will stay in tourist Ger camp and have breakfast, lunch and dinner from the Camp. The basic activities are wandering, hiking, exploring night stars visiting nomad families, climbing dunes and self-searching nature.    


Day 1 Fly to  Khuvsgul, visit deer stones and relax at Khuvsgul lake

Early in the morning driver will transfer you to Ulaanbaatar airport for domestic flight to Murun, capital of the Huvsgul province. From Murun airport your tour team guide and driver will meet you. And drive to Janhai, the bank of the Huvsgul lake. On the way, we will see the historical monument deer stones. We will arrive afternoon in the bank of the lake. Hike through a pure blue lake, and relax in tourist camp.

Road length: 130 km

Day 2 Meet with reindeer people, horseback riding

After breakfast, we will make a horse riding to a forest to see the Reindeer tribes (Tsaatan people), who live in a tepee. Visit reindeer family and discover their culture. Horse riding in wild nature is a great adventure. If you are riding the first time, don’t be afraid. Local horse guide will instruct you well. We will ride back to camp. Total 6 hours horse riding and picnic lunch in the forest.

Day 3 Shine Ider village

We will drive to the central part of Mongolia. It is going to be a long drive through a bumpy road. Stay in Shine Ider trans-village. On the way, we will have lunch. Stay in tourist Ger camp.

Road length: 300 km

Day 4 Hike to Horgo volcano

Morning drive to the volcano. Around lunchtime, we will come to the tourist camp and have lunch. Then drive to Horgo extinct volcano. Lash meadow covered by nomad Gers and their animals, a landscape is brilliant through a volcano. Relax in tour camp.

Road length: 120 km

Day 5 Relax in mountain hot spring - Tsenkher

Early in the morning, drive to hot spring. Relax and enjoy mountain healing hot spring Tsenkher. Stay over in tourist Ger camp.

Road length 220 km

Day 6 Explore Tuvkhun mountain temple, visit nomad family

Just in over hour drive, we will arrive in nomad family. Whom, guest house we will stay. Visit family and discover nomad culture. We will ride a horse through a forest to a temple, which locates on the top of the mountain. You will see a beautiful view of the mountain and small temple from high. Ride horseback to down. You can hike in a mountain.

Road length: 70 km

Day 7 Drive to Ogni-Gobi

Today our Gobi desert tour begins with a long off-road drive. We will have lunch in a restaurant.  Afternoon arrives in Gobi – Ongi. Here you can hike through a river or just wandering around silence little black hills.

Road length 310 km

Day 8 Hiking through Flaming Cliff - Bayanzag

Morning, we will hike and see a ruined temple from top of a hill. Farther we will drive through Gobi steppe, saxual trees. You can stop for a picture of landscapes, camels, vultures and other birds whenever you want. Evening, when the sun gets down, we will hike through Flaming Cliffs and see how it changes the color. It was the homeland of dinosaurs during the Jurassic period. From this place, very first time dinosaur’s eggshell was found in the world. Here you will feel completely silence and emptiness in the vast flat steppe.

Road length 170 km

Day 9 Camel trek, climb up to Hongor sand dunes

Today we will drive to Sand dunes. The way to Hongor sand dune has fascinating nature scene. Barren black mountains, lush steppe, ground covered with wind-eroded black pebbles. You will discover the wilderness of Gobi Desert. Over 3 hours’ drive, we will get to camp. And after lunch, we will visit camel herder nomad family. You will ride a camel through the bottom of the sand dunes. Afternoon or evening, when the bright sun gets down, we will climb to a sand dune. The top of a dune is over 200 meters high and steep. Sand is loose. Your foot will stick to it. It requires little bit of effort. After challenging yourself on hot day climb up to dune, you will see brilliant sightseeing. Sand dunes and rocky mountain stay simultaneously in the endless lush steppe. (free time)

Road length 155 km

Day 10 Hike in a valley of Vulture Gorge- Yliin am

It is going to be a long drive for morning hours. 5 hours’ drive along with sand dune and Three Beauty Mountain range by off-road. Have lunch in a restaurant in Gobi small village. When we arrive in Vulture Gorge, we will visit the Gobi - natural museum. Hike through beautiful meadow valley, stream and gorge. The birded vulture on the huge rocks, pikas on the green land will entertain you through hiking. Gorge is narrow as just 3 or 4 people go through at the same time. Relax in Ger camp.

Road length 170 km

Day 11 Tsagaan suvraga

Drive to Tsagaan suvraga – bottom of ancient see. In a local village restaurant, we will have lunch.  On the way, you will see folk of vultures soaring on carrion, camels and the scene of the Gobi desert. The afternoon we will arrive at a destination. Hike through a bottom of the ancient sea. Relax in tourist Ger camp.

Road length 210 km

Day 12 Ulaanbaatar

Early in the morning drive to Ulaanbaatar. On the way in a local town restaurant, we will have lunch.

Road length 470 km



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Budget price tour:

Budget price tour's accommodation is nomad family’s Ger guest house. And specialized guide will cook food during a tour breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guest house sometimes does not have a hot shower but we can have a shower in nearby camp with a small fee. Food will be standardized as international tourism. 


Tourist camp tour:  

During the tour, we will stay in a tourist camp which has breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And every camp has a hot shower, flush toilet and comfortable bed.  

Number of days: 12
Covered regions:
Central Mongolia
Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Eastern Mongolia
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Beverages (non-alcoholic)
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